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But Would Anyone Notice

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hey guys so while my other story ( is on hold i thought i would write another. hope you like it XD
Charlie POV
As I sit in my new room on my new bed I thought. Mostly about school. I would be starting today, just another place for me to keep out of the way.
It was when I started my second high school that it started. You see, I move around a lot now and I rarely stay in one place for a whole term. My mum is in the entertainment busniss, not famous though, very small parts in musicals. She has a wonderful voice, but aparently she's all wrong for big parts, but recently we have moved to a small town because she decided she wanted a quieter life. She told me it would be the last time we move, and thats what worried me.
I never liked school. I was always an outcast. We were always in cities like California, with lots of sun and the people seemed to match. The girls were usualy bleach blonde wth half an inch of make up and seemed to forget to put thier skirts that go with the belts they wear.
The boys are just the same, except the missing skirt situation is swapped for a missing t-shirt. Don't get me wrong, I could always a few fit ones, well, lots. They just weren't my type.
We were in a place called Pembrokeshire in the UK. It was anice, quiet with lots of farms. I was glad of that because I love animals. We had a big house with two fields down a little country lane and our nearest neibours were across two of thier fields behind our house which had sheep in them. I enjoyed the peace, but it felt quite lonely now.
"Charlie honey?" my mum called from the bottom of the stairs. "It's time to go."
I get up and collect my bag, slinging it over my shoulder. I felt nervouos as i walked down the stairs, out the door and into our new car.I didn't usualy feel this nervous, I guess it was because this is where i would be going to school for at least two more years. I wasn't running this time, I had to go on and that was that.

Frank POV
"Wait!" I shouted as the bus driver was about to close the doors.
"Hurry up kid." she called from inside the warm, dry bus.
"Thanks Sally." I said stepping onto the bus and out of the rain.
"Hey Iero." someone called from the back of the bus.
"Wazup Gee?" i shouted back picking my way through the narrow space littered with feet and bags placed to purposefuly trip me up and ignoring the continuous threats and insults. Except one.
"Fag." He called just before i walked by. It was of coourse Brian Warner.
"Fucking homophobe." I retorted quietly so i wouldnt get kicked off for swearimg, but loud enough so he could hear.
We had a history. He tried to beat me up, I beat him up, my dad beat his dad up, his dad called the cops, the cops told his dad to stop wastng thier time. Lucky for me the cops in this town are lazy shits.
It was all over me of course. He was possibly one of the most obnoxious creatures to craws the earth, i would compare him to Hitler. it was always that i was too short and being gay was against god and nature. so i told him i was bi which stuned him for about a day.
"Dude, what's been happening? You didn't answer my texts." Gerard, my best friend asked me as soon as i sat in the seat besides him.
"Sorry man, I lost my phone."
We spoke about our weekend. Mine consisting of TV and random movies from Resident Evil to Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. His much more interesting. He had broken up with his girlfriend after finding out that she was cheating on him.
"Nothing to get between us now." I joked. Even though he was straight, I flirted with him and he flirted back.
"You wish." He smiled back at me.
"Whatever, just remember when you come out I'm first in line."
"You keep on dreaming Frankie."
"I will Gee Gee."
When the buss finaly arived at school we met up with Jaz and Martha.
"What up girls?" I called to the two girls, also twins, leaning aganst the bright white walls, making quite a contrast with thier black skinnies and hoodies. The only difference was that Jasmine had on her black and white scarf and her long hair was dyed mignight black and cut very choppy with lots of layers and a long side fringe sweeping over her left eye.. Martha on the other hand had shocking bright red hair that was simple and her side fringe was barely worth calling a fringe anymore she had completely grown it out.
"That's new." I said to Martha as we got closer. "Finaly rebelling against your mum?"
"Yeh, permament red hair." She lightly hugged my shoulders.
"And where's my hug?" Jaz tried to look offended but burst into fits of contagous giggles as she enveloped me in a masive bear hug, almost stopping my breathing.
"Cant. Breathe." I choked.
"Sorry. I just love hugs." She giggled pulling away and turning to torture Gee.
We then just sat and spoke about stuff thast had happened over the weekend untl the first bell went.
"I'll see you later guys." I saidas I set off to my reg room on the other side of the school. The twins went through the nearest doors to thier rooms and Gerard walked on the opposite direction to me. The second bell, which meant I should be there already, went off when i was still five minutes walk away.
I open the door to the room and step inside the noisy class, which went silent. `Crap` Ithought to myself.
"Wait outside Mr Iero." My form teacher Mr Burns said before I had even closed the door. so i turn around and walk outside closing the door behind me.
When I am alone in the erie corridoor I sink down to the floor and sit with my abck to the wall and close my eyes.
"Is this room A16?" Someone asked after a few seconds.
"Maybe." I respond before looking up to see a girl dressed in grey skinnies and a black hoodie. her short spiker black hair drawing your eyes in to look at her eye that was as beautiful green as the leave on a summer tree. They were heavily lined with black and perfectly smudged.
"I mean yeh, it is. Who are you?" I blurted, before realising how rude that sounded. "I haven't seen you before."
"I'm Charlie. I just moved here." She replied soundig slightly hurt.
"Well, I'm Frank, but most people call me Frankie. Welcome to the shit hole that is your new school."
"Thanks, It's nice to-" She was interupted by the always rude Mr Burns, who stepped out to give me a detention no doubt.
"Mr Iero, I see you still have a lack of manners, and for goodnes sake get a haircut." He started yelling before he could even aknowledge Charlie.
"Sir/" She asked. "Are you Mr Burns?"
"And what do you want?" He asked harshley. "Another one of Frankies Friends" He said sarcasticly.
"Actualy I just met him, I'm new."She was still realy nervous.
"Well you must be Charlote Harries. You're late. which means yo will be joining Mr Iero in detention after school tomorow. Half an hour. You two may as well go to your next lesson, not much of this one left." With that he stalked back into his classroom.
"What have you got now?" I asked Charlie.
"English with," She paused to giggle. "Miss A Trick."
"Awsome, thats's my class too. May i escort you there my dark lady?" I teased.
"Why certainly my knight in black skinny jeans." She was fun to be around and I was sure she would fint in with our group well.
"Hey girls." I say walking into my English room and taking one of the seats on the table behind them, Charlie followed closely.
"Hey Frankie." Martha smiled.
"What's up baby?" jaz asked as Charlie sat i the seat next o me.
"I found you guys another friend. This is Charlie, Charlie this is Jaz and Martha." I pionted at each in turn.
"Hey." Charlie greeted.
"'Sup." Martha said.
"So where you from?" Jaz asked.
"Everywhere. My mum was in the show busniss so we moved around a lot but we're here to stay."
"She is awsome. She has a great fassion sence, and her ipod is almost perfect." I interupted, wanting to share with the twins how truely amazing she was.
"Almost?" Martha asked. "You hasnt got `Friday` or Justin Biber have you?"
"Oh hell no!" She responded.
"No, she's just missing one band, us." I giggled.
You have a band?" Charlie asked.
"We almost have a band. ano drummer." Jaz replied for me.
"Aw, thats a shame. You seem like my kind of thing."
"Yu don't happen to play or know someone do you?"I asked even though i knew it was hopeless.
"I could learn. I'm sure my mum won't mind."
"That would be awsome." Jaz sang.
"Who's in it?"
"I play lead gitar," I said. "Jaz is on bass and backing vocals, Martha plays rythm guitar and Gerard sings. He's in the year above by the way."
"I would love to join. I'll tell you tomorow after I've asked my mum." She told us.
"How about I give you my number and you can call me." I said writing it down on some paper torn out of my book.
"Oohh, Frankie liiikes youuu." Jaz winked at Charlie who blushed a perfect shade of pink.
"Sshhh class." The teacher said as i havded Charlie the small piece of paper
Thanks for reading gys and im sorry if i spelt things wrong but its about 1 am and i was up at about 8 thismorning, or yesterday i guess it is now
any way R&R and i'll updaye soon XD
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