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Chapter 1

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Nikki and the guys head to the Whisky to shoot the video for Kickstart My Heart. He soon realizes that his "girl with golden eyes" is actually a petite red-head, the daughter of the Whisky's owner.

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“Can I help you gentlemen?” asked the bartender, noticing a group of 4 men walk into the Whisky.
“Gentlemen? What the fuck? We’ve never been called that before!” laughed one of the men. His eyes were covered by spiky black hair, arms covered in tattoos, body clad in black leather.
“I don’t think he knows who we are bro,” piped up the blonde standing next to him.
“Where’s Matt?” asked the first man.
“Who wants to know?” retorted the bartender. This group was making him nervous.
“Tell him the Crue has come home,” smiled the man, crossing his arms.
The bartender raised his eyebrow and shrugged, turning to go grab the owner. He wondered what these 4 leather clad men wanted with Matt. He probably owed them money.
“Oh my God!! Look who’s here! Nikki! Vince! Tommy! Oh my boys are back!” shrieked Karina Devanney, Matt’s wife and co-owner of the Whisky. She ran over to Vince who was closest and he swept her into a hug.
“We missed you too Karina,” he said as Tommy stole her for a hug. Tommy set her down and Karina made her way over to Nikki, who held out his arms and attempted to hug her. She grabbed his wrists and flipped his arms over, staring at the healing marks all over his arms.
“I should be so angry with you Frankie Ferranna,” she muttered, shaking her head. Nikki flinched at the use of his birth name.
“I’m so sorry Rina. I just couldn’t stop. I wanted too. And I did! I’m clean! Took me long enough but I'm clean,” Nikki hung his head. There was no way neither Karina nor Matt would let him near their daughter, who Nikki adored.
“You died young man!” Karina raised her right hand and Nikki flinched, expecting to be slapped. Instead she grabbed him round the neck and hugged him hard.
“Don’t you EVER scare me like that again Nikki Sixx! Next time, I’ll make sure you stay dead,” Karina gave him another quick squeeze and laughed. Nikki’s eyes grew wide; he wouldn’t put it past her. "But for a recovering junkie, my goodness Sixx. You look, well, yummy. Jhone would flip over you, darling." Karina gave him a big grin as his face turned a deep shade of crimson.
“So what brings you boys back to the Whisky?” she asked as she let go of Nikki.
“We were wondering if we could come back and play,” said Tommy, “but there’s a catch.”
“What kind of catch?” asked Karina.
“We want to shoot the video for “Kickstart My Heart” here,” piped up Vince.
“That’s fine with me! Go ahead and take a seat boys. I’ll go grab Matt.”
The guys took their usual booth in the back. As Nikki turned to sit next to Tommy, he heard someone call his name. He smiled as he recognized the voice.
“Nikki? Is it true you’re here? Mama better not be lying to me!”
He stood and ran to meet the petite redhead headed towards him. She jumped into his arms and he swung her around.
“Nobody’s lying to you beautiful,” Nikki laughed as she planted a kiss on his cheek.
“I missed you so much Sixx! You haven’t replaced me as your favorite groupie have you?”
“Hell no Jhone,” Nikki placed Matt and Karina’s daughter back on the ground. He held her out at arms length and gave her a once over.
“Damn darlin’. Somebody grew up,” laughed Nikki.
“I’m 21 now Nik. I better have grown up some,” Jhone blushed under Nikki’s intense gaze. He grabbed her by the hand and spun her around, pulling her back into his arms. His touch was exhilarating.
“What is this?” Nikki looked down and saw that her left hand was sporting a diamond ring.
“I’m married,” Jhone sighed.
“Don’t sound so excited.” Nikki smiled, but inside his heart broke. He was too late.
“I’m not. But that’s not the point nor is it a happy subject. I’m just grateful that I get to see you again. And your eyes are clear,” she smiled as she pushed the hair out of his face, “I didn’t know they were green! They’ve always been a little glassy. Or gray.”
Nikki laughed and nuzzled her hand. “Yeah, well, I have to be a good boy now or Rina’s gonna make sure I stay dead.”
“Mama! Did you threaten Nikki?” Jhone called out to her mother over Nikki’s shoulder.
“Hell yes I did! That boy needs to understand that there are worse things than heroin out there! And I'm one of them!” Karina called back from the booth occupied by the other members of the Crue. Nikki just shook his head.
“Jhone, darling? Who is your friend?” said a rather prissy voice from behind Nikki.
“Robert! What are you doing here? I thought class wasn’t out for another hour.” Jhone removed her hands from Nikki and took a step back.
“It’s Tuesday. Class always ends early on Tuesday. Now I believe I asked you a question. Who is your friend?” Robert stood up straight and crinkled his nose at the sight of Nikki’s leathers.
“Nikki, this is Robert Michaels, my husband. He's a professor of Theology at UCLA.” Jhone gestured to the clean cut, conservative man next to Nikki.
“Robert, this is Nikki Sixx. He’s the bassist for the band Motley Crue,” she placed a hand on Nikki’s shoulder, “and I am his favorite groupie.” Nikki laughed. “You were just my first so obviously you're my favorite! It was kinda nice. My band sucked but yet there was just one girl who followed me around. I didn’t mind.” Nikki wrapped an arm around her waist.
“Darling, your mother informed me that you met this man when you were 12. How on earth could you have been his groupie without putting him in jail?” Robert gave Nikki a disgusted look.
“Whoa! Wait, hold on there bro! Do you really think I slept with her? I may have been fucked up but really? She was just a kid! I’d sleep with her now, but that’s another story,” laughed Nikki.
“Nik!” Jhone slapped his arm playfully. Robert looked appalled. “He’s kidding, husband.”
“Or am I?” Nikki winked at her. She swatted at him again as he ran off to join his bandmates.
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