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Killjoys make some noise

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A vampire is kidnapped by the fabulous killjoys will she find love and family or misery and danger,you will have to read to find out.

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Okay so this is my first fanfiction.See i really wanted to do a vampire fanfiction (not twilight what a stupid pointless film what vampire sparkles) but i also wanted to do a killjoy one as im a huge fan of mcr.
So i decided i would mix the two together .So basically im gonna give you a bit of a back story.My main character Pandora (love that name) is the daughter of the famous james cordon (lol personal joke)
the man who invented better living industries.Basically they used her as a tester and did alot of things to her which ended up with her needing to drink blood to survive(hence the vampire part)she also got
special ablities like speed ,strength ect.But because the killjoys live in a sunny desert i've decided to change it just a bit ,so the sunlight doesent kill her it just ,makes her weaker and shes not as fast but shes
still quite fast and she gets tired in the sunlight which causes her to be a bit snappy .(her snappiness is gonna be a main charactertisc for her in this story).Anyway the killjoys find her when shes feeding
and decide that shes some messed up thing from better living industries and they intend to use her against them but they end up getting attched to her .May be a bit of romance between her and kobra kid
(i dont see that many stories where the girl falls in love with mikey so there you go ,plus i really love mikey) .Might introduce grace later on in the story im not sure yet but i think its gonna be necerssary for
what i have in mind.
So i've bored you enough so im gonna let you read the story okay here it is,i hope u enjoy :)


"Quickly "The guard growled shoving me out the gates that lead out of battery city and into the desert.
I sighed i knew i had about an hour to feed,they only let me out about twice a month so i could use up all my pent up aggression.They usually just gave me about a cup full of blood everyday ,just to keep me
going.I could feel tears brimming but i blinked them back,i dident cry alot but on nights like these i was often very emotional ,i think its because it reminds me of what i am,a monster,someone who needs to
drink blood to survive.
I wasent always like this ,when the world was like it used to be in 2011 ,i was just a normal girl,well not exactly normal my dad was the leader of a very important company which meant i was rolling in cash
but ,that all changed when he invented the draculoids ,he decided he wanted to rule over everything ,and so he did.He mass produced those monsters and then unleashed them on the world,whoever dident
support him were killed plain and simple.
It was alright for a few years ,but in 2019 there were a group of people who rebelled they called themselves killjoys,all of them split into smaller groups and gave themselves unique names like the fearless killjoys
or the laughing killjoys.But one group was looked up to the most,the fabulous killjoys,their were originally five.They were causing chaos so dear old dad invented the exterminators,the exterminators were vicious
bloodthirsty and showed no mercy.
Korse was the top exterminator and the one to bring in one of the fabulous killjoys ,BeeDestroya he called himself they never revealed their real names.They tortured him for weeks and everyday i would go
down to his cell and talk to him even though i knew i could get in trouble for it.Me and BeeDestroya became good friends ,he told me i would make a good killjoy and started calling me dangerheart it made
me feel like i belonged somewhere.I used to sneak him the good food he was always super happy when i came down.
One day i decided i would break him out and then do my own thing but when i went down his cell was empty.This upset me and i started to fear that he had escaped and left me but later on i found out they had
killed him because he was no use .I had gone to see his grave ,when i found a room marked "possesions"i went in ,and found a load of draws i found the one marked BeeDestroya and i had found his clothes
and everything he had with him when he was caught.
I couldent take all of it but i took his long black leather coat and his gold ring with had a skull made out of a ruby on it ,i also found his raygun which i duplicated and swapped so i now had his real one i always
keep it down my boot.
Anyway they soon found out it was hard to catch killjoys so they started working on a superhuman who had advanced speed and strength and would be able to see perfectly in the dark but they needed
someone to test it on ,that someone was me.The process was painful and done against my will which upset me more.It worked but with a major defect,i needed blood to survive,they scraped the idea of
making more because you need blood everyday,it was to risky,you become agressive when you dont get any.Thats why i was now walking pointlessly in the desert ,looking for someone to feed on .

Tears were running down my face it was hard remembering BeeDestroya he had been my only real friend and he had been ripped vicously away from me thats what hurt the most and now i was monster who
always needed to drink blood to surivive .I remember their used to be movies and books about people like me ,they were called vampires .They used to scare me but now i felt empathy towards them.

I stop quickly as i can hear something,i can smell the persons blood ,its singing to me and it smells so sweet ,i quickly crouch to the ground so i wont be seen and wait for person to walk past.Sure enough
ten seconds ,the person is right in front of me and i realise its a draculoid.Ha so dear old dad dident invent any robot ,these draculoids were people.But it doesent matter i can feel my throat burning
and my body aching for his blood,so i pounce. I land on top of him and struggles to grab his gun but i grab it and throw it carelessly away i dont know where it lands.
Suddenly his bravery turns to fear ,causing their heart to speed up and their blood to pump faster through their veins.
"What do you want"He says ,his voice shaking .
I smile a truly sadistic smile and show all my teeth ,including my abnormally pointed sharp ones and then say in the sweetist voice that its practically dripping with sugar "Dinner" and then i bite into hes neck.
I feel his blood gush into my mouth and i smile it tastes so sweet ,and it fills me with warmth ,the man is growing limp now making it easier for me to feed but before im finished i see a flash of bright light and
then a burning pain in my stomach ,my body contorts and curls in as if trying to protect my stomach from more injurys and then i black out and the last thing i see is a man with a green mask lower his gun
which is also green,and come running towards me.


My stomach aches ,i feel like i've been repeatedly kicked in the gut ,my mind is racing trying to make sense of what happened.I open my eyes and i see a metal roof ,very close to my head and then
i realise im in a very compact space.I try to kick the roof but realise my arms and legs are bound ,im terrified of enclosed spaces so this really wasent good for me i had to get out of here.I let out a long
peircig scream ,hoping someone will hear me.
Then light was blinding me and i realised that the metal roof was gone and i sighed with relief,thats when i realised that i had been locked in a carboot .I felt myself been lifted up and carried i was suddenly
terrified ,i screamed out for help but it was no use as i quickly realised that we were no where near Battery city .I felt myself been leaned against something hard and i realised that it was an old dusty car.
I looked up and saw four men staring at me with cold hatred.
My eyes flittede to all of them in turn.
One had long ,brown curly hair it looked like it could use a brush ,he was quite tanned and was,wearing a pair of old sunglasses.He looked about 24-25 and very tired ,i turned to look at the one next to him,he
looked very short and had shoulder length black hair and golden eyes they were really quite intriguing.
The next one had beautiful blonde hair ,he had a long fringe that covered up some of his eyes,but i could still see them,they were Hazel ,but a little more on the brown side.Finally i looked at the last one,he
had bright red hair ,seriously it was like a traffic light,he had hazel eyes too but hes were more green ,he's hair was seriously distracting.
"Where did you get these"He asked me,breaking me out of my thoughts .
I looked up and saw party poison holding BeeDestroya's leather coat,i looked at my hand and realised that the ring was still there and i could still feel the gun in my boot ,but it dident feel right without the coat.
"Give that back"i hissed angrily ,he looked shocked and slightly angry at my reaction.
And then without even thinking ,i broke down in sobs,tears falling down my pale face.They all looked shocked that i was crying.
"Please give it's all i have left of him"i said my voice shaking slightly.
Then something clicked in party poisons mind i guess because he let out a gasp.
"You were his friend weren't you"He asked.
I nodded tears still sliding down my face and sobs erupting from my body making me shake all over with grief and loss.
"What happend to him"he pressed his voice laced with urgency.
"they ...k-k-killed h-h-him"i said stuttering .
I saw all their faces drop ,I looked at the one with bright red hair ,he's face showed nothing but pain and grief it ,was the same with the afro one and short black haired one.But the one with blonde hair just sat their
no expressions on his face ,just emptiness and then a single tear fell down his perfect face,and that was it ,i just wanted to comfort him and tell him everything would be fine ,but i knew it wouldent be,they had
lost their commrade,their friend and possibly their brother.
"im sorry"i muttered.
They said nothing they all just sat their,thinking about their friends death most likely.Suddenly the red one stood up and looked at me with questioning in his eyes.
"Did he suffer"was all he asked .
"I dont know,i wasent there .I just went down to his cell one morning and he was gone "I said more tears falling down my face .
He looked upset by this ,but when he saw me looking at me ,he merely smiled sweetly back before turning his back on me and walking away leaving us all and walking to the one tree.I saw him climb up
and watched him disappear and the leaves.The others dident seem to notice they were all in their own thoughts.
We sat there for hours ,all in silence ,all grieving.The blonde one was the first one to break out of it.
"Im going to you want some"he asked me ,i stared him with a confused face ,dident he see me last night feeding ,and then i realised it was the short one who had saw and shot me ,so i quickly shook
my head and told him i wasent hungry ,he merely nodded.The blonde one and the one with the afro walked off somewhere leaving me alone with the short one.I looked at him and saw him staring at me.
"what are you"he asked me
i sighed before answering "Im james cordons daughter"
He's face turned into a face of blatant shock ,but then narrowed.
"why were you drinking that draculoids blood"he asked me
"My father is so desperate to get rid of you guys they started a project called ,project dracula ,i was the subject ,they turned me into a monster and then decided making more was to risky.Yes ,to an extent
it worked,i can hear ten times better then a human ,and im super fast but i have to keep topped up on blood its the only way i can survive i'll die if i dont have it"i said coldly
"how are you going to hunt now your with us"he asks
"one of you could be my doner i suppose"i say knowing full well they wouldent agree and they would probably burn me alive.
"whats that"he asked ,a confused expression on his face.
"i drink some of your blood ,but not enough to kill you"i said simply.

With that he walked off and went to talk to others ,including the red one.


They talked for hours and kept looking over at me.I knew the short one had told them,they were probably planning how to kill me.I dident mind ,it would be a relief ,to escape this horrible life .Finally they came
over ,they all stared at me, i noticed it was with a kind of fear.
"umm...we talked about your...problem"the red one said nervously "and we decided one of us would be your doner while you cant find ....meals"
"really"i asked ,shocked that they were willing to help me that much.
"umm...yer ,so kobra kid is your new doner...uh yay ...i guess"he said,i was confused which one was Kobra kid ,then i realised they were all staring at the blonde one.


They had led me to the tree and left me alone with kobra kid so i could "eat" as they put it .I looked at him,he was staring at the ground.
"im guessing you got the short end of the stick"i laughed nervously
"umm...actually i volunteered"he said ,blushing slightly,this shocked me the most,why did he volunteer,why would he want some random girl to feed on him.
"Why?"i asked
"because,i want to help,i havent been very much of use lately now im helping"he said shrugging his shoulders and looking down
"why are you guys helping me"i asked ,it was on my mind why would they bother.
"because you were bob's friend you comforted him in his last days"he said ,sighing sadly.
"Whos bob"i asked very confused
"thats bee destroyas real name"he says,i nod realising i dident even know the basic info of beedestroys life but i suppose it dident matter.
We talked a little longer ,before kobra kid politely pointed out why we we're here i nodded and took his wrist and bit down on it,i heard him gasp in pain,but my mind was taken over by how beautiful he's blood
tasted ,it was the sweetest blood i had ever tasted ,it was wonderful,i practically had to pull myself away or i would have drained him dry.
He seemed fine just a little paler,i licked my lips getting all the traces of blood on them off and thanked him,he told me it was fine .We walked back to the others .The short one and the afro one were asleep but
the red head one was still awake ,poking the fire he had started.He looked up as we approached and smiled an awkward smile at me,i smiled back out of thanks.
He handed me back the coat and i hugged it close and pulled it on smiling into the material thats when i felt something in the pocket ,a zip?i pulled the zip open and there was a secret pocket inside it i put my
hand in and pulled out a piece of paper.I looked at it and smiled,it was him and the others but they all looked different except for the afro one.
The red head one had black hair and was wearing a plain black suit,kobrakid had brown hair and was wearing glasses and the small one had a weird haircut it had like a long black fringe with like shaven sides.
And their was bob smiling next to them ,with his beard and everything i smiled even bigger .
"what you got there"the red one asked ,i looked up and grudgingly handed over the picture.
When he saw it a smile came to his face as he recalled long forgotten memories.
"I remember this"he muttered "we were at the cinema ,we were watchin some movie about an alien called paul,good movie"
I smiled "i've watched that"i said
"it was Bob's fave movie ,he loved it so much ,he used to quote it all the time "he said
i just smiled and then it hit me i dident know his name "whats your name" i asked
he looked shocked and then he just said "Gerard"
I considered this for a second and my face broke into a large smile "Gerard ,i like it"
He smiled at this,"thanks, i like your name to"
I smiled sweetly,and he handed me the picture back,i instantly hugged it to me and smiled.When i did this he smiled .
"well im gonna get some sleep"i muttered softly
"thats probably for the best,goodnight"he said nodding at me
"your not going to sleep?"i questioned
"when my shift is over i will"he said "the sleeping bags are in the boot of the car"
I nodded and went to the boot ,and opened it ,inside was a sleeping bag and a load of cans of some dog food,did they have a dog?I grabbed the sleeping bag and set it down beside kobra kids and furthest away from the fire ,so i could be covered in the darkness and slowly fell into a deep sleep.

Franks POV

I had been following the draculoid for a while,thats when i saw it a girl ,she was pretty she had long curly brown hair streaks of auburn going through it,her skin was pale but it looked nice and her eyes were a deep brown,there was sadness in them but also hunger which i couldent place properly.
I watched as she leapt through the air and landed gracefully on the draculoid,he put up a battle but it seemed to just amuse her as she just flicked the gun away from him so it landed in the sand near my foot causing sand to come up near my feet.
The draculoids courage soon turned to fear when he realised he had no weapon and was completely vulnerable.
"w...what you want?"the drac stuttered
And then in a voice dripping in sugar that was so unbearbly sweet you wanted to be sick she replied with a simple "dinner"
I watched in horror as she lunged at his neck and started greedily drinking the dracs blood,draining him ,i couldent watch any longer ,i pulled out my gun and aimed at her stomach,i quickly changed the setting to stun and shot.She immediatly curled up in a ball to protect her stomach and hissed out in pain and possible anger she fell off the body and lay on the floor,she looked up at me as i ran towards and slipped unconcious.
I kneeled down next to her ,thats when i realised what she was wearing,a long leather coat that was oh so familiar to me ,it was bobs.Had she killed bob the same way she had killed the drac?I rolled her over gently and looked at her face.She was young she couldent be older then 18 and she looked peaceful,still there was no colour in her face even though it was hot.
I knew i had to do something quickly,i started off by getting rid of the body,i set fire to it before turning back to the girl.She wouldent gain concious for a couple of hours,i had to take her back to the others she knew something about bob and he needed to find out what.

I raised her gently in my arms and walked back to the others.I finally reached the others.
"FRANKIEEEEEEEEEE"gerard shouted happily when i came into view he ran up to me excitement in his face which soon turned to confusion when he saw the girl in my arms.
I lay her down in front of everyone and they looked at me in confusion.
"shes wearing bobs coat"i said finally,they all gasped and look down and my statement was confirmed to them.
"Do you think she knows where he is?"gerard asked
"maybe thats why i brought her back...i think we should tie her up and put her in the boot"i said,they all stared at me in shock
"why?"mikey asked
"trust me i saw her do something out there and shes not safe"i said
"whats did she do?"ray asked,i thought about it for a second but i decided i should confront her about it first before telling the others
"i cant tell you i need to talk to her about it first"i said,they all nodded and mikey and ray set off to find some rope and tie her up .I felt gerard slip his hand into mine and he slowly started to pull me away from the car towards a gas station that was abandoned ,when we reached it he banged the door open with his foot and led me inside.There was a table and some chairs in there and he set me down and took a long look at me.
"Frankie whats wrong with you?"he asked his eyes showed nothing but love and worry
"its...nothing gee dont worry"i mummered looking at the floor.
"dont lie to me frankie"he said,tilting my chin up so i was looking in his eyes
"its just im scared gee,what if we all die ,i cant handle the thought of losing the guys...losing you"i said ,tears falling down my cheeks.
"awww frankie dont worry,we're gonna get through this...together you dont need to worry"he mummered as he wiped away my tears
"thanks gee"i mumbled ,he stared at me for a seconds before leaning down and pressing his lips to mine firmly,at this i smiled.He ran his tounge over my bottom lip,just begging for entrance which of course i would never deny ,i parted my lips slightly and his tounge snuck in to my mouth and slowly massaged my own,i let out a moan and his smile grew he carried on and when i moved my tounge against he's he moaned which turned me on to no end .
"ummm...guys we tied her up and we're ready to go"mikey said awkwardly.We both broke apart and gerard smirked at mikey before turning back to me a large smile on his face,i smiled back before standing up.He grabbed hold of my hand and we walked out together and smiling happily.Mikey jumped in the front seat as it was his turn to drive and rat sat next to him leaving me and gee in the back.I was seriously tired so i rested my head on gerards shoulder and closed my eyes letting sleep come .


I was woken by a girls voice screaming for help ,we pulled over and jumped out the car,Mikey went to the boot and lifted the blindfolded girl out the boot and rested her down gently against the car before pulling the blindfold of.She looked at all of us in turn before her eyes rested on mikey and gerard started to talk.
She told us about how she had become friends with bob and how he had been killed when she had said that gee had walked off,i dident go after him i knew he wanted to be on his own ,when mikey and ray walked off i confronted her about what i had seen the night before.
What she told me shocked me and made me feel sick to my stomach and i knew i had to tell the others.I walked over to the tree where gerard had disappeared to and looked up he was still there,i decided i better leave him a little longer i went to turn round but i heard gerards voice
"frankie ,can you come here"he asked ,he sounded so broken and it killed me i quickly raised myself into the tree and sat next to him.
"yer gee?"i asked
"can i have a hug?"he asked ,i nodded and wrapped my arms around him gently and held him close.
"i broke my promise frankie,i promised i'd keep you all safe and now bobs dead"he said sadly
"gee you cant keep every promise "i said ,smiling a bit to make him feel better.he nodded still frowning.
i let out a sigh "i need to tell you and the guys something "i told him he nodded and we both climbed down.i called ray and mikey over and i explained to them what i had seen and what she had told me and by the end of it they all shocked .
" she needs a donor"gerard muttered ,i merely nodded .
We all stood in silence thinking about who would take that job.
"i'll do it"mikey said ,we all stared at him speechless"i'll do it,i really dont mind "he repeated ,after much discussion it was agreed we told the girl and left her and mikey,to eat i guess.

Ray went to sleep leaving me and gee alone ,he saw me sitting there and crawled over to me and pulled me onto his lap,he gently nibbled my ear and kissed down my neck.
"gee ,rays only there"i whined ,he huffed but stopped and just held me tight and hummed in my ear and soon sleep came with it.


I stopped humming when frankie fell asleep.I smiled at him ,i couldent believe i had him all to myself he was just so perfect,i lay him down in the sleeping bag and tucked him in i brushed his hair out of his face and put it behind his ear and smiled at his peaceful face ,i kissed his forhead and set to work making a fire ,vaguley wondering where mikey and that girl had went.

Pandoras POV

The next day was going pretty well mikey was sat in the back with me and ray ,while gerard drove and frank stared out the window in the front.What shocked me was when gerard grabbed franks hand and dident let go.Had i missed something?

Later that day we stopped and made camp,gerard and frank walked away from us slightly and just sat on the ground laughing and talking...and holding hands?
"hey mikes"i said
"yer pan"he replied they had taken to calling me pan for some reason but i dident care
"why are they holding hands?"i asked
Then he smirked slightly "their going out they really love each other"he said grinning over at them.
"awwwww thats so sweet"i gushed looking over at them
I watched as gerard caressed franks cheek before leaning in and gently kissing him,this made me smile.

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