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Dont leave me yet.

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Will frank survive or will be left alone.

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The rest of the day was pretty uneventful we just kept driving towards some mountains,i was growing seriously bored,and very hungry which dident improve my mood which was already depressed and slightly annoyed.The others seemed perfectly content ,im guessing they were used to long drives through the desert with no air conditioning.
"you okay?"Kobra kid asked me ,he was looking at me worry lacing his eyes
"um...yer why?"i asked cautiously
"well you've kind of been giving party dirty looks for the past twenty minutes or so"he said ,his lips turning up slightly like he wanted to smile
"oh...sorry ,i was just thinking"i mumbled if i could blush i would have from sheer embarrasment.
"oh thank god i thought you were about to beat me up or something"party laughed
" guys where are we heading"i asked .
"oh we're going to the diner to talk to D"party said
"wait you mean Dr Deaty Defying"i asked suddenly filled with excitement,Bob had told me so much about him.
"yer thats the one,hes kinda like our boss i suppose you could say"jet said smiling.


We drove for hours all happily talking except for ghoul who just sat there staring out of the window.He looked pale and i could see sweat dripping down his face.I focused my hearing on ghoul and heard his heart,it was beating way to fast and he looked like he was gonna throw up or something.While i was listening i heard a slight buzzing coming from him.It only took me a few seconds to figure out what was wrong with him and all i could do was gasp.
When i gasped everyone looked at me except for ghoul.
"whats wrong"kobra asked gently
"Ghoul when you went out to get supplies did you get stabbed with a needle?"i asked him
Ghoul turned to look at me in shock and slight fear before weakly nodding,when he nodded i felt tears burning my eyes and falling down my face.Poison pulled over and looked between me and Ghoul.
"whats wrong "posion demanded
"im so sorry i never told you gee"ghoul whispered crying slightly.
"told me what?"poison questioned looking worried.
"Poison,Ghoul got injected with a newly devloped virus,it causes your heart to beat faster then it should ,you get a terriable fever,you throw up not only sick,but blood as well"i said
"what happens after all of that"poison asked looking scared
"your heart gives up and you drown in your own bodily fluids,in other die"i said looking sadly at ghoul who was looking down.
"why dident you tell me?"poison asked ghoul.
We all sat in stunned silence at ghouls outburst.Ghoul suddenly grew much paler ,flinging the car door open ghoul jumped out and started to throw up blood on the side of the road.

Gerards POV
I watched frank fling himself out of the car and start to cough up blood on the side of the road.
"i think we should camp here tonight"i say my voice shaking slightly,they all nodded and i got out of the car and walked over to frank and rubbed his back as he carried on being sick.I looked around and saw a small shed and decided i'd take frank there to sleep tonight.
When frank had finished throwing up i took him towards the shed,i shot the lock and took him inside,there wasent anything in here other then a sleeping bag and a wooden bench to lie on.I sat down next to frank but i couldent look at him.How could he be dieing he was always so strong so careful.
Why dident he tell me i could have helped him
Why did he think so little of himself?
"Gee"he whispered cautiously
"yer"i replied although it came out harsher then it should have and i saw him wince at the harshness of my voice.
"im so sorry"he whimpered
"Why dident you tell me?"i asked,he looked down when he saw the hurt in my eyes.
"I guess i dident want you to worry"he mumbled
"so what you just expected me to move on when you dropped dead without a reason"i asked
"im sorry"he repeated this time though tears fell down his face as he realised the true extent of how much he had hurt not only me but the guys as well.
"come here"i said opening my arms as he gratefully crawled on to my lap and cried gently into my chest as i rocked him back and forth.
"i dont want to die"he whispered finally
"your not going to die we're gonna find a way to save you dont worry"i said softly into his hair
"okay gee"he said tiredly.
I looked down and realised he had fallen asleep,i placed him gently on the bench,before i kissed him on the forehead.I walked to the door and looked back at him and smiled at his sleeping form.
"i promise i'll save you"i mumered before leaving the shed and heading over to the others.

They were all sitting in a circle around the fire and looked like they were having an intense disscusion.I sat down next to jet silently and looked at the fire.
"what are you guys talking about"i asked
"Party i think we can save ghoul"pan said suddenly,my head shot up and i looked at her with hope
"how?"i asked
"When my dad and korse invented that virus they had to have a cure in case it broke loose inside battery city.I know they completed the cure because my dad was bragging about it at dinner a few nights ago"pan told me smiling slightly
"But where is it?"i asked eagerly
"its in the labs"pan explained,my hope turned into despair no one knew where the labs were.
"no one knows how to get to the labs"i pointed out
"And i think you've forgot party that my father owns better living industrys which means i know where the lab is and in turn where the cure is."she smirked at me.
"lets go then"i said happy that we could save ghoul.
"not so fast poison,we cant just go into battery city with a sick ghoul we need to take him back to the diner so D can take care of him while we come up with a proper plan"Jet said.I nodded and told them i was going to the shed to check on frank ,i was filled with new hope and purpose.I was going to save frank.
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