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Part 2: Voicemail

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Frank, Mikey, and Ray realize something is amiss.

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A/N: So I'm not sure what this is going to be. Right now, I don't feel like there's a lot of places for this story to go. So I doubt it'll be a series like "Pretty Eyes" or "I Have No Mouth". But none the less, it's still something. Let's call it... a bundle of one shorts revolving around a particular event? I don't even know haha. But keep note that I have no idea where this is going to stop. Could stop here for all I know.

Part 2: Voicemail

Frank was definitely having a strange night. First Gerard had left without saying a word to them. Considering, they weren't exactly on nice terms, but you know, he could've at least told them where he was going at 11 at night. So when they all got these frantic calls from Gerard about an hour later, they scoffed and let it go to voicemail. If he couldn't take the time to tell them where he was going, they supposed they couldn't take the time to answer his phone calls. "Probably just wants us to pick him up because he got too drunk." sighed Mikey. Well, they definitely wouldn't be bothered to do that.

Then, a couple of hours after that, he had gotten three text messages from number's he didn't even recognize. Text messages that said things like "Fuck you, you sick fucks." and "You think that shit was funny? No one deserves to be raped. Rot in hell." When he responded back with "What the fuck are you talking about?" to each of them, he had gotten nothing back. He had shown them to Mikey and Ray, who were both just as puzzled as he.

So then when Gerard just bursted into their hotel room hours or so after, collapsing into Mikey, Frank was really alarmed. Even more so when Mikey pushed him to the ground --- out of shock or disgust, Frank wasn't sure.

"Oh, get up, you drama queen." Mikey sneered down at his brother. Gerard groaned, face down on floor.

"Holy shit dude, I think he might actually be hurt." said Ray, getting up from the couch next to Frank to go examine the scene. Gerard had started sobbing with steadily increasing volume. Mikey's face seemed to struggle to keep its irritated look, slowly turning into a concerned one.

Ray went to Gerard's side and turned him over. What they saw earned a cry of alarm out of all of them. Gerard was covered in injuries and bruises. Visible blows that could in no way have resulted from a simple fall to the floor.

"HOLY FUCK, GERARD WHAT HAPPENED?!?" Mikey got down on his knees to meet his brother, completely losing all cool.

Frank's heart pounded in his chest. He felt like he was walking in slow motion, but in reality he sped over as fast as he could. What the hell was happening now? He reached Gerard and tried to examine the damage. He ordered Ray to get him a couple of ice packs as he elevated Gerard's head.

Mikey was kneeling on the floor, his hand over his mouth, feeling extremely shaken. There was no way he could have done this. No way. Gerard wouldn't stop crying. Stop fucking crying, dammit! Please stop crying... it makes the guilt so much worse...

But no one was paying attention to Mikey. Ray was panicking. Frank was trying to calm Gerard down. After a moment, Frank sort of froze. His hand had been supporting Gerard's head from the back for some time now, and he paused and removed it. Getting a good look at it, Frank's eyes went wide to see that it was blanketed in blood. It had blended in with Gerard's red hair dye. He finally turned his fearful expression to Mikey and said "We have to take him to the hospital."


Gerard lay on the hospital bed, hooked up to an assortment of things. The damage the physician read off to Mikey was unbelievable. Three broken ribs, a broken sternum, a broken ankle, a broken mandible bone, and a heavy amount of internal bleeding. Not to mention several lacerations all over his body. He would require several surgeries to get him stable again. Mikey sat with Gerard as the physician explained this to him, and Gerard was hesitant to signed the informed consent he was given. Mikey insisted that Gerard take the treatment, perhaps still feeling guilty about earlier. Yet Gerard seemed wary of Mikey. He would flinch when Mikey reached out to touch him. It was quite unsettling.

Gerard eventually did sign the forms, and all that was left after that was to figure out: what happened? It was on everyone's minds. Gerard was refusing to divulge. Gerard had been given some painkillers in the meantime, and they eventually lulled him into a slumber. The boys left him to it and went out into the cafeteria. They were on the 8th floor that was strictly for celebrities and victims of severe crime, so they were unable to go down into the rest of the hospital.

It was when they took their seats with nothing more than waters, as no one could fathom eating at the time, that Frank noticed something on his phone.

"He left a voicemail." Frank announced to the rest of them. They had nearly forgotten about the calls they had all gotten from him earlier that night. He looked around to see if anyone else was nearby, but luckily the place was desolate. He put the phone on speaker and had it dial voicemail.

First, they only heard breathing.

A strange, panting noise.

Finally a voice. Gerard's voice. He was sobbing.

"...Frankie?" it started off hesitantly, high pitched, before pausing to sob some more.

"....Frankie.... please help me....I'm at Bert's.....I....."

More sobbing.

"...I think they're going to kill me, Frankie..... please come get me..... I don't wanna die Frankie, I don't wanna die...."

His cries became more and more hysterical.

"...please Frankie, I'm sorry.....I'm sorry.... please, I'm begging you.... help me...I'm so scared....Fr ---- AGHHH! AGHHHHH!!!"

Then another man's voice, a familiar voice was heard.

"The fuck is this?" it bellowed loudly. Gerard could still be heard screaming, terrified in the background. There was a strange crushing noise. Silence. And then the pleasant female voice of the phone, asking if them if they would like to return the message sender's call.
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