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Chapter 4

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Gerard does not like bad attitudes.

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Gerard's POV.

"Oh, shut the fuck up! Trust me, I didn't want to come back. My dad forced me to. I hate you. If you try to pull shit like that again, I'll smash your face in, motherfucker."

I was staring at Frank now, uttery bewildered. He never stood up for himself before. This is the first time I ever heard him drop the f-bomb before too. I don't like this new Frank, it's gonna be harder for me to hate him. I can't let him see me let my guard down though, so I gave him my famous smirk.

"I see someone's got an attitude now. Don't worry baby, I'm sure everyone still hates you. And I'll make your life a living hell, just you watch," I hinted darkly. That was a thing I am willing to bet money on. I could tell from the hushed whispers that many of the people in this class recognise Frank and are waiting to execute their vengence on him. Poor little fuck, I'm sure as hell not gonna make it easier on him. Even if it was just a dare, he made me change who I was. I don't like that. At all.

He scoffed and ran out of the room as soon as the bell went. Fucking pansy, running away from me like that, he seriously needs to grow a pair.


The rest of the school day was quiet uneventful; I hadn't seen Frank in any of my lessons or even at lunch.

I think that he is the reason Mikey was so happy this morning, getting his best friend back would have made a big impact on him. Now that I think of it, the whole 'You're gonna ruin it' lecture I recieved this morning must be about Frank returning. It makes perfect sense. Oh, I plan on ruining it alright.

I got home at 5pm because I had detention with Craig for showing up late to school on numerous occasions. I walked through the door and threw my bag over the edge of the couch. Only after I registered a whine accompanied by a loud "Ouch, fuck!" did I notice that the couch was not empty like I had originally thought. That throaty voice was easily distinguishable.

"What the fuck are you doing in my house?" I was livid. That little freak thought he could just come and waltz into my house like he owned the place? That is not acceptable. I strutted over to the front of the couch to see him sat down clutching at his head painfully. I mentally high-fived myself and settled for a praise of 'Nice aim'. Frank was still wearing what he wore to school today but he was also wearing one of my hoodies. "And why are you fucking wearing my clothes?" He shot out of his sitting position and disposed of the hoodie adorning his skinny frame like it was on fire.

"Mikey told me it was his! I was cold. Stupid fuck. And I'm sleeping over tonight, deal with it." He raised his middle finger up at me and exited the room. Definite attitude problem there, I wonder what made him change like that. I picked up my hoodie off of the floor and held it at arm's length away from my body, I don't want any part of him touching me. I dropped it in the hamper and made my way up to my lair, I could hear giggling coming from Mikey's room. What they are doing in there is definitley something I do not want to know about.

After two hours filled with nothing but sketching, listening to music and head-banging ferociously, I was almost glad of the distraction of dinner. I walked out of my room and made my way downstairs. I felt no need to rush, unlike the retards in the adjacent room who I heard run down the stairs as if they were competing in the Olympics. As I entered the dining room, I felt the atmosphere thicken with my presence, like I made everyone tense by just being in the same room. Mikey, Frank and my mom were all sitting around the table.

"Gerard, can you please bring the plates to the table? I have a bit of catching up to do here with my little Frankie." My mom absolutley gushed over him as he sat smugly on my place at the table. It's sickening. Sometimes I felt as though she loved him more than me, a lot of people do.

"Fine," I mumbled and went inside the kitchen. My mom has never been much of a cook, so to see 4 pathetic burgers sitting on one of the kitchen counters did not surprise me much. I went to pick them up when I had a sudden brainwave. Frank is a strict vegetarian, so my mom obviously made him a veggie burger. I was correct. I stealthly went over to the fridge and picked up a small piece of raw beef and placed it gently in the folds of the lettuce in Frank's burger, it was almost undetectable. I took the plates and set them on the table according to each person's preference.

"Thank you Gerard. Oh Frank, I am so glad that you are back! Mikey here's been missing you like crazy!" My mom exclaimed before she took a bite out of her burger. I sat down gingerly and waited patiently for my diabolical plan to take effect. Mikey was blushing at my mom's comment, and Frank's smug grin grew so it swallowed the lower half of his face entirely.

"Thank you Donna, and I've missed Mikey too. I'm sorry I left you like that friend huggies?" He scrunched up his face and pouted in Mikey's direction. I never knew he was on first name basis with my mom! Things have definitely gone too far here. Mikey stood awkwardly and leaned into Frank's embrace. I could feel butterflies in my stomach at the exchange between the two, I would put it down to jealousy but then I would only be lying to myself. Why the hell would I be jealous? They both sat back in their seats and began eating. Almos immediately, Frank spat out the large mouthful of burger he had taken and stared at it in disgust as it slowly fermented on his plate. My mom looked mortified, she thought her terrible cooking was to blame for Frank's reaction.

"Frank, what's wrong?" She looked at him apologetically.

"I thought you knew I was a very strict vegetarian! There is raw beef in my burger! Oh, what have I done? I have single-handedly taken part in the death of this poor cow!" He continued to stare at the hunk of meat in distaste.

"What the hell? I made you a veggie burger especially! How is there raw meat in it?" Her shocked face slowly turned to anger. "Gerard! What on earth posessed you to put meat in Frank's food? You knew he was vegetarian!" All eyes turned to me.

"Let's just say I don't like bad attitudes." I chuckled darkly at Frank's furious face and stood up, taking my burger with me up to my room.


That night, I pondered over the events of this past day. First, I was briefly re-introduced to happy Mikey. Then I was welcomed to the sight of a terrified looking Frank, and I even executed a quiet skillful prank. It was almost too much for one day, but I for one am not complaining.

If I set aside the fact that I hate his guts, Frank is not a very bad guy. He did manage to crack my tough guy exterior for a while, even if it did end up blowing up in his face.

I fell asleep to the sweet thoughts of what I could achive in the next few days, all the while hoping I manage to slowly drive that emo bitch insane.

A/N - Sorry that it's taken so long to update, I had exams in the last couple of weeks and I had to concentrate on revising. I have 4 more exams next week and a Science ISA sometime before the end of school, so I plan on updating more frequently after the 4 exams are over.
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