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an oc just plain lovableness in this one

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flash back criss:16 cheyenne:15
criss serously this swing will not go any higher without my ass fallin out cheyenne shouted. do worry chyc ill always catch you criss said with a emotion in his voice thats shy couldnt define. she sartd to fall backwards until two very strong arms catch her she looked inot her savoirs green eyes and knew she could always trust him.
flashback prom night
chy was upset she had been stood up by her date t.j. and she already had her dress picked out witch was",r:23,s:163&tx=57&ty=66" and criss couldnt just let something that would look so bueatiful on her go to waste so that night he took her to prom and danced with her all night
present time their weddingshe is fucking bueatiful the dress shes wearing makes her look like a goddess there geting married and he coulndt be hapir
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