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Chapter 2

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Robert and Jhone fight when she allows her feelings for Nikki to surface again.

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Later that evening, Robert and Jhone were sitting at their kitchen table, having dinner. The evening had been relatively quiet. The silence was short lived when Robert spoke up. “Darling what is wrong with you? You honestly let him touch you? You know what people say about that…that junkie! He’s Satan himself!”
“Really Robert?" Jhone tossed down her fork. This man knew just how to push her buttons. "Nik can touch me if he wants. It’s not sexual. It’s playful. He's my friend! You honestly believe that “Shout at the Devil” nonsense? He was being creative! It’s not about Hell or Satan. He was angry. He’s a good man. And don’t call him a junkie. It’s rude.”
“Well,” huffed Robert, “I don’t care. You will not see him again. Do you understand me?”
Jhone bristled. She threw her hands up in the air as she stood up. “You will not tell me what I can and cannot do." She shook her finger at him. "You may be my husband but even then you don’t act like it! Nikki and I have been friends since I was a child. I enjoy his company! You have no idea how happy I am that he’s finally sober. When I heard he died, I was so scared. He’s stuck up for me, he’s protected me. He’s a doll.”
“Doll?” Robert was appalled. He stood up and pulled Jhone close to him. “That man is a hoodlum. There is something wrong with a man like that. Men do not wear leather pants, have long hair, or wear makeup. For goodness sake his name is Nikki! Nikki is a woman’s name.” Robert gave her an “end of conversation” look.
“I already told you don’t talk about him like that! Nikki is wonderful and he’s my friend." Jhone struggled out of Robert's grasp. "And if you can’t accept that, then you can’t accept me! I’m going to bed. Good night, husband.” Jhone stormed off, furious.
Robert shook his head. Some days he just didn’t understand that woman. Some days he wondered what he saw in her and what made him propose.
Jhone stormed up the stairs to their “room”. She hardly considered it their bedroom. There were 2 beds, one on each side of the room. They had been married for almost 3 years now and never shared a bed. Jhone had thought that saving herself for marriage was one of the best decisions she ever made.
When she met Robert at the age of 16, she knew it was the right thing to do. He was the one for her. She had shut Nikki out of her mind, everyone had thought that he would never clean up. Plus there was no way he’d ever see her as a lover. She would always be that little girl who followed him around before and after his shows. She loved Nikki; he meant everything to her. Nikki would have made her feel special. Nikki would have made her wedding night memorable and worth saving herself. Nikki would have shared a bed with her and held her at night. What if Nikki was the one for her? What if she had made a mistake? What if Nikki found out…?
“No no no! Nikki can never know!” Jhone muttered as she shook her head violently. She had to get these thoughts of Nikki out of her head. She was a married woman! Unhappy, but still married. She could never cheat on Robert and she couldn't face that type of rejection from Nikki.


Nikki was pacing in his kitchen. Jhone was married! To some stuck up religion nut! She was supposed to be his! Nikki sat at his table and sighed, placing his head in his hands. He was far too late now. He could feel his heart crumble. “Damn Sixx, why couldn’t you just clean up? Why the fuck was that damn needle so fucking important? Why couldn’t you just go for it?” Nikki muttered to himself, “Fuck!” he cried out as he thumped his fist on the table.
“She said she was unhappy. I wonder if maybe…no! I can’t exploit that. She’d hate me.” Nikki placed his head on the table and wrapped his arms around his head. There was no way he could bear that type of rejection from Jhone.
“Hey Nik, dude, you gotta quit talking to yourself. It’s a sign of insanity,” said Tommy. He walked over to Nikki and gave his best friend a hug.
"How did you get in here? I couldn've sworn I locked the front door."
"Uhh, no. You left it wide open. It's shut now but back to the matter at hand. Dude, you’ve been after her for 9 years now. Just tell her how you feel.”
“T-Bone you know I can’t do that! I’ve wanted her for so long. It used to be just a ‘big brother/protector’ kind of feeling, but I caught a glimpse of her about 5 years ago. She had just turned 16 and I saw her at our show. She was with that Robert or whatever his name is. Jhone was drop dead gorgeous! And that’s when…you know.” Nikki shrugged.
“It got sexual?” Tommy finished his sentence.
“Yeah,” breathed Nikki, “She had on this short little skirt, curvy as hell. Tom, you have no idea what that girl does to me. It’s times like this where I honestly wished I could’ve cleaned up sooner. I hate the fact that I’m finally sober enough to chase after her but she’s MARRIED,” Nikki whined.
“You heard her though. She’s not happy. Something’s not right with that guy. He’s a jerk.” Tommy sat down next to Nikki.
“I know she's not happy. I can't exploit that. And yeah, there is something wrong with that guy. I'm half tempted to pull the stick out of his ass. It does't matter though, she’d never go for a guy like me.”
“Sixx don’t say things like that.”
“Tommy seriously! She’d never go after me. I’ve got way to much baggage. I’m a junkie, an alcoholic, I’ve got enough daddy issues for every whore on the Strip. I’m too wild for a nice girl like Jhone. I’d corrupt her.” Nikki sighed.
“You don’t know that unless you try. She may not mind the baggage. You’re a recovering junkie. A recovering alcoholic. She could maybe help with your ‘daddy issues’. Maybe a good girl is what you need. Maybe she needs a little corruption. You guys could balance each other out.”
“Yeah. You’re right Tommy. I’m going to tell her. Even if we never end up together, she has a right to know how I feel and I have a right to tell her.” Nikki said as he stood up.
“Where you goin’ Nik?” Tommy stood up with him.
“The Whisky. I’m gonna go talk to Jhone.”
“She’s not there. She left when we did remember?”
“Well, fuck.” Nikki threw his hands up in the air. “You know what? I don’t care. I’m going to find her.”
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