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Chapter 4

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Flashbacks and admittance.

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The drive back to Nikki's mansion in the Hidden Hills was quiet. Nikki was nervous; his mind raced. Nervous didn't even begin to describe how he felt. Anxious, excited, hell he was freaking out! He just wanted to grab Jhone's hand and tell her to pull over so he could lay all his cards on the table. She was going to get her divorce and then she was his. And Nikki knew that there was no way he'd ever let her go.
Jhone, like Nikki, was also lost in her thoughts. She was finally going to get her divorce! Robert would finally leave her be. Maybe, just maybe, she could finally tell Nikki how she felt and just why she chose Robert over him. Nikki probably had no idea why they hadn't spoken since 1983.
"Daddy, who's that girl?" A 12 year old Jhone asked her father.
"Jhone, darlin', that's a boy. His name is Nikki."
"Daddy, Nikki is a girls' name. Besides he's wearing makeup and has long hair. That's a girl!" Jhone crossed her arms. "Boys don't do that!"
"Hey Matt," the boy Jhone had been ogling walked up to them, "London's about set. Can we open the doors yet? Guys are gettin' anxious."
"Sure Sixx. Let me get Jhone upstairs and I'll open the doors," Matt grabbed Jhone by the hand and attempted to lead her upstairs. She seemed to be rooted to the spot. This boy, this Sixx, seemed to have her captivated.
"What's your name sugar?" Nikki flashed her a smile.
"J-Jhone," she stammered.
"Jhone?" Nikki repeated. "Sounds French. It's cute."
Jhone blushed; Nikki laughed. "How old are you darlin'?"
"She's too young for you Nik! She's 12," Matt laughed. "Come on Jhone, bedtime."
"But daddy! Can I watch the band please?" She was going to beg and plead. This Nik Sixx, was incredibly interesting.
"Aww come on Matt!" Nikki thought the kid was cute, why shouldn't she see London?
Jhone released herself from her father's grasp and moved to Nikki's side, clutching his hand.
"Fine! But Nikki, don't you dare keep her up past midnight! And keep her away from your friend Jack Daniels," Matt shrugged his shoulders and walked off. He wondered what the hell made him allow his young daughter around this drug addled sex crazed young man.
"What do you play Nikki?" Jhone found him fascinating.
"Bass. Wanna go check it out?" He flashed her another thousand watt smile and led her backstage. "Hey guys! Come meet our first groupie!" He called to the other members of London.
"Robert please! You'll love Motley Crue! I know the bassist," Jhone attempted to drag her fiancee into the arena.
"Don't care sweetheart! It's Devil's music!" Robert tried to pull away.
"Don't care sweetheart!" Jhone mocked him. "I'm gonna go tell Nikki hello. I miss him so much. Devil or not."
Jhone walked backstage, amid catcalls and whistles.
"Hey you sexy!" Vince hollered at her.
"Vinnie!" Jhone jumped into his arms. "How've you been?"
"I'm alright. Damn hon, you've grown up some," Vince looked her up and down. "And what is this?" He grabbed her left hand.
"I'm getting married!" She said excitedly.
"Where's the lucky man?" Vince raised an eyebrow.
"Outside. He's not a big fan of rock n' roll. Where's Nikki?" Jhone looked around.
Suddenly the door to the bathroom burst open next to them. A young blonde stumbled out in the arms of a leather clad young man with wild black hair.
"Oh Nikki! You're a dog!" the blonde slurred, pushing against his chest.
"Yeah, but you like it sugar," said Nikki.
"Uhh hey Sixx, we've got company," Vince hollered at them.
"Huh? Oh hey Jhone!" Nikki dropped the blonde and sauntered towards them.

"Hey Jhone! Sugar! Baby! Jhone!" Nikki waved his hand in front of her face, attempting to get her attention.
"What? Nikki what's wrong?" Jhone slammed on the brakes. She and Nikki lurched forward and Nikki started laughing.
"What is your problem?"
"You just passed my house. Dunno how you could miss it, but you did." Nikki giggled. "Turn around. You were thinkin' huh?" He teased, loving the way she blushed.
"Yes. I was. About the first time we met."
"Oh yeah! 'Hey daddy who's that girl?' I remember that."
"I didn't know you were a boy! You had long hair and makeup on. You answered to Nikki! Duh, I thought you were a girl!" Jhone laughed as she turned the car back around in the right direction.
Jhone pulled into the driveway, shaking her head.
Nikki proceeded to hop out of the car and pull her inside. "What has gotten into you Sixx?" Jhone giggled. Nikki was never like this.
"I have to tell you something darling. Come on, sit." Nikki gestured toward the couch. Jhone sat and watched Nikki as he paced back and forth in front of her.
"Seriously Nik, what has gotten into you?" She looked at him with wide eyes. He was starting to scare her a little. Was he using again?
"Nothin'. Well, somethin'. That somethin' is know..." Nikki's voice faltered as he sat next to her, taking her hands in his.
"Oh Nikki please! Not again! Please tell me you're not using again!" Jhone scooted away from him.
"What? No! I'm not using!" He turned his arms over. "It's just that this is kinda difficult to say. I've been wanting, needing, to say this for years now." Nikki hung his head. Jhone grabbed his chin and forced him to look at her.
"Nikki! Just say it Sixx!" She searched his face, looking for clues to his little secret. Nikki wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her neck. He sighed. "I love you Jhone, so much. I've loved you for years. I want you. I need you. I have to have you. I have to be yours. I just...I just fucking love you sugar," he whispered as he planted a small kiss on the base of her neck.
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