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Part 1: The Party

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Gerard runs to Mikey, only to get an unpleasant shock.

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Part 1: The Party

Gerard was falling. He knew it was inevitable. He tried to brace himself. He looked up at the cause of his fall with wide eyes. Mikey. Mikey had pushed him. Gerard had just seconds ago, ran into their hotel room, sobbing. He had immediately tried to seek shelter in Mikey's arms. He collided into Mikey, embracing him. And Mikey pushed him. Why? They had had an argument days before. Yet it was small and petty, and Gerard could not even remember at the moment what they had been fighting about. Gerard had always seen Mikey as his protector, as Gerard was his. They were supposed to protect each other, no matter what.

Just hours before, Gerard had gone to a party. He had been going to these a lot, since Lindsey divorced him. Since she took full custody of Bandit. And tonight, he had been invited by none other than Bert McCracken, who he had, as of lately, become quite enamored with. Bert promised to show him a good time. Gerard probably should have known better than to trust him, with a remark like that, but he acted like he often was nowadays -- foolish.

He wouldn't deny he had developed somewhat of a schoolboy crush on Bert as of lately. He didn't want to think it was because he was vulnerable, or on the rebound. He told himself it could be a new beginning for him. Hell, he thought he might be done with women all together.

So Gerard had gone, giddy at the idea of seeing Bert and anticipating a good time. He remembered his band mate's accusing glares as he had left. None of them had been on good terms with him as of lately, really. Frank had been irate with him since he had begun talking to Bert again. Ray was ticked at him over mere artistic differences. So when he left that night, he had not gotten so much as a goodbye. And he was fine with that -- Gerard was nearly as ticked with them as they were with him.

Gerard had arrived at the party. There was a medium sized crowd. It was a house party, in a home somewhat far from the more populated area. Bert had greeted him, shoving booze into his hands immediately. And he drank, and he drank, and he drank.

At some point, Bert had started play fighting with him. Just a little roughing up, just like men often do. Bert insisted he was just a drunk as Gerard, so it was a fair match. But Bert just kept hitting him. Gerard asked him to stop. Gerard thought he felt his jaw break. Fearfully, Gerard realized Bert wasn't going to stop.

Once Bert had beaten him into the ground, a few more of Bert's friends joined in. They kicked at him. Punched him in the gut various times. They picked him up by his hair and threw him into things. They smashed his face into various objects. They joked to the watching crowd that it was the entertainment for the night. Like they had planned this.

All he could see and taste was blood and alcohol. When Bert and his friends left him for a moments time, conversing among themselves, Gerard had reached for his phone. He called Frank, he called Mikey, he called Ray. At least 2 times each. Frank he had called 3 times. But no one would answer. He knew they were just there, back at the hotel. He knew Mikey never left his phones' side for more than five seconds. Did they really hate him that much?

"The fuck is this?", Bert had asked, grabbing Gerard's phone and smashing it into a wall. The men were sneering, and Gerard knew he had angered them. "You've been bad.", Bert had laughed. "Bad boys ought to be punished."

They lifted Gerard off the ground and stripped him completely naked. Whistles and catcalls rang throughout the room. Suddenly, hands. Hands everywhere. What felt like hundreds of them. Groping and grabbing at him. Caressing his most private of areas. "No...wait....please...don't..." Gerard had slurred out. But no one heard him.

Then after, hands became tongues. Disgusting, slimy things licking every inch of him. Leaving horrid moist trails of spit all over him. After which, Gerard was forced to return the favors. An array of genitalia shoved into his mouth, female and male alike. He gagged and spat but they wouldn't let up. They beat him as they continued to molest him. They beat him until he wept. And then they mocked him for it.

Then came penetration. First by fingers. Then by the erect hardness' of the men around him. By women, objects like broken bottles. He could feel the blood running down his legs, mixing with his own sweat and the sweat of others that covered him and drenched him. He was pinned against walls, thrown against them. He was pinned down to the floor, and thrown upon them as well. He was thrust upon, feeling his pelvic area being battered and bruised.

They took turns with him. As everyone watched, jeering and sneering. Although some had not touched him, they ravaged him with their eyes. They humiliated him none the less. And that was really all the whole night was put into one word: humiliation. Pain was a huge factor in it as well, but somehow that only came second.

Gerard thought he remembered screaming Frank or Mikey's name at some point. In some weird, desperate, delusional attempt to call for help that he knew would never come. Bert had laughed at him. "Do you really think they're coming to save you? They fucking hate you now. They don't give a shit about you. As a matter of fact... well... let's just say this whole thing may have been inspired by an idea of theirs..."

"You're lying." Gerard had hissed. But he remembered his neglected attempts to call them, and doubt stirred at the pit of his stomach.

They had continued on for hours. When they had finally finished him off, when they all had had their fill, Bert and another man threw him out into a grassy knoll not too far off. Bleeding and mangled, he laid there helpless for what felt like ages. The whole while, he only wished he could go home. To his bandmates. His friends. His family. Finally, a car had driven up. Gerard saw with fear that it was a man from the party. But the man was gentle. He picked Gerard up, and took him to the car, where he offered him clothes. The man had taken pity on Gerard, and asked him if he wanted to go to the hospital. Gerard asked to go home to Mikey. The man asked him if he was so sure that was a good idea, remembering what Bert had said. Gerard insisted, and the man had agreed.

And that brings us back to where we are now. As it had been said before, Gerard had ran into Mikey's arms, only to be pushed away. And as Gerard fell to the ground, he could feel his heart break far worse than it had ever been.

He crashed on the floor, all his trust shattering along with himself.
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