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I have no hope

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Because I am gonna write in small bits and update when I am at school due to no pc at home, I'mma update this chapter instead of starting a new chapter each time. I don't know if you get notifications when I UPDATE a chapter so check back here every few days :)

Gerard's POV still

I honestly don't know how to being to explain how I felt. My heart dropped when Mikey told me that Frank used to go out with Emii. I felt crushed. Completely and utterly crushed.I guess that means that I have no hope with Frank. I have to accept that, I still have the tiniest bit of hope that Frank'll like me though. It'll probably never happen. Frank isn't gay like me. He isnt a complete freak like me. But I can see why Frank liked Emii.
She has scruffy black hair down to her shoulders and hazel eyes. Unlike Amii, she is less laid back and more bubbly and loud. But they are both really understanding.
Amii knows I like Frank, All thanks to Mikey's big mouth. And since the two girls don't keep secrets with each other, I think Emii knows too. But I trust them to keep a secret.

"Gerard!" Mikey said, waving his hands in front of my eyes. "Daydreaming about Frank again are we?"
"Shhh" I said, glancing over at Frank who was looking at t-shirts.

We were in HMV because Frank wanted a new band shirt. Me and Mikey were looking at the CD's. Amii & Emii where at the films section, picking out a film for tonight's movie night. It's probably gonna be scary.

It was Friday and we were all sleeping round Amii & Emii's house because it was half term. Mine and Mikey's parents wanted us out of the house. I don't even want to begin to think why but the girls parents were out of town and so they suggest we all sleep round theirs. I was half excited, half scared about what would happen tonight. I knew where Frank stood with scary movies. He was a huge wuss. He liked scary films, well loved them actually but they had a huge affect on him and he usually hids under the cover for the most of the film. Amii said this was my chance to score with Frank but I wasn't sure. I guess we'll just have to wait until tonight.

R&R what you think :) And I'm not that good with films so if you guys can suggest a few scary films so I can include the title of the film in the next chapter please :)
Thanks for reading xD

Next Chapter: Movie night, what will happen?
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