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Famous Last Words

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Frank thinks that Gerard is avoiding him, because of the proposal that was rejected. But it appears that he wasn't...

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Chapter 6

Guys’ night was just what I needed. All four of us playing Red Dead Redemption, Call Of Duty and a bit of Resistance 2. Heck, I was excited, for the first time in a while. And the best part? I’d actually forgotten about Gerard Way and rejection. I was starting to move on, again.

After my conversation with Ray, I felt better about my relationship with Gee collapsing, maybe that was suppose to happen so I could carry on with Jamia and Cherry and Lilly were happy.

Ray and I arrived at Mikey’s just before 6.

“Gee’s not coming. He said he had something important to do,” Mikey told us. My smile disappeared, he was avoiding me. It was obvious. “Anyway, to the games!” We followed Mikey into the room he had especially for gaming nights.

In the centre of the room were four gaming chairs, each facing a wall. On each wall was a not too big, but not too small TV, hooked up to a PS3. Times like this, I was glad Mikey didn’t have kids, because otherwise, this room wouldn’t be for us. But then, he wouldn’t have to suffer the horrible crying in the middle of the night, which I envied him for. Ray too.

“What do you wanna play on first? I got Black Ops!” Mikey shouted across the room. We all laughed. Ray nodded.

“Yeah, why not?!” I replied.

We all took our usual seats, me facing the back wall (To freak Alicia out, if she walked in. You couldn’t see my head over the top of the seat, heehee.), Ray facing left, Mikey right and we left the front seat empty, for Gee.

After signing in on PSN and getting into the same lobby, the game began. Team Deathmatch, my favourite. Of course, because Ray was obsessed my gaming, and it literally run his life, he got countless headshots, 98% accuracy and loads of the bonuses. The team we were against weren’t the best, but they were good. Because we had Ray, we won. We done our winning celebration, which ended up with a mini pretzel fight.

“I’ve gotta go to the bathroom, don’t start without me!” Said Ray.

Being bored as fuck while he was gone, Mikey and I had a deep heart to heart conversation. Again.

“Y’know, he’s probably getting a present or something,” Mikey said, it couldn’t have been possible, it was blatantly obvious Gee was trying to keep away from me.

“I doubt that. He’s avoiding me,” I told him, but he shook his head.

“He wouldn’t be avoiding you; I very much doubt he’d miss guys’ night. Who does that?” We laughed. Mikey made sense. He normally did.

“I guess…”

Before long, Ray came back.

“Let’s get this started! Again…” We started to play the game. This time, the host decided to have a Free-For-All. Ray was bound to win.

And he did.

After a few more matches and a few more times of Ray winning, we all got kicked from the game. So we played Nazi Zombies. The only thing I hated about Zombies, was the fact there were zombie dogs from hell, half rotten and half fire. And we had to shoot them. Each time I did, although these ones were from hell, I said sorry to my babies at home.

Alicia knocked on the door, I sat up and turned round, as did Mikey and Ray.

“Hey, I think you lost someone,” She said, in a calm voice as she smiled. I’d always liked Alicia; she was always kind and never selfish. She and Mikey were a match made in heaven. Just like Ray and Christa. If only Gee could see he and I were like them.

When what she had said registered and I found myself staring at a tall, handsome man in a suit.


I looked away instantly, so he wouldn’t see me and I didn’t have to look at him any longer. I heard Alicia leave the room, and that’s when the awkward silence began.

Gee signed in and joined our game, it was another Free-For-All. I shot Gee as many times as I could, and ironically, he stabbed me in the back a few times. Of course, we tried not to make a habit of killing each other. When the round was over, none of us had won. Probably because of the awkwardness in the room.

“You two need to get it together, seriously. This hate is putting me off!” Ray shouted as he got up and turned towards us. Mikey stood up too.

“I agree with Ray, you two are meant to be together,” They both left the room and locked the door, without any warning. Almost as if they’d planned this whole thing. This was their plan, they wanted us back together.

We’d both watched our friends leave and saw that they hoped we’d sort this out. Gerard walked over to me.

“What do you want?” I snapped. As you can tell, I really wasn’t happy with the pain he’d caused me; I don’t think anyone would be.

“I want the most wonderful person in the world, the sweetest, kindest person. The funniest, the cutest, the most handsome guy I’ve ever met,” He held his hand out to me. “I want this man I know, he goes by the name of Frank Iero. Do you know where he is?”

I looked up at him, took his hand and stood in front of him.

“Yes, I do,” I said. He smiled at me, and just like all those times before, I became putty in his hands. He lifted my chin up and went in to kiss me. Before our lips met, I pulled away.

“Frank, I’m sorry,” He tried to touch my face again.

“Look, it’s too late now. It really is.”

“Just give me another chance!”

“Why? It’s like you said, we’re married to different people. We can’t be together.”

“But what if I told you the reason I was late.” I looked at him, confused. Had he done what I thought he’d done? Call my mind over imaginative, but I was hoping he’d killed Lyn-Z and was burying her in the garden or something. Wait, that’s a little over the top. What I was hoping was what he told me. My wish came true.

“I’m getting a divorce,” I thought he was joking. I honestly thought he was joking. He was looking at me, with the same expression I had when I’d proposed to him. I knew he was serious.

It was déjà vu. But from a different point of view.

He bent down on one knee, pulled out a box from his pocket and opened it. My hands reached my mouth and hid my huge smile. Inside was a white gold ring, with three crystals inside it. It wasn’t a standard engagement ring, but one suitable for guys to wear.

“Frank, will you marry me?”

It was obvious what my answer was and I was speechless. My hands fell to my sides and my mouth was catching flies. He chuckled at me and I nodded. His grin was as big as mine, and he took the ring out the box and placed it on my finger.

I’d never been so happy.

He stood up, with arms wide open. I fell into them and he wrapped himself around me. I was still smiling and I couldn’t stop.

“We can live forever, if you’ve got the time,” He sang. I looked at him, still smiling.

"Motherfucker,” I finished.

The end! :3
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