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Summertime :)

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Pandora and Kobra kid get really close. ;)

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Kobra Kids POV

The harsh light hit my eyelids and I knew it was time to wake up.I sighed before opening my eyes and raising myself from the ground and looking round.Jet was sitting on the floor reading a magazine he took from an abandoned petrol station,I couldent see Poison or Ghoul so I guess they were still in the shed.Then there was Pandora sitting on the car bonnet and glaring angrily at the horizon and i wanted to know why.
I walked over to her slowly wondering if I should ask or just leave her own,but I knew I couldn't leave her their so upset without finding whats wrong.
"Hey Pan,you okay?"i asked softly
"ooohhhh,im fine"she said sarcastically rolling her eyes at me.
"Seriously Pan whats up?"i persisted determained to know why she was so upset
"Why do you care?"she snapped angrily turning her glare on me and i flinched away.
"Because I dont like the fact your moping around without a reason"i said
"I have a reason"she hissed
"Oh yeah and whats your brilliant reason?"i asked a smirk on my face
"Im hungry"She whined ,looking down again.
Oh,now i thought about it ,it did make sense I mean she hadent eaten since like two days ago so she must be pretty hungry.I felt bad about forgetting about her problem,but I guess i was just worried about my brother,I mean when Voltage venom got in touch with us again last night telling us they were gonna take anouther two days because their was camp of dracs they dident know about so they had to go the long way he had basically had a breakdown,he started panicing that Ghoul was going to die so i forgot all about Pan,now i felt really guilty.
I grabbed her hand and started dragging her round to the other side of the car so Jet wouldent be able to see us.
"Where are we going?"she asked her face showing confusion,awww she looked so cute when she was confused,god she was pretty and really cool i wish i could ask her out but she'd probably just laugh in my face.
"You said you were hungry ,well im your donor but im assuming that Jet doesent want to see eating i guess"I said ,she looked at me in shock for a second but smiled and nodded.
We sat down opposite each other and i raised my wrist which she gratefully took.It was an odd feeling having your body drained,it felt kinda like being on drugs,you were free and felt like you could fly,but when she removed herself from my wrist the feeling stopped and i was left instead with a painful throbbing feeling in my wrist.
"Thanks"She mumbled
"No probs"i said smiling
She went to get up,and i dont know why but i grabbed her and kissed her,she sat still in shock for a second and i worried she might pull away,but my worries ended when she started to kiss back.It was amazing,her lips were soft and she tasted like vanilla and cream it was wonderful,she was practically on my lap and we both smiled into the kiss.She deepened the kiss her hands knotting in my hair while my hands stayed on her waist pulling her closer,I went too...
"Um...guys,Voltage is on the radio she wants to speak to you guys"Party said uncomfortably
We broke apart and looked up,Poison was standing there awkwardly ,supporting Ghoul while Ghoul tried to hold back laughter ,oh god this was going to be awkward.
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