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Friends on the way ?

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Franks getting worst and gerards worried :(but its okay Pandoras got a plan.And who is voltage venom and static sinner:)

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Ghouls POV

Groaning slightly I opened my eyes,only to shut them tightly again because I was blinded by the sun.I slowly opened them and adjusted to the bright light that was shining through the window.Why was it so bright today?
"Frankie are you okay"Gee asked quietly his voice laced with worry.
I turned my head to look at him,I could see him but not very well he was kind of blurry and out of focus,but thats probably because I just got blinded by the sun.
"Im fine Gee dont worry so much"I mumbled,forcing a smile as I waited for my eyes to adjust properly to the light in the room.
"Then why do you keep squinting your eyes?"he asked me
"Because its fucking bright in here and I just got blinded by the fricken sun"I mumbled,couldn't he tell thats why I was squinting.
"Frankie honey,its not that bright ,its actually darker then usual"He said in a slightly patronizing tone.
"Then why is it so bright"I complained
"I dont know,do you want some food?"He asked
"Ummm....yer thanks"I mumbled
"Okay i'll be back in a minute"He said before kissing my forhead gently before leaving the shed.Urggg if I could turn of the sun I would.

Poisons POV

I gently shut the door behind me and headed to the others,once again they were sitting in a semi circle.
"Hey"Pan greeted me when she spotted me.
"Hi,um can I talk to you in privite?" I asked her nervously.
"uh...sure"she said with an unsure tone,she raised herself of the dusty desert floor and followed me away from earshot of the rest of the group.
"whats up?"she asked gently.
"Somethings wrong with Ghoul,he keeps saying its to bright and its the darkest day we've had in the desert this year and his really pale and his eyes are i dont know what to do Pan"I said ,looking at her hoping she would know what to do.
"Poison,theirs not much you can do without the cure,we need to keep his fever down and keep him hydrated and pray we get the cure in time"she said honestly.Thats what I liked about her she wasent like doctors who tried to sugar coat your problems she told them to you straight how you could stop them.
"Then we need to get to battery city now"I said desperate to save him.
"Poison...slow down we need to think about this,we cant just go into battery city especially with a sick Ghoul,he'll be dead in no time if you take him in there"she said seriously,her eyes hard.
"Then where do you suggest we take him,we dont have time to drive to the diner in zone 6 and then get to battery city,it will take to long."I said angrily how could she expect us to waste time like this.
"Well,when I was still in battery city,before bee destroya arrived,there was a bunch of killjoys locked in the dungeon.I made friends with them and broke them out,they tried to convince me to come with them but like an idiot I said no,but I know how to get in touch with them and im sure they would help us out"She said acting like she had just solved all our problems.
"How is calling in some more killjoys gonna help?"I asked,confusion sweeping through me
She sighed as if it was the most obvious thing in the world "Me,you,kid and jet all go to battery city to get the cure,While my friends take Ghoul in their car to the diner in Zone 6 where Dr D im assuming will have the medication to keep Ghoul stable until we can reach him with the cure"she said smiling.
I sat their considering her plan,sure it was smarter then mine without Ghoul with us,we would be faster and it would be easier and he wouldent be in danger,but did I want him away from me with some random killjoys I dident know.Could I leave his life in their hands?could I trust them?
"Im not sure,I dont want to leave Ghoul with people I dont know"I mumbled,knowing I was being stubborn.
"Trust me poison,Ghoul will be safe ,they will guard him with their lives their nice people and I know for a fact that they are close to Dr D"she said
Uncertainty littered my mind still.How did she know they were close to D.
"How are they close to D"I asked
"Their leader is his neice"she smirked,when she said that I knew I could trust them.
"Okay,radio them now and ask"I said,she nodded and walked back towards the group me following me behind.

Pandora's POV

I sat down with the radio and the others all sat around me watching intently.I fiddled with buttons ,trying to make contact with them.Sure enough a few minutes later a voice I recognized so well came through.
"Hey this is Voltage Venom what do you want?"the unmistakable polish accent came through.
"Hey its me Pandora"I said smiling
"Dorie....Oh my god how are you,or should I ask hows the penthouse?"she laughed
" not in battery city im in the desert"I said
"WHAT!!! on your own,where are you?we're gonna come pick you up"she said
I laughed"im not on my own im with the fabulous killjoys"I said
She paused for a second "Oh ,I see thats cool D says their awesome people"Voltage laughed
"Yer they are,but I need you to do me a favour"I said ,waiting their reaction.
"sure what do you need?"she asked
"Fun ghoul got a deadly virus and i know where the cure is but i cant take him ,he'd be in too much danger"i said
"Okay so where do we come in?"she questioned
"Me,kid,jet and poison will sneak into battery city and get the cure,while you drive ghoul too the diner where Dr D can keep him stable until we arrive"i explained my plan
"One sec ,Static wants to speak to you"Voltage mumered
"Who's Static?"poison asked
"Shes their leader"I explained
"Hey Dorie its me Static ,i fuckin hope you remember me seems as i saved your ass last time we saw each other"she laughed
"Of course I remember you,so what do you think of the plan?"i asked
"im not sure do you think he'll make it to Zone 6 and last long enough to wait for the cure?"she asked
"Im sure he can if we're really quick"i said
"Okay but you need to be quick and quiet in battery city ,and while your in there i think you need to know something"she said
"i'll be careful and what do i need to know?"i asked
"Bee's still alive,they dident kill him,they just took him in deeper,i only know because disco's stuck in their with him and she radioed us"Static said,it sunk in and i realised my first real friend was still alive.I mean sure static and that were my friends but they werent as important to me as bee.
"We'll get him and disco out while we're in there but swear you'll look after ghoul"i said
"I swear on my life i'll protect him,just get disco out ,what zone you in?"she asked
"um...We're in zone three we're by a yellow shed"i said hoping that was enough of a description of our position.
"I know where you are we'll be there in a few hours"she said
"Okay...see you in a bit"i said suddenly nervous about seeing them after all this time.
"okay im out"she said
"i thought you came out ages ago"i joked
"funny,i'll see you later"she said sarcastically before all i could hear was silence when she disconnected.
I looked at party who was smiling a sad smile and looked like he was going to burst into tears.I couldn't understand why,i mean we,were sorted we we're gonna save ghoul i thought he'd be ecstatic.
"whats wrong"i questioned
"Im going to have to leave Ghoul...for a while at least and i dont want to"he mummered
"You have to poison we need to get the cure"I said
"im gonna go tell him" poison said
I nodded and watched him walk to the shed knowing how much it was killing him to leave Ghoul with a bunch of strangers so he could save his life.I looked at the others and watched as they also stared after him sadly knowing that in a few hours ,ghoul and poison were going to be split up and their was a chance they wouldent see each other again.

Poison POV

He breathed in gently his chest rising an falling gently, a sheen of sweat covering him and took a shaky breath in before shaking him awake i needed to tell him now.
"Frankie ...wake up"i whispered in his ear
He's eyes opened slowly and smiled sweetly when he saw me and i knew it was gonna kill him just as much as it was killing me to split up but it was for his own safety.
"Frank i need to tell you something" ...
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