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who wants criss angel

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this could be slash or straight. some could be famous or my original character.

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amy stood there just watching as criss angel,walked as he was on fire. this interested her more then when she collaborated with her know ex boyfreind shaun morgan. she didnt notice him looking straight back at her. he couldnt believe how fuckin sexy she is. she notices and feels herself blush.she takes out her make up and looks in her compact mirror. she feels two very strong hands on her hips and someone whisper in her ear that shes perfect without it. shes wearing this "": and criss cant help but stare. so um amy wanna go upstairs he asks. she blushes and nods. she follows him umtil he picks her up and carries her bridal style to his room. he kicks the door shut and begins kissing her neck as he sits her down. she rips his shirt off as he strips her. fuck your hot he says.your not so bad yourself she replies with a smirk as she traces his abs as he makes a sound of approval. he shoves her down on the bed. AFTER 2 HOURS OF FUCKING
criss layed panting with an exasted amy in his arms . he looks down at her i love you aimes he says as he places a kiss on her for head. i love you to criss she sasys as she burries her head in his chest places a kiss on it and falls asleep
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