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Happy Bufday Bandih!

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Bandit enjoys the first part of her birthday. Kind of boring. Like an introduction. More coming soon :D

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“HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY BANDIT!” I heard my best friends Lily and Cherry shout simultaneously. I shot up out of my deep sleep into a sitting position. Lily and Cherry were sitting on either side of me. Lily laughed at me, her brown barely-past-my-shoulder length curls bouncing. I gave her the death glare. Cherry just stared at her twin sister.
“Thanks guys. I was trying to sleep until I was rudely awoken by you two. And I am not technically even 15 yet. It’s only…” I said. I looked at the clock and noted the time “8:30 am and I was born at 2:57 pm, thank you very much.”
“Bandit, be nice” I heard my mom say from the doorway. She was standing with my dad, both still in their pajamas.
“Sorry mom” I said
“Happy Birthday Bee!” my dad said and came to give me a hug
“Gee, she’s right you know. I was still in labor this very moment 15 years ago. Bandit, since I know you are going to ask, you cannot open presents yet” My mom said, still standing at the doorway
“Why not?” Me, Cherry, and Lily all said together. We looked at each other and laughed. Lily and Cherry may look like each other but we all have a shared mind.
Before my mom responded, she looked at the three of us, still sitting on my bed, and just shook her head. “Two reasons. One, since I was in a lot and I mean A LOT of pain at this time, you have to wait until you were ACTUALLY born. Two, do you think I would ever let you open your presents without Ray, Christa, Frank, Jamia, Mikey, and Molly here do you?”
“Ok mom” I said
“Get dressed you three! The whole family is going to have breakfast together!” MY dad shouted.
I looked to both Lily and Cherry, I just now noticed that they were both still in their pajamas and Cherry’s hair was tangled as could be in the back. Since we, meaning Ray, Christa, Frank, Jamia, Mikey, Lily, Cherry, Molly, Mom, Dad, Delilah (my Aunt Molly’s daughter from another relationship), Eliana (Mikey and Molly’s 5 year old daughter), Autumn (Ray and Christa’s eight year old daughter), and Joey (Ray and Christa’s 5 year old son), all lived in one humongous house.
Lily and Cherry ran to their rooms and got dressed. I got up out of my bed and went to the closet. From the closet I grabbed: a red and black plaid t-shirt, black skinny jeans, my red hightop converse, and underclothes, and headed to my bathroom. I shut and locked the door before undressing and wrapping my pale, and skinny body in a towel. I turned on the shower water and jumped in. I washed and conditioned my black tresses and lathered my body and rinsed off and hopped out. I dried off and put my clothes on. I grabbed the towel and cleared off the steam in a section of the mirror. I then proceeded to blow dry and straighten my hair. I barely had time to apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara before I heard a knock on the door. I opened at and saw none other than my dad.
“Hey Bee, your birthday breakfast is ready!” he said with a grin on his face
I followed him down the two flights of stairs to the dining room and took my place at the long ebony dining table.
“Happy Birthday Bandit!” I heard from every member of my family but Eliana and Joey from which I heard “Happy Bufday Bandih!”
My mom came out of the kitchen holding a plate of pancakes piled high, enough to feed my large family.
“Since Bandit is the birthday girl, she gets to get her food first!” my mom said.
“Aww…” I heard from Ray, Mikey, Frank, and Cherry.
My mom laughed again and handed me the plate of pancakes. I took three and handed the plate to Cherry, who was sitting on my right. She proceeded to take four and passed it along. I grabbed one of the many partially used bottles of maple syrup in the center of the table and doused my pancakes. By then, everyone was at the table with pancakes on their plate. We all dug in.
“Mom, I think these pancakes are even better than the ones you made yesterday” I said between bites
“Well since it was your birthday, I added more chocolate chips than usual” she said, a grin on her face like always.
After Frank and Ray had inhaled six pancakes each, they suggested we open presents
“Not until this afternoon” my dad said
I heard a chorus of whys. “Because mom wants me to wait until after 2:57 because I wasn’t born until then.” I said with a smirk
“Look alive sunshine” my dad said, referencing my smirk. That was followed by a chorus of sighs from everyone but Ray, Mikey, and Frank who gave my dad a high five.
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