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Audrey looks in the mirror...

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5:46 P.M.

I wake a bed...someone else's bed...Raymond's? Oh my god...I'm in Raymond's bed!
Hold on. I can't get carried away. Why am I in his bed? What happened? Well, I'm not naked. The only thing I'm missing are my socks and shoes.
I sit up. My toe touched the cold floor when I heard someone twisting the doorknob.

"Alright Farcle. You know what she looks like and everything?" Fiona asked.
"I don't know what she looks like human. That's pretty much the only problem. How do I find her when she's human?" he replied.
"Well, you don't have to look for her when she's human. You can wait until she's an ogress again. Of course, that is only at night." Shrek added.
"No way, dad. I want to find her as soon as possible."

I hop back into Raymond's bed and snuggle under the covers.

"So how do I find her when she's human?" Farcle asked.
"When the sun bounces off of her skin, there will be a green tint, and her face will show a few freckles. And when the sun shines on her eyes, they will be blue. And when the sun glistens on her hair, it will be red. That is the easiest way you will find her." Everyone, one at a time, told him.

Raymond. So this really isn't a dream.
"Amor?" He sat down beside me on the bed. He placed his hand on my shoulder. "Hey."
"Hm?" I move the cover slightly away from my face.
"You awake?"
He didn't have his glasses on. "I am now."

"So, do you have all you need to know?" Shrek asked.
"Yes, dad." Farcle walked to the door.
Fiona walked up beside him, standing nearly a good inch or two shorter than him. "Farcle?" He turned his head and looked at her. "Find her."
Farcle turned and gave her a hug. "I will, mom. I'll find her." He let go, turned, and started off walking.
"Farcle?" Called Fiona once more.
He stopped and turned to her, "Yeah?"
"Bring her back safetly."
He nodded, turned back around, and burst off running.

7:23 P.M.

I was actually having... a good time...with all of them. Huh. Who knew?
I walk into Raymond's room and walk over to his window.
It's getting pretty late. Sun's about to What did happen yesterday? I...changed. Back into a human. What in the heck was I before? Ow! What's happening??
I look around my body.
What's this gold mist? What the heck is going on?!?
Oh no! I can't scream! Gotta hold it in.
I cover my mouth.
Ahhh!! My's...changing!

Farcle's ears twitched, "She's changed." he said to himself as he was sitting on a high tree branch. He quickly got down and began running again.

Ah! It-it stopped!
I ran to Raymond's bathroom. I looked into the mirror.!! I'm...I'M...

You're an ogress, Audrey.

Oh, great! Another voice? Seriously?!

Come to the window. Quickly.

The window?
I walk again to the window. I felt the strongest urge to leave. Climb out the window, and just...leave...and so, that's exactly what I did. Not having a clue as to where I was going, I just went wherever my feet decided to take me.
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