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American Girl Chapter 16

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The Irish leave, and Zaria is moved to the 'safe house'. Frank takes everyone out for pizza :)

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Hey! I'm back... I think:) The summary is a bit confusing but you'll hopefully understand when you read it. I have evil plans in mind. Very evil. But don't blame me; you're gonna have to blame my good friends Adam and Julia. They read the story and gave me evil ideas, mwahahaha! Anyway, enjoy.

Gerard had allowed the Irish guests to stay until Monday. He could see how happy Zaria was, and after that weekend she was gonna be in hiding for months. How could he deny her a little bit of happiness? He was kind of looking forward to spending the next week with Zaria. They hadn't really had much time to bond, she was always hanging around with Mikey, Frank Ray or one of the 4 wives. He was gonna miss Bandit for that week he was with Zaria, but he knew he wouldn't see her for one week and then see her for 7 whereas Zaria mightn't see Bandit for many months. Sure, he would take the kids to visit her; but not often. It wasn't safe. By now, it was 11 am on Monday and Zaria was packing a weeks worth of clothes. Then who ever came next week would bring her another week worths until they had all her stuff.

"Come on sweetie," Gerard sighed, walking into her room.

"It's not fair."

"I know, but in order to keep you and the rest of us safe; it has to be done."

"Can't I just stay here?"

"No, honey. Thomas knows where you are here; at least at this other place he won't."

"I hate this. I wish they'd just kill me and have done with it."

"Don't say that."

"Why not?! It's the truth." She snapped. An hour and a half later they were at the new house. It was pretty damn big. Bigger than their own house, and it had a very old feel to it. After they had unpacked, Gerard asked what she'd like to eat.

"Salad would be nice," Zaria smiled.

"Alright, mind if I make some real food for myself?" He teased.

"I'm starting to go off this whole vegetarian thing," Zaria laughed, "So, I don't mind."

"What'd you mean?"

"I mean, I'm fucking dying for a bacon sandwich! I've not had one in 7 months." Zaria replied.

"Want me to make you a bacon sandwich instead?" Gerard asked. He could see Zaria considering the options.

"Yes." She nodded.

"Alright, two bacon sandwiches coming up." Gerard laughed.

"Brilliant," Zaria smiled.

"So, how did you actually end up in this mess?" Gerard asked. It was a question that had been bugging him since his dad told him about Zaria being under witness protection.

"Aunt Lene was involved with drugs, and Thomas was sent to collect; when she didn't pay up it was bye bye Aunt Lene and Chloe."

"Seriously? And how do they know you saw what happened?" Gerard asked.

"We had to go to court, in Norway, and we had to give statements of what we saw. Only we weren't protected; like behind a screen or anything. But we didn't have enough evidence against them so they were released." Zaria sighed, "Ever since, they've hunted me down."

"Wow... The sandwiches are done." He smiled, handing her one. "Ketchup?"

"Please." Zaria smiled. "Anything else you want to know?"

"You refer to Thomas as 'they', were there others?"

"Not when Lene and Chloe died. But he was/is working for a higher power. His name is Kylan."

"Hmm..." Gerard sighed, "Want some coffee?"

"Nah, coke would be nice though." Zaria smiled. "The kind you drink." She added.

"I knew that," Gerard retorted.

"Oh, sorry." Zaria said.

"It's okay," Gerard laughed, pulling a can of coke from the fridge and handing it to her.

"Thanks," Zaria smiled, opening it and taking a drink. "You know, you can just send me back to the home."

"No, you'll be an adult in a few years and they'd kick you out then so you're staying with us forever," Gerard laughed.

"Forever, seriously?" Zaria laughed, "I'm not 3,"

"I know, but it sounded funny." Gerard smiled, finishing his sandwich. "So, what'd you wanna do?"

"Movie fest?" Zaria grinned.

"I'll get the movies, you get the junk food." Gerard grinned. 10 minutes later they were sat with a huge pile of junk food on their laps, drinks on the side and a movie in the player.

"What movie did you pick?" Zaria asked, while texting Jay.

"Friday The 13th." Gerard replied. "And quit texting, you gotta pay attention to this."

"Fine." Zaria groaned putting her phone in her pocket.

"Don't complain, I could be making you play some of my favourite board games and then you'd have to put up with getting your ass well and truly kicked."

"Yeah, yeah; we can play them after the movie." Zaria laughed, taking a chocolate bar.

"Awesome," Gerard grinned, wriggling around to get comfortable. About 45 minutes into the film Gerard's phone went off and the two of them jumped.

"Who the fuck is that?!" Zaria asked.

"It's Frankie; he wants to know if we're gonna go out to dinner with them later tonight." Gerard said.

"Fucking bastard. He scared the shit out of me, but where are they thinking of going?"

"Pizza Hut apparently," Gerard said, "Shall we go?"

"Yep, gives me a chance to ask Mikey what your favourite board games are so I know if I'll be to beat you."

"Fair enough, shall we watch this movie and then start getting ready?"

"Yup," Zaria smiled, noticing that Gerard had paused the movie.

"Alright, I'll put my phone on silent this time," He laughed pressing play on the movie. When the movie ended, Zaria headed downstairs to her new bedroom. She'd decided she wanted the basement as her room seeings how at her original house she had the attic. She walked into the room and sorted through her bag to find a nice outfit. Then she showered and got dressed, she had picked out a Mindless Self Indulgence top, a short black skirt, skin coloured tights and blue converse. She quickly dried her hair, and straightened it for a change.

"Zaria! You ready to go?" Gerard yelled.

"Yeah!" She yelled back, walking up the stairs. "On the way back can we stop and buy a hair dye?" She asked.

"Um, yeah..." Gerard smiled. "What colour?"

"Purple." Zaria grinned.

"Awesome, lets go." He grinned, grabbing the car keys and walking out the house; locking the door behind Zaria. They soon got to Pizza Hut to find the others waiting for them.

"You invited Bob?!" Gerard said.

"Gee, thanks Gee." Bob muttered.

"Sorry Bryar, I just ain't see you in so long that's all." Gerard laughed, "How've you been man?"

"I've been great, I hope you don't mind I brought Emily with me." Bob grinned.

"Ah, you're Bob's niece aren't you?" Gerard smiled, as they were lead to a huge table at the back of the place.

"The one and only," Emily grinned. "And are you Zaria?"

"Yup," Zaria smiled, sitting down between Alicia and Emily.

"Awesome, Lyn-Z was telling me and Bob loads about you."

"Aww, really Mum?" Zaria laughed,

"Yep," Lyn-Z laughed.

"Hey baby, guess what colour Zaria is gonna dye her hair?" Gerard smirked.

"What colour?"


"Ooh! That's gonna look gorgeous!" Alicia and Lyn-Z grinned.

"I know!" Zaria laughed, as a waiter brought them the menus. That amused Zaria, surely in Pizza Hut you'd know what kind of pizza you'd want. It's not that confusing, it's only pizza.
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