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Chapter 3

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An argument breaks out at the Whisky. Things are said that cannot be taken back.

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Depressed, Nikki slunk into the Whisky with Tommy at his heels. “Sixx, come on. She’s not here. We already discussed this.”
“Tommy, I already said I don’t care! I need to find her. Jhone has to know.” Nikki whimpered.
“Jhone has to know what?” said a crisp voice behind him.
“Nothing you need to know Robert,” Nikki said as he turned around, a hand on his hip.
“No, I think I do. She is mine after all.” Robert hopped off the barstool and made his way over to the Twins.
“She doesn’t belong to you!” Nikki could feel the little punkass inside of him flare. He rose to his full height and looked Robert right in the eye. “Jhone belongs to no one!”
“She is mine Nikki,” Robert spat at him, “Now back off.”
“Back off? Excuse me? What the fuck is your problem?” Nikki raised his voice. “Jhone is a friend of mine. I’m allowed to see her whenever I damn well please. How about you back off bitch?!”
“Hey! Hey! Hey! Boys! That’s enough! Break it up!” Matt ran over and stood in between Nikki and Robert; a hand on either of their chests. Tommy put an arm around Nikki’s shoulders to keep him in line.
“Matt, I suggest that you get that trash out of here,” said Robert as he walked back to his barstool, swirling his drink. Nikki let out a low growl. He was feeling homicidal. Tommy clapped his hand over Nikki’s mouth. “Shut it Sixx! Dude, let’s go.”
“No. Boys, come on. Head over to your normal booth and I’ll bring you a drink,” said Matt, “Robert, shut the fuck up and get out of my bar!” Matt shouted to him as he walked behind the counter.
Nikki and Tommy made their way to the back of the bar, close to the stage. “I can’t stand that dirty motherfucker,” muttered Nikki. “Jhone deserves so much more than that.” They reached the booth when Nikki suddenly turned around. “Where you goin’ bro?” Tommy asked.
“I’m gonna go smoke.”
“You can do that in here,” Tommy said as he sat down.
“Don’t care dude. I need some fresh air. Robert just gets to me. Makes my skin crawl.”
Robert sauntered out of the Whisky and ran straight into Jhone.
“And just what do you think you’re doing here wife?” The smell of booze wafted over her.
“Robert! You’re drunk! Disgusting,” Jhone shook her head, crinkling her nose. Robert wrapped his arm around her waist. “Let go of me!” Jhone struggled to get out of his grasp.
“You are mine! And you will stay away from Nikki!” Robert spat at her.
“Hey! Back off motherfucker!” Nikki shouted as he ran outside. He ripped Jhone away from Robert, pulling her into his arms.
“I thought you had gone to bed. Apparently you lied to me, harlot!” Robert shouted.
“Like you would know! I sleep separate from you! And don’t you dare call me a harlot!” Jhone shouted back as Nikki released her. “Why am I even with you? Why did I say yes? You will no longer have a hold on me Robert Michaels! I want a divorce!”
Robert was shocked. “You vowed to be mine Jhone! ‘Till death do we part!’ I thought you didn’t believe in divorce!”
“I don’t!” Jhone cried out, tears welling in her eyes. It broke Nikki’s heart to see who should be his girl in disgrace.
“But I also don’t believe in a horrible marriage! Marriage is supposed to be a partnership. A loving relationship. I’m sorry Robert. But I don’t know how to deal with this for the rest of my life! You don’t love me! You never have. I thought I loved you. But I don’t. I truly don’t. I’m so sorry. I hope you forgive me. But I want a divorce! And that’s final!” Jhone shot Robert his “end of conversation” look.
“I don’t need this and I don’t need you! I hope you and your junkie are happy! I’ll give you your divorce. You just stay out of my house!” Robert stormed off down the Strip.
“Oh Nikki!” Jhone cried into Nikki’s shoulder as he pulled her close.
“Feel better darling?” asked Nikki, running his hand up and down her back. He was incredibly confused at her comments.
“Kinda. I’ve wanted to say that for so long! It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.” Jhone sighed and nuzzled into Nikki’s neck. He shuddered at her touch.
“Jhone, sugar?” Nikki sighed and noticed she blushed when he called her 'sugar'. There was just something about the way he said 'sugar' that made her feel special. “Do you want to go somewhere and talk? I’ve missed you so much. Plus, I need to tell you something.”
“Like what Nikki?” She raised her head to look him in the eye.
“It’s kinda important. A little embarrassing,” Nikki turned his face as he went from white to crimson.
“Nik?” Jhone turned his head back to face her. Their faces were so close. He could kiss her now and make it look like an accident. “What’s wrong?”
“Can we go?” Nikki sighed. If he didn’t tell her soon, it was never going to come out.
“Yes darling. Let’s go.” She grabbed his hand and led him to her car.
“Your place or mine?” he asked.
“Uhh, yours Sixx,” she laughed. “Did you forget what just went down?”
“Sorry baby, I’m a little flustered. It’s habit. Come on, I’ll drive.”
“Hey Sixx!” yelled Tommy from behind them. “What about me?”
Nikki tossed him his keys. He almost forgot about his drummer. “Take my car. I’ll get it later. I guess you get to drive sugar.” Nikki smiled at her.
“Alright, whatever you say Nik. You kids go have fun,” Tommy smirked as he walked past them.
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