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Who's the other band daddy?

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when athena gets annoyed with her band for not telling her who they are touring with she settles for listening to her favourite band the rasmus and we find out one of athena's wierd talnets hehe (n...

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“oi that’s not fair” I said pouting plugging my ears with my headphones and put In The Shadows by The Rasmus on full blast we got to the airport 15 minutes later and I’d only just woken up thanks to Tia and Dom nicking my Mp4 player “grrr give it back I’m a special dinosaur” I said in half asleep childish voice they just laughed “Athena we’re at the Airport and your dad’s just gone to get the other band” I sat up pencil straight hitting my head on tia’s “ouch” we both screamed when the door opened revealing my dad “who are they where are they? Someone tell me something now? Argh” I shouted at my dad at top speed holding a hand to my head and trying to stay still in my seat he just started laughing and so did everyone else then I heard more laughter that came from outside and my dad waved the other band on when they walked on I didn’t recognize them then when the final person walked on,

I started jumping up and down and suddenly started talking Finnish “oh my god oh my god Lauri Ylönen miten voisi te pitää tämän minulta tämä on vain niin ei ole reilua oh my god Lauri rakastan sinua paska Kuvittelin sanoi tämän suomalaisia paska” i only just realised what i said because lauri was staring at me smiling “Anteeksi Lauri Tarkoitin rakastan sinua kuin rakastan musiikkia, Anteeksi” i said still speaking in finnish lauri just smiled at me “te todella tietää suomalaisia” he said speaking finnish back to me“joo” I said smiling then went on to say one more thing in finnish “vain yksi asia näitä tyyppejä voi olla ehdoton pähkinä työpaikkoja joskus vain varoittaa sinua” then giggled earning a chuckle from lauri and the rest of the rasmus “you are very funny” lauri said smiling I really liked him “I guess we’ll be able to talk in private sometime then because you speak and understand Finnish” Lauri’s eye’s lit up that we would be able to talk I blushed even more “I guess” I said giggling “Athena what did you say to him” I blushed knowing some of things I had said I really shouldn’t of “nothing much” I said feebly tia and Dom looked at Lauri he just nodded in agreement with me “shall we get the show on the road then” aki said impatiently we all laughed Lauri frowned at him “aki don’t be so rude! There are gorgeous girls on here that don’t want your lack of sophistication” Lauri explained to him only me out of the demi god of the skies group could understand what he said because he said it in Finnish “erm Lauri I can understand what your saying you know that right?” I said chuckling he just blushed “oh yeah sorry” I just shook my head “it’s no problem just don’t tell them what you said they’ll get big headed ha-ha” I giggled and tia and charlotte looked at me and Lauri suspiciously “ok guys sit down because I don’t wanna get pulled over” my dad yelled back from the drivers seat “yes sir” me, tia, charlotte, Dom and Bryan said in unison saluting my father “don’t get cocky you lot” my dad chuckled when he saw us saluting I sat in a booth on my own around the corner from the others including the rasmus and put my legs up on the table and put my mp4 player on and took my hair down and shoved it in a ponytail instead of a messy bun just as I was about to put my other earphone in that was blasting living in a world without you by the rasmus I heard someone talking “I’m gonna check if she’s ok?” I heard the voice say “just leave her she probably just went down there to listen to music on her own like she always does on long journeys like this, she’ll be fine” I heard Tia say then I heard footsteps walking towards me I quickly plugged my headphones in and laid back on the sofa miming the words when suddenly I looked ahead looking down towards my feet to see someone standing at the end of the sofa it was Lauri “mind if I sit with you?” he said in Finnish after I took a headphone out “sure why not you wanna listen to some music?” I said back in Finnish and he nodded while chuckling “what were you listening to before I came down here?” he asked in English “oh...nothing really” I answered twirling my mp4 player Lauri grabbed it out of my hand and checked the screen that was on pause “living in a world without must be a really big fan of us then because Tia said before we got on you were listening to ‘in the shadows’” he said chuckling “yeah ok that’s fine laugh it up” I said sarcastically “aww sorry I didn’t mean to upset you Athena” he said in Finnish “it’s okay really” I replied in Finnish “shall we put some music on then?” he asked in English I just nodded and unplugged my head phones from the mp4 player and put it in the speaker dock and pressed play and turned it up as loud as I wanted it (coz I’m cool) “Athena, Lauri, you guys want anything to eat we’re going to taco bell” my dad shouted down the bus I just laughed “no dad I’m fine” I chuckled at him “no thanks max I’m fine as well” Lauri answered as we turned the music back up my mp4 started blasting zombie dance by escape the fate “that’s more like it Affie” my dad shouted down the bus “oh ha-ha dad very funny” everyone started laughing as they climbed off the bus “see you two later don’t turn the music up too loud or max will get suspicious” Dom called back to us I ran to the window and stuck my middle finger up at him then walked away from the window and turned the music up even louder and took my hair down and started head banging when the song finished I walked over to the booth and grabbed my hoodie and slipped it on because the bus had suddenly got colder “ok, who was a smart arse and left the door open” I said as I walked over to the door and shut it ‘Dom’ my mind suddenly concluded when I turned round Lauri was right behind me I jumped back slightly in shock “gosh Lauri you scared me” I giggled he just chuckled as we walked back to where the music was blasting and we turned it down as we saw the guys coming back with their food,
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