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What's Happening To Me

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Telling the story from Audrey's POV...

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"What the...?"

I begin to open my eyes, and gain focus on my sight. The sky, it's dim. Almost sunrise. I'm laying down...on my stomach? Of course, not purposely. I know better not to lay on my stomach, because when I get up, the top of my rib cage hurts. I push off of the ground, so now I'm kneeling. I look around and don't recognize where I'm at. I'm surrounded by trees. I see nothing else, but trees. I feel...lost., no. I can't be lost. This is just a dream I'll wake up from. I just have to pinch myself.

I close my eyes, "Ah!"

I open my eyes again. Seriously? No. It can't be. I really am lost. Why? Why did I run in here? Why did I-? That voice...that voice. Why did I listen to that voice? Fuck the voice! Fuck this stupid forest! Fuck it all...I'm lost. I'm crying, and I'm lost. So, I lay back down, on my stomach, and cry.


I look up and finally see the sunrise. I'm changing. Changing? Then what was I before, I wonder...It doesn't matter! I'm still lost!

I still lay here, on the ground, crying, practically wailing.

Then, "Audrey? Amor?"

Sounds like Raymond calling me. But it couldn't be possible. Fuck trying to believe it is. I'm still crying, still lost...still alone.

"Amor??" I hear footsteps, and I don't answer. I still cry. "Amor?" Someone kneels beside me. I feel hands, touching me, turning me onto my back. "Look at me. Open your eyes, please." I opened my eyes, and damn-near had a heart attack from a love overdose. "Oh, Amor!"

He was there! Raymond! He was actually there! Holding me up from the ground! Squeezing me! Kissing me all over as if it's been a lifetime since he's seen me.


"Raymond! I'm sorry! I'm sorry for running. I'm sorry." I cried, hardly being able to get out, with my stuffy nose and hiccups.

"It's okay. It's okay, Amor. You're safe, and that's all that matters now."
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