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Love is painful

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Static,voltage,nightmare and radio arrive and Kobra finds himself attracted to voltage.

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Pandora's POV

I looked at Kid and smiled,i swear if i could blush i would be a fucking tomato or something.He smirked back and stood up,dragging him with me.We followed Ghoul and Poison to the little radio and i could hear jet talking to Voltage and seeming kinda pissed off at something.
"Isent there a faster way to get here?"He asked ,looking stressed
"No Jet,there isent,the usual way now has drac camp residing it,we're gonna have to go the long way so we might not be there for two days or one and half,im sorry"Voltage said
"Cant you go near to it without being caught?"he asked
"Um,no our car is green jet it kinda stands out we'd be a moving target,if we go closer we might not make it to you guys at all"she said sounding pissed off at Jet
"Are you absolutly,100% sure that there isent a faster way"He asked,seriously he needed to stop forcing them they all had short tempers except for disco dynamite im sure she was smoking something.
"Tell him if he doesent stop asking,when we do reach them im gonna kick his ass and give radio permission to practise her new ninja moves on him"i heard Static snarl and then some laughter.
"Jet Static said..."Voltage started
"I heard"Jet cut her off
"Sorry but we're gonna take longer im pretty sure Ghoul can last an extra two days"She said
"Fine,see you then"Jet said harshly
"Hang in there jet"voltage mummered before she disconnected.
Jet looked at us,as we all frowned at the information,they would take anouther two days at most and we all knew it wasent safe to stay in the open this long but we had no choice.I looked at Ghoul he seemed okay with the news as if he was actually happy cause he got to waste more time.Maybe he was happy he got to stay with Poison longer now.
"Poison,im tired"Ghoul whined leaning on Poison
"Okay come on sweetie"Poison said softly before picking Ghoul up and taking him back to the shed.
We all sat in silence.I wonder what my parents were doing now,probably eating dinner.I missed mom she was always so nice to me and made sure i was happy,i hope i get to see her again.But on the brightside me and Kobra kid are now officially a couple after Poison had taken ghoul to the shed and jet had walked off to the car he had asked me if i wanted to be with him,of course i said yes who wouldent he's such a nice guy.I just hope nothing wrecks it,me and Kid is the only good thing happening in my life right now.

2 days later

We watched the car come closer we all had our hands on our guns,just in case it was some dracs.When i noticed the car was green i lowered my gun and smiled,the others copied me as they realised who it was.Kid ran off to the shed to tell poison they had arrived finally while i waited for them to stop,i was finally getting to see them again i couldent wait.Static parked the car roughly,she never was careful.She quickly jumped out the car and walked towards me a large smile on her face as she pulled me into a hug.She was exactly the same.
Static sinner was her full killjoy name but it was shortened into static but everyone,She was the smallest out of the group she was also the most hyper.Her hair was still the same,long and dyed black with blue,purple and green tips,it was wavy as she dident have straightners but according to the others she rarely straightened it before the war,her eyes were brown kinda like rays but a little lighter and her skin was pale,i'd seen a picture of her when she was 14 she had freckles but a surgery came out that could get rid of them so she did ,she always hated them.She still had her black leather jacket with a cross sewed onto it,she had some black skinny jeans on with blue skeleton handprints on them ,her boots where cherry red and came just under her knees they looked epic,she had a red corset on with black flowers sewn into it and a chocker necklase on.
Next was Vintage nightmare her hair was kinda like Jets but black and better tames and a little shorter,her eyes were also brown and her she was by far the happiest of the killjoys she was very proud of her coloured background,one set of grandparents from barbadous and her other grandparents who were scottish and she liked everyone to know that,she too wore her killjoy outfit with pride,her pink leather jacket looked a little faded but still bright,she wore some dark green short shorts with some pink ripped tights on underneath she also had a plain black t-shirt on and a necklase with silver spider on it.Her make up as always was flawless her lips were coated in bright red lipstick and her eyeshowed was sweeped in the darkest black with green eyeliner drawn on it was a very cool rock like appearence.
Radio Rampage stood there smiling and she looked by far the coolest in my opinion she had some black ripped skinny jeans on and i could see purple tights on underneath,she had a super bright purple top on and a native american necklase on,her blue boots were cool and electric green laces they definatly caught your attention.Her jacket was by far the best it was electric blue and had three zips on one side at the front and two on the other side at the front,there were studs on both shoulder and on the top of the back underneath there was some black writing that said 'loud,fast,rule'it was a rocking jacket which i admit i did try to steal once.Her hair was long like Statics but hers was natrually black and her eyes also looked black,her skin was more tanned then the others, not because of the desert weather but because she was from the philippines but she moved to england where she met the others,they all moved to america to go to university but the war started they've been here ever since.
Then finally there was Voltage Venom she had teal eyes and pale pink lips her hair was a darkish brown ,the top was straight but as you got futher down it went into large elegant curls it came down to about her waist she dident have the heart to cut it.She wore some dark blue skinny jeans and a turquoise top,her leather jacket was a bright green it was almost neon and had zips at the end of the sleeves she was the only one without boots instead she had some black sparkly converse which she took care of very well,around her neck was her most treasured possesion a necklase with a lightning bolt that her mother had given her.
And the thing they all had in common was they all had their hands on their guns looking at kobra,party,ghoul and jet warily.
Here we go.

Kobra POV

We all sat in a circle and started to plan but my eyes were fixed on Voltage venom,she was beautiful and from what i had heard she was sweet,considerate and funny and like me very shy and awkward.I found that i couldent tear my eyes away from her.
Oh shit,i had only just got with Pandora and i was already crushing on one of her friends i am such a bad person.
"Have i got something on my face?"Voltage asked
""i said confused why she asked that
"then why are you staring at me?"she asked looking creeped out
"Uh...i wasent,i was just daydreaming"i said blushing
"oh okay"she said smiling before turning back to a slightly amused looking static.
this is gonna be a long night.
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