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Who are these two girls?

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Should I continue?

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It's quite short and I dunno where I am going with this but should I continue or not?

Gerard's POV
Amy & Emily. Two girls who have begun to play a huge part into my life and the lives and Frank and Mikey as well. Well, more of fitting themselves back into Frank's life. Frank knew Amy and Emily in his old school. Over a period of about 2 weeks they have fit themselves into our complicated lives, and I'm not complaining.
Amy, or Amii as she likes to be called is an extremely laid back girl who has short black hair with a purple blocked side fringe and brilliant blue eyes which sparkle in the sunlight which are laced with black eyeliner. She has a bright purple lip stud and she often bites it when she is worried or curious about something. If I wasn't so crazy about Frank she would be my ideal girl. She plays the drums and may I say, she plays them fucking awesomely.
Emily, or Emii as she likes to be called is Amii (not so) twin sister. They are two very different girls. Emily used to go out with Frank and when I found out, I honestly don't know how to begin to explain how I felt.

Should I continue or not?

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