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Lost in a maze

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So the guys have found disco and bee and oh no have static and the others got caught?

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Pandoras POV

"so this is basically how its gonna work,im going to give you the draculoid outfits which youguys are gonna change into,then i'll lead you down to the top security cells where you'll fine Bee destroya and Disco dynamite.When they are free i'll lead you to BL/ind labs where Pandora will lead you to the cure which will save Ghouls life.Once you have the cure you will come back upstairs and meet me at your office where i'll lead you back to my basement where you can go through the tunnel back to your car in the desert,okay any questions?"Adrenalin explained,when she asked if there was any questions we all shook our heads.
"Okay lets go"Poison said
We all nodded and got into the draculoid outfits and followed Adrenalin outside the house and into battery city,it was exactly how i remembered it.Perfect.

Poisons POV

The inside of battey city was different to what I expected,there were no draculoids about at the moment,there was no scarecrow,nothing to put anyone in danger.I looked around at the plain white houses that seemed to taunt me.They were all large houses with immaculate lawns and everything was clean.I saw a school up ahead and kids were walking into it.I could imagine me and Ghoul here with a kid we adopted,living a good happy life.I was starting to wonder if maybe we had chosen the right side to fight for maybe we were the bad guys.But then i saw the goofy smiles and blank eyes and knew we were the good guys not BL/ind.

We walked for anouther 20 minutes before we finally arrived at BL/ind,before we could go in Adrenalin lead us to a public bathroom so we could all get changed.Me,jet and kobra were all wearing typical draculoid uniform,whereas Pandora was wearing a buisness suit like Adrenalin because she was a girl.Pandora had been forced to wear tons of make up and a wig so she dident look anything like her usual self.
Finally we left and headed to the main entrance of the headquaters and Adreanlin walked us right inside and to the front desk.Behind the desk sat a pale but pretty woman,she had long ginger hair pulled back into a ponytail,and blue eyes sadly they were dull and she also had that goofy smile on her perfect face and it killed me everytime I saw it.
"Morning miss Lockheart"the girl behind the desk said politely in a monotone voice
"Morning Jessica,I need you to cancel my first two appointments,as im showing the new girl around"Adrenalin said plainly her eyes dull with a stupid smile on her face.
I looked over at Pan who was also pulling the face perfectly.
"Of course miss Lockheart will you be needing anything else?"she inquired
"Yes I also need passcards for these new Draculoid soldiers and Miss Kelly so they can get around"she said simply
"What level do you need?"the woman asked
"Level five please"she answered
"of course one second"she said before quickly typing on her laptop,a few seconds later she reached under her desk and pulled out four pass cards and handed them to us.
"Thank you Jessica"Adrenalin said with a nod
"Enjoy you day,and remember keep smiling"when she said that i wanted to snap her neck but i knew i couldent it would only end in disaster.

Adrenalin lead us through a maze of hallways and doors before finally reaching a large metal one with high security written on it.
"this is the high security prison cells,I warn you there are other killjoys in here you only take Disco and Bee if you take all of them we're screwed,got it"adrenalin said.
We all nodded ,i knew non of us wanted to leave behind fellow killjoys but we were on a misson we had to get in and out as quickly as possiable.
Adrenalin opened the door and led us in.
I noticed Jet was lagging behind so i dropped back to see what was wrong with him.
"Whats wrong Jet?"i asked concern lacing my voice
"You know static and i were really close back at camp"he said uneasily
"yer"i said slowly
"we'll the thing is,when i disappeared for those six months i was in here with Static locked up and ,well we're kinda a couple ...we dident tell anyone,she had a boyfriend before me Transmission monster,he died a few months before me and her met and well things kinda took off and well then we broke out and she went back to her base and i came back to you guys but we kept in touch over the radio and the thing is poison,i love her so much and im scared that if i tell her she's going to be targeted by korse just like he targets ghoul because you and ghoul are dating"he said in a rush of words
I was stunned into silence i haden't suspected a thing ,how did i not realise.
"Listen jet,when we get out of this place you tell static exactly how you feel because trust me it will be worth it i swear"i said with a smile he couldent see.
"really?"he asked
"Really"i answered
He nodded and we carried on following them until we reached one cell in particular.
"Are you ready to see your friends?"Adrenalin asked with a smile,we all nodded and she unlocked the cell and we all froze in shock at what we saw.There was Bee Destroya with a heavily pregnant woman with long brown hair and Hazel eyes and tanned skin.
"What do you want?"bob snarled standing protectivly infront of Disco.
Then i did something really stupid ,i pulled of my mask revealing my true identity.Bee's face turned from one of anger to one of shock.
"Poison"he gasped,then he leaped at me and pulled me into a bone crushing hug,as tears fell down both of our faces.

Suddenly alarms went off and a loud monotone voice started talking.
We all looked at each other in shock before running after adrenalin who was heading towards level ten,i prayed they were all going to be safe and then it hit me...who was with ghoul?this caused me to speed up.
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