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Kick In The Teeth

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punchin to the face and the head teachers office XD

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Heyy, i was bored and its the school hollidays so i managed to write another chapter XD
i want you guys to guess which two charactrs so far are based on me, its a difficult one because they are how i am and how i want to be with some bits added and taken away of course. i would also like to say i made everything up, i have not bothered to put in frank and gees actual life stories i made them up
enjoy :)

I know that we would get along with charlie and i hoped she would get more confident as she got more settled.
on the way to where we usualy hang out at break, charlie would learn more about ffrank, my twin and the heirachy of the school.
walking through the corridoors, we were greeted with out usual tourment of `fag`, `queer` and `gay`. all of which we ignored until a certain brian warner joined the taunting.
"where do you find all of these fags?" he said to frank, looking at charlie and laughing to himself.
"actualy i dont know which way she swings. charlie?" he asked her.
"Um, im bi." she said quietly with her head down.
"oh well done guys another one to join your gay little party."
"WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEMB YOU TWAT?" charlie shocked us all into silence, brian included.
"looks like someone needs a lesson on who rules these halls." brian stepped towards her. his abnormal height blocked my view until he staggered backwards, falling and hitting his head pretty hard on the tiled floor.
"charlie?" i say in unison with martha while frank says "holy shit! do you know what you just did?"
charlie just stood there like it was perfectly normal for a 5foot 6 girl, who was extreemly quiet and shy not 2 minutes ago, to KO a 7 foot 3 guy that practicaly owned the school.
"what?" she asked, innocent and shy once again. "come on. i want to meet this gerard youve been talking about so much." she took franks hand and started pulling him in the direction we were headed before.
"where have you been?" gerard asked as he saw us climbing up the wall and onto the roof. "i thought brian had eaten you or something. hey whos the new chick?"
"gee-charlie, charlie-gee. and i think youre going to like her after what shes just done." i say still in shock myself.
"nice to meet you" he offered her his hand and added. "may i ask what you just did?"
"i punched a guy in the face." she replied, still not understanding.
"not just a guy," frank interupted. "brian warner. she put him on the floor man!"
"do you know what you just did?" gee staer at her like she was a fucking miricle.
"no, why do people keep asking me that?" she was even more nervous.
"brian is the most racist, obnoxious person ive ever met. hes worse than hitler i that respect." sitting down and pullling out her iphone.
"hes the school bully. we only have one and its because everyone is scared of him, so be prepared for war between us and just about the whole school. either that or everyone will practicaly worship you." i faced charlie who looked like she was about to burst into hysterical laughter.
"thats it? a bully?"she laughed at us.
"he puts people in hospital. he practicaly owns the school." frank was pacing the canteen roof. we always came here, teaches didnt care anymore and other kids stayed away from us.
"and now ive put him in hospital. so what ? he gets to avoid karma? it wasnt exactly difficoly. one punch in the nose."
"well, we can talk about it in arrt. i want to tell gee the news." i smile looking up at him. "charlie said she would learn to play drums and join our band."
"first i want to know more about her." he turned to see her lighting a ciggerette. "well, that answers one of my questions. favorate band?" he asked.
"its either paramore, green day, or 30 seconds to mars. but i also love smashing pumpkins, he blackout, misfits, BVB, blink 182-" she was going through a mental list.
"ok, i get it, you like good stuff. next question, how did you manage to knock brian out?" he wanted to know beacause he had failed so many times.
"my dad taught me, he was always like that. self defence and all, but it comes in handy right? also i trained in bod combat which is basicaly a load of marshal arts put together. it was fun."
"wow, last question. whes hotter, me or frank?"
"hotter? yo, more attractive? frank" charlie giggled. she was fun to be around when she relaxed.
"why?"the three of us asked in unison.
"i guess i like short people." she blushed, going over to sit by martha. "so what about you guys? ive told my story, i want yours." she smiled.
"Ok, well, im frank iero, my parents split up nine years ago when i was 7. i mostly live with my my mum but i stay at my dads on weekends. i have my lip pierced and have a few tattoos, but dont tell my dad." he said pointing at his shiny lip ring and moving his hair to reveal a scorpion tattoo. "i have three dogs at my mums house and im vegitarian. i love skittles and coffee and i smoke. do you have another one?" he asked.
"no i only take one to school. we can share though." she offered.
"Thanks." frank inhaled deeply.
"what about you, jaz?" she took her ciggerette back.
"I'm marthas twin. our parents died when we were three so we hve lived in an orphanage for 12 years. i smoke too." i pleaded her. and smiled when she sighed and handed it over to me. "thanks" i say before taking taking a long drag and letting it linger in my lungs for a moment while i hand t back. "I have a horse called fergus. he, aloong with music, is why im not dead yet. the only way i have him is because our parents left us all thier money. i play bass, i love to sing, draw and i write some stories."
"wow youre pretty busy"charlie smiled at me. "gerard, your turn."
"i live with both my parents, i had a brother ccalled mikey but he couldnt handle our grandmothers death and took his like shortly after." he said solemly. "i used music and art as an escape and a way to get through it. i started writing songs shortly after. frank and the twins also helped alot. i smoke too but im desperately trying to quit. i owe jus about all my tallents to my grammy."
"i get what you went through." charlie replied after a moment of looking at the ground. "my dad and older brother were killed in a car crash. someone stole a car and was running from the cops when they went through a red light and went right into them." she sniffd.
"im sorry to hear that." i say going over to hug her.
2its alright." she smiled and collected herself. "so whats your story martha?" she asked my twin.
"what?" she said looking like a rabbit in car headlights looking up from her iphone.
"tell her about you, pay atention and stop texting that boy." i grabbed the phone and held it behhing my back.
"hey. i was using that." she jumped up and grabbed it off me. "im jaz's twin and we live in an-"
"she knows. i already told her about us." i interupted.
"oh well, i dont waste my money on stuff like a horse i buy music, iphones ipods laptops etc. but apart from that im pretty much thae same as jaz and im all about the music i only draw in art class. i know i zone out and can be abit ditzy sometimes and i zone out. my favorate band is muse but i like the same as the rest of them and i hate horror films.i get scared by dr who and i dont see the point of themi get realy hyper from just breathing and i have nbeen acused a few times of being high, even thouht i dont even smoke." she ended giggling proving her point.
"i think im going to like it here." charlie said smiling at us all.
"how come youre still wearing that hoodie?" gee asked her. "its realy hot out."
"it's fuckin not. im freezing." she says.
"i suppose youre used to californian weather." frank suggested.
"um, yeahit's pretty differesnt to wales." charlie stared at her red converse.
"Do you fance commingto see my horse with me tonight? i could use the company." i wanted to know why charlie was acting strange and had a feeling she wouldnt open up to the guys. "marthas ditching me for some boy again."
"realy? that sounds pretty cool." she looked up and i saw her eyes were shining. another thing i noticed was she always looked down.
"jen can give you a lift with us. shes one of the people who work at the orphanage. shes pretty awsomw and dont worry, she was employed on our recomendation. we got to interveiw her." i smile thinking of the other person who had saved me on more than one occasion.
"ill just text my mum"
we headed to art five minutes later and gee went to music.

charlie POV
i could feel the other students looking at me. i had felt co confident and comfortable when i was on the roof. now, with the ocean of stares i could feel directed at me, i kept my head down and my eyes on the ground, following frankie and the twins.
"youre charlotte right?" a small boy in blue jeans and a red t-shirt.
"Um, yes. why?" i asked, uncertain.
"you punched brian didnt you." it wasnt a question.
"you bet she did!" frank answered hugging me around the waist, bombarding me with the smell of coffee, ciggerettes and skittles "knocked him out cold."
"thank you." the kid smiled at me.
"um, youre welcome?"
when the kid walked away, frak took my hand gently and lead me to the art class.
"is he realy as bad as you said he is?" i ask him as we take our seats on the table for four and the twins sit opposit.
"yeh hes only a below, belive it or not. but he can get away with anything because even the teachers are scared of him." he replied staring at our hand that were still intertwined and resting on the table infront of us. "sorry." he le go and slid his hand away from mine.
"for what?" i ask taking it back, smiling at him.
"excuse us," martha jolted me back to this world.
"yeh, i dont want to throw up all over my work." jaz added, she was smiling like the joker.
"sorry." we said in unison.
"charlotte?" a voice said from behind me.
"thats me." i turn to see a man with the most amazing multi-coloured beard and a matching mustache.
"you are wanted in mr davies' office. its about mr warner." he added. "do you know where it is?"
"no" i replied.
"sir?" martha said. "i think we should go too, wee were there."
i gave her the `WTF are you mad¬ look but she ignored it.
"ok, if you think you can help." he let us go with our bags. great, first day and ive already got a detention and im on my way to the head teachers office.
why did i do it? i knew the answer, it was the same reason my dad and brother were in that car crash. i hadnt taken my pills. it always happened.
"why did you do that?" i asked martha while we st in the bae white corridoor that had only posters saying things like `life isnt fair` and `no pain no gain`. didnt i know?
"rule #8-stick together." jaz answered.
"when we started our band, the four off us made up ten rules." fank explained. "when you mum says yes we will give you a coppy. its what we live by."
"wow ten rules. that it?" i was hapy frank was so sure i would be able to join.
"rule #8 means if one of us fails, we all fail, if one of us succeed, we all do and if one of gets a detention, we all do." martha said putting her phone back in her pocket.
"i cant belive youre texting matt now. i told you to stop wasting your time, i swear hes gay."jaz told her twin.
"actualy i was texting gerard. hell be her in a soon."
less than a minute later gerard showed up.
"this has to be one of the stupidest things ever." he complained. "were going to be in detention for a month."
"im sorry i say looking at him. at his short black hair, black skinnies and iron maiden t-shirt.
"naw, its ok. seeing him on the floor must have been class. i still dont understand how a 5foot 6 person knocked that yetti out."
"well, theres one thing i havent told you." i confessed. "you see-" i was cut off by an old man clearing his throat.
"miss harries?" he said. "come in. could the rest of you wait a little longer please."
i stepped into the office with mr davies following.

ahh my wrist hurts ive typed too much...
its taken me almost three hours and about five cups of coffee but i did it
im want to get to know you, so leave me some info about you and i might actualy use you as a character later on in the story xD
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