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Meet Darkstar

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So Ghouls in a coma,and we've met the undercover agents and OMG they found the secret labs :)

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Static POV

It had been two days since we had left Pandora and the others and Ghoul was getting worst.It was only after he resorted to sticking his head out of the window to throw up a ton of blood that I sped up to a seriously dangerous speed ,so I knew if I had to stop suddenly I wouldent be able too.I'd most definatley crash.As bad as I felt for Ghoul who looked like he was gonna drop unconcious at any second ,I couldent contain my excitement.We hadent seen Dr.D in a while and he was like everyones dad but what I was most looking forward too was show pony.
We had radioed D at the beginning of the day to tell him we'd be arriving today,and he told me show pony was there and was staying the night I couldent wait to see pony he was one of my closest friends and had helped me after Transmission died,and lets not forget I knew show pony before the war too,because he used to date Vintages sister before he finally realised he was gay,he loved been called show pony and even before the war we had to call him that instead of Ross,he was alot of fun to be around he had also promised me he'd teach me how to skate,which is why when I saw the diner come into view i smiled wide and sped up even faster to get there he we go.

Poisons POV

We had split up two days ago and it was killing me,I missed him so much and i couldent handle been away from him.I was hiding my misery away from the others ,they dident suspect a thing.My plan was simply to get in,get the cure and then get out as quickly as possible so i could save Ghoul,there would be no hanging around to look at BL/ind plans.
Jet had told us there was a killjoy living in battery city,feeding information to Dr D ,and Jet had managed to convince her to let us stay at her house while we tried to get into BL/ind headquaters.I was worried about getting into battery city I dident see how we could,but apparently,the undercover killjoy had a tunnel that leads to her basment in the centre of battery city.


We had finally reached the access point Adrenalin dancer (the so called undercover agent)had said she'd meet us at.There was no one in sight so with a sigh I resorted to spontaneous planking ( A/NJenna marbles:) )i had been lying there for about ten minutes with the sun frying the back of my neck,when I heard a small timid voice come from next to me.
"Um...what are you doing"The small voice asked.
I rolled over onto my back and i looked up to see a young girl of about 10 years old,dressed in brightly coloured clothes,with long feathery blonde hair and large blue eyes you could swim in that sparkled like sapphires,with a tanned face staring down at me confusion etched on her face as she stared at me lying on my back in the sand.
"Spontaneuosly planking"I mummered tiredly
"Jenna marbles?"she questioned a smirk rising to her small face
" are you adrenalin dancer?"I asked,she looked to young to be an undercover killjoy.
She let out a small girlish giggle at that "no ,im darkstar detenator,im her little sister,she sent me to come get you because she had to go to work"she said blankly.
"Work?"i questioned,raising my eyebrows
"yer well her fake work anyway,in better living industries headquaters,thats how she gets all that information and thats how shes gonna get you in"Dark star said with a sweet girly smile
"Oh,cool,well we better get going then shouldent we?"i said smiling at the girl as i pulled myself off the ground.
"Yer we should"she agreed looking suddenly distracted.

After rounding up the guys and quick introductions she led us into a hidden tunnel.We walked for about an hour before we met some stairs and a trap door which Darkstar led us through into a colourful but dimly lit basement.
Their were three beds and some sleepingbags,a radio,a T.V and a few paintings and a nice carpet with a sofa,it was the most luxary i'd seen in about 13 years.
"Well say hello to your temporary home"Darkstar chimed from behind me,I turned round to see Darkstar pulling on some bright red earphones and blanking me out with the music she had turned on full blast.
I smiled at the room,until i realised why we were here in the first place and instantly felt sick.


Later on in the night Adrenalin Dancer came back,she seemed pretty cool although tired out,but im not surprised been stuck in this city with no colour ,with no music,no fun im sure it would tire you out.She told us that Darkstar was never aloud outside the house in batterycity,but alot of the time Show Pony was around and him and Darkstar would go into the desert to have some fun,she said she dident want Darkstar in school because the food would be laced with drugs but she was homeschooled so when the war was won she would have an education.

After introductions and small chat she told us that she had already planned everything out and that tommorow we would go into BL/ind and get the cure.So that night when i lay in that comfy bed and let my eyes close i smiled because by the end of tommorow i would be able to save Ghouls life.And with that thought i drifted into a peaceful sleep.

Radio's POV

We were all worried sick about Ghoul only minutes after arriving at the diner he had fell unconcious and uncle D was sure he had slipped into a coma and wouldent wake up until he had the cure in his bloodstream.
I was starting to doubt Pandoras plan,she had just went into battery city with no real plan then other to get into the labs and find the cure,you dont just simply walk into the headquaters how were they going to save Ghoul if they caught.
And thats when the idea struck me and a smile hit my face as i told everyone my amazing plan.


"Dont you find it odd that theres just random sheds all over the desert?"Vintage asked looking at the shed like it was gonna bite her head off or something.
"Yer,but their here we cant do anything about it,i mean i wouldent have stopped if it wasent for the fact voltage needed to pe...."I said but was rudely cut off by Voltages high voice
"GUYS I FOUND A DOOR"she screamed
"Congratulations on finding a door"i said mockingly
"NO i mean like a trap door"she said,catching my attention.
Sure enough there it was right under the bench that Voltage had moved was a trap door,which brought another question to my mind.
"Voltage why were you moving the bench?"i asked slowly scared of the answer as Voltage and Static had a habit of doing weird things that made no sense.
"I dropped one of my rullets (A/N lol its ray bullets,rullets get it ....yer i know crap jk but oh well)"she said quickly looking excitedly at the door
"Oh okay what now"i asked,although i already knew the answer.
"We go check it out of course"Vintage said her eyes gleaming with the thought of adventure.I sighed i knew we'd end up going through it this reminded me of alice in wonderland.

One by one we desenced down the ladder and up the dark tunnel to a door,we pushed the door open and gasped at the sight infront of our eyes.

BL/ind labs,we're hidden under the very desert we were living on the whole time and we had lost so many killjoys trying to find it and it was right under our noises and then everything clicked and i understood how the korse and the draculoids did it.
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