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American Girl Chapter 15

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Right, this is really short and I'm sorry for that guys. But I can't think straight, I'm out of ideas and I just dunno where this should go... I'm gonna leave you with this and have a day or two off from writing and then try again. Sorry guys:(

"Come on, we're going to the park!" Zaria grinned, walking back into the house.

"Are you sure thats a good idea?"

"Yep, and then we're dropping Jay, Jodie and Kalista off at the airport." Gerard said.

"WHAT?!" Zaria yelled.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not having them here. You've not seen them in years, you dunno if they're the ones who told Thomas where you're staying. I'm sorry, we can't risk it Zaria." Gerard sighed.

"No way Dad! That's not fair!"

"Well I'm afraid thats what is happening."

"Can't they stay until we leave on tomorrow?"

"I'll think about it,"

"That means no, doesn't it?"

"No, it means I'll think about it. Come on, lets get going." Gerard said.


"No buts Zaria, get your stuff and get Bandit and we're going." Gerard snapped. The rest of the family started gathering their things and children and heading out to their cars.

"Who's car are we going in?" Zaria asked, Bandit on her hip and her fingers entwined with Jay's.

"Put Bandit in my car, and you can go in the car with Alicia. Jodie and Kalista can take their own car." Frank said.

"Alright," Zaria smiled, fastening Bandit into her car seat and kissing the girls forehead. "Loves you B," She said, making the toddler giggle.

"Come on baby," Jay laughed as they climbed into the car with Mikey and Alicia.

"What CD d'yah want?" Mikey asked.

"Got any Eminem?" Zaria asked.

"What?" Mikey said,

"Eminem... He's a rapper, from Detroit; yinno, has the alter ego Slim Shady?" Zaria said.

"Why the hell would I have Eminem?"

"He's good..." Zaria shrugged, "Hmm... Stick Danger Days on,"

"Alright, that's better." Mikey grinned, pushing the CD in. "Look alive sunshine!" He grinned, as it started. Zaria just laughed, and cuddled into Jay.

"You alright baby?" He whispered to her.

"Yeah, I'll explain later." She replied,

"Mkay," He mumbled. Once they were at the park, Zaria pulled out her camera and started taking photos of her friends and family.

"Jayzus girl, you've still got it;" Kalista laughed, flicking through the photos.

"Well yinno, I'm just talented," Zaria laughed.

"You sure are kiddo, these look almost professional!" Gerard grinned.

"Thanks Dad," Zaria smiled. After another hour or so of playing in the park, Jamia suggested they go get some more coffee from Starbucks.

"I was thinking we could get McDonalds instead?" Gerard grinned.

"Dad, I fucking love you." Zaria laughed,

"Let's go then," Gerard laughed, as they rounded everyone up and headed back to the cars.
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