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We all have to say goodbye

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Lol static convince voltage kobras gay.and poor ghoul and poison being split up.

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Kobra POV (still)

I felt bad about last night,me and Pandora had just got together and i had spent the whole night ignoring her and paying attention to Voltage ,in the end she had given up and walked over to Static and radio who were messing around with the cars,leaving me alone to talk to Voltage.I knew Pandora had noticed my obsession with Voltage and seemed upset by it ,when i had talked to Radio about it she told me it had happened before and it had broken Pandora but in the end Voltage killed the guy because he had been working for Korse,but that dident make me feel any better know i was hurting Pandora made me sad but i couldent stop thinking about Voltage and that made me feel like such a prick.
"Hey"came a soft female voice,i spun round and spotted Static smirking at me,humor sparkling in her eyes.
"Oh hey"I said without enthusiasm,Static was the only one i hadent talked to and from what i heard from the others she was sarcastic,cynical and mocked people alot and was very morbid and sadistic and took great joy in people pain and embarrasment which is why i wanted to stay away from her as i got embarrased easily.
She must have seen my shoulders slump because she rolled her eyes and laughed before talking.
"Hoping i was Voltage?"She question,her eyebrow raising slightly
"NO"i shouted quickly which of course only made her statement more true.
"Are you sure ,you seemed pretty cosy with her last night"she said smiling,but it wasent a nice smile,it was an evil one that made me believe she was planning something.
"I just like her as a friend"i mumbled
"Sure you do"she said her voice heavily sarcastic
"I do,i love Pandora"I persisted although now i was trying to convince myself,not this girl who seemed to think it was fun making me uncomfortable.
"Hmmm,you know something Kobra,it is possible to fall in love with two people,I can see you care for Pandora but you also care for Voltage and you dont know who to stay with,so heres some advice.Stay with Pandora okay,she loves you and is so happy to be with ,you whereas Voltage only counts you as another guy friend she isen't intrested in being anything other then your friend.So lets save you and Pandora the heartbreak and forget about this whole i like voltage thing because you'll just end up hurting people.I know it may seem like im doing this for you,but im not i dont know you and honestly i dont care about you ,but i care about voltage and Pandora and if you hurt either of them i gonna beat your ass up and tie you to the back of my car and drive round the desert really fast,do you understand"she said seriously no hint of that mocking smile or teasing tone.
"I understand"i said knowing she was right.
"Good cause you seem alright i'd hate to have to beat you up dude"she laughed all seriousness gone again,we both looked over at voltage and smiled before turning back to each other.
"seriously though dont hurt them"she repeated before bidding me farewell and running over to Voltage to help out with the car.

Pandora POV

I ground my teeth in frustration and anger,i dident know what Static was saying to Kobra but i knew it was something to do with voltage because they kept looking over and smiling at her.I knew what static was trying to do,she was trying to get Voltage and Kobra together.Static and Voltage were like sisters and would do anything for each other which meant if me and Voltage both wanted Kobra ,static would help voltage not me ,and that meant i would lose ,static made everything happen her way and that scared me .I had only just got kobra i dident wanna lose him cause voltage thought she deserved him more.

I felt an arm slip round my waist and i froze when i realised who it was.
"Hey"he said .
I forced a smile,i dident want him knowing i figured out what him and static were talking about.
"Hey,what were you and static talking about a second ago?"i asked.
I looked at him to see his reaction,and i watched desperation cross his face while he tried to come up with a good excuse before he smiled and answered me.
"Oh you know,the plan"he said gently pecking me on the lips.
"okay"i smiled and knew he was lying because he had been to distracted last night to catch what the plan was.

Static POV

I walked over to Voltage and smiled at her before i went to work packing the car for our journey to zone 6.
"What were you and Kobra talking about?"she asked and at that i grinned .
"Oh we were talking about the movies we liked to watch when we were normal"she said smiling.
"Oh,what were he's?"she asked ,at this i grinned wider ,this was my way to stop any intrest in Kobra kid blossoming.
"Balls of glory"I said plainly
"What the fuck is that,i've never even heard of it"she said laughing slightly at the name.
"Oh its gay porn"i said putting a sleeping bag in the boot.
"Why does he watch gay porn?"she asked looking seriously confused.
"Because he's gay...dident you know that"i said,pulling of a shocked face
"Um no i thought he was with pandora"she said looking seriously shocked
"Nope their just really close friends"i said grinning from ear to ear at the fact i had convinced her he was gay.

Soon enought the car was packed and we we're ready to go.I walked to the shed and knocked gently on the door and waited patiently for them to open it.Sure enough only a few seconds later the door was opened by party poison,i could tell he was praying we werent leaving yet but at the same time hoping we were so he could get the cure.
"Poison,we're going now you need to bring ghoul to the car"i said
I watched his face drop and his shoulders slump "okay we'll be over in a minute"he said
I nodded gently and walked back to the others who were all talking with each other,i stood silently ,feeling bad for poison and ghoul,i knew how they felt but at least they'd see each other again,me and transmission monster got split up and never saw each other again and i hadent been the same ever since that day.We all looked up when we saw poison and ghoul walking over looking heartbroken and i knew everyone felt bad for them.
"Im ready"ghoul said
I nodded and opened the car and jumped into the drivers seat,Voltage got in beside me and Vintage got in the back while Radio waited to help ghoul into the car.Poison turned to ghoul and started talking both of them had tears falling down their faces i caught a few "love yous"and "well see each other again"this brought unwanted memories of me and transmisson back.Soon they were caught in a passionate kiss and i had to look away it hurt to bad.Finally they broke apart and ghoul got in the car with radio and looked sadly at poison who also looked sadly back.This was going to end badly i could tell.

Voltage POV

Kobra came to the window to say goodbye and i hugged him.We both smiled at each other before he backed away from the car still smiling ,as the car started to pull away i noticed three things.Kobra was still waving and smiling at me.That jet was picking a sobbing Poison of the ground.And the oddeset one pandora was full on glaring at me and thats whats scared me.I ignored her and waved at kobra smiling.I always wanted a gay friend.
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