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Chapter 11

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Gay unicorns,spongebob and The Hangover

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I stood carefully on the chair, trying to get the best look possible, but even still my view was very limited. I had been trying all sorts of different gymnast like moves in the mirror to hopefully get a look at the god awful mark that Way had put on me. Bob had asked if Gerard had mentioned it during our encounter and since then it has become the only thing on my mind. Even I have to see what it looks like.

"Ohhh C'MON! Why couldn't he put it on my arm like Bob's!" I said craning my neck. It was no good, I had only been able to see bits and pieces of it for the past hour. Suddenly, there was a knock on the bathroom door.

"HEY LILY, I REALLY HAVE TO PEE!" Bob shouted outside the door. He'd been out there during the entire hour and about every two and half minutes he had shouted about his need to go. Sadly, there were only two bathrooms in this place. One in the hall next to the kitchen, but Alisha had locked herself in there while she was healing up her nasty cut, and this one, next to my room.

"Too ba-ad. You refuse to tell me what this thing looks like, so until I get to see it, you don't get to use this bathroom." I stated back to the door while doing a back bend and arching my neck. Still only a bit of it was visible, but not enough to tell me what it could be. I think Way did this on purpose, he knew it would drive me insane.

"LOOK! The area outside your room will never be the same!" Bob threatened. I flipped over on my hands, got to my feet, and then ripped the door open. A hand flew out, grabbed my upper arm, and threw me from the bathroom. Then just as fast, a blonde haired blur got into the bathroom and slammed the door closed.

"THERE IS A GOD!!" Bob yelled relief. Ew.

I ignored the nastiness of Bob and headed back down stairs and entered the living room. Kat and Alisha were watching the television on the couch with blank expressions.
"You guys look like you're having the absolute most briliant time of your lives." I said laughing.

"Technically we're both dead so the statement doesn't apply." Kat shrugged looking back at me. Alisha nodded in agreement, then she turned to me as well.

"Are we going hunting soon? I'm all healed up, and ready to fight. Bob should probably stay behind though. How's that gauze pad you taped to his neck holding up?" Alisha asked. I sat down next to her on the couch.

"It's working fairly well for now, I just hope the holes close up soon, I'm glad this didn't have some sort of psychological effect on him. I mean, if Brandy and Brenda became one of them and then tried to do that to me, well I'd probably be a wreck by now." I said thinking of how awful that would be. Brandy and Brenda were the only people I'd really had for a long time and to have them turn on me would be devastating.

"Yeah, that would suck balls, but you have to remember that it would suck for her too. Humans often forget that the vampires they leave behind have feelings too." Kat said glancing at me.

"Interesting. I'd never thought about that. I suppose you two and Pete are proof that not all vampires are bad, but it's still a hard idea for me to grasp. I think I should take my pent up confusion out on a few not so nice bloodsuckers." I said grinning. Kat and Alisha got excited looks on their faces. It was eight pm and soon it would be good time for the vampires to start coming out.

"Wait, what about Bob? We never decided what we were going to do about him. He can't hunt like that, you two are human, it takes you guys longer to heal from that kind of damage." Alisha said casting a worried look in the direction of the hall that leads to my bathroom.
"I can hunt fine," Bob stepped into the room. We all snapped our heads in his direction.
"I don't know Bob, after Gerard bit me, it took five days for the holes to close up enough that I felt it was safe to even consider hunting." I said feeling concerned. Bob shook his head.

"I'll be fine. Besides, I just got an important notice from one of the romance boys. Mikey says that we should go to Pete's mansion tonight and only tonight, if you ever plan on being with Brandy and Brenda again." Bob said his features completely serious. I sucked in a breath.

"He snuck into the bathroom?!" I squeaked.
"Yeah, he came in after I finished going to the toilet and choose to, like you, admire my own mark." Bob explained. I nodded and looked to Alisha and Kat.

"Do you guys want to come? I know that you two have no personal ties to the situation so you don't have to if you don't want to." I said trying to make sure they didin't feel like we were going to drag them into this.

"No personal ties? I need to be there to see the look on Toro’s face. I'm sure he isn't thrilled to know he got be beat by me and I let him off the hook." Alisha grinned. I smiled and looked to Kat.

"I don't have any personal ties to this situation but I now have personal ties to you guys. It would really suck if my new partner in free food were to have to face those fearsome boys alone," Kat smiled. I smiled back. Perhaps, with them by me, we had a chance.


Brenda's POV

I awoke with a startle as I looked around the dimly lit game room. Frank was standing over me poking my face.

"Wake up!! I was so freakin' worried that you might have gone into a coma, damn you sleep a lot!” I bitch slapped him "I'm fine. I just haven’t slept in a while." I said while sitting up and rolling my eyes. Frank let out a massive sigh, he must have been just as worried as he claimed. He visibly relaxed and sat down on a stool next to the couch. I noticed that Brandy was humming to herself on the other end of the couch .

"What did you dream about?" Frank inquired looking very curious. I thought about it for a moment, the dream was so odd and unlikely that I almost didn't want to tell him about it.
"I was with this gay unicorn and Spongebob. We were chatting about The Hangover. "Sounds like quite the dream," Frank's and Brandy’s faces held huge grins. I nodded.
"Yeah, it was....pretty. odd." I spoke out choppily.

“Are you two hungry??, we never did get that food for you guys, and that was last night, you were out for all the daylight hours." Frank stated changing the subject and my stomach grumbled, I think if I'm lucky, I'll starve here before they get the chance to do anything worse to me. Brandy and I looked at each other and nodded in unison.

"Well then, let's go hit the kitchen!" We stood up and walked to the door, then we waited for Frank, he was by us in the flash of a second. Then, he opened the door and we walked down the hall to the kitchen area. Mikey was making pancakes and Gerard was drinking some orange juice. I remembered something Frank and Brandy had done earlier during our game-athon and snickered. We had a round of prank games and one of mine was coming into play. Brandy and Frank noticed what had happened and stifled a giggle. Gerard glanced over at us.
"What?" He asked.

"Nothing, Way , you just keep drinkin' your lemonade."

"It's orange juice."

"They both come from your fridge." I shrugged and he gave me a weird look but continued to drink it anyway. Then Mikey glanced back at us.

"They drank straight from the carton and backwashed," he mentioned nonchalantly. Gerard froze. Then he did something that you only see in cheesy Saturday morning cartoons that you watch when you’re a kid, or if you're Brandy and I, every Saturday still. Gerard Way spit out his orange juice and it all nailed poor Mikey. Brandy, Frank and I proceeded to do what mature adults do, we laughed our asses off.

"OH MY GOD YES!!" I screamed in happiness.

"OKAY! OKAY! YOU TOTALLY DESERVED TO WIN THAT ONE!! I WON'T EVEN COMPLAIN THIS TIME!" Frank shouted up from the floor he was rolling on and Brandy was laughing hysterically leaning on the fridge for support . Gerard and Mikey didn't seem to find the humour in our joke and proceeded to get up and kick Frank repeatedly. This in turn, caused Brandy to laugh even harder and she accidentally fell over as her legs gave way and fell over Frank and landed on him and the boy's feet.

"OW! Your girlfriend's butt weighs a ton!" Gerard complained and pulled his foot out. I managed to calm myself and looked at the two.

"Serves you right for kicking Frank." I said.

"I disagree, he deserved your kicking for letting her ruin every drink in our fridge." Mikey chimed in.

"Hey! I'm not his girlfriend I’m hers, and Frank backwashed in the apple juice." Brandy said defiantly and stood up. Frank followed suit. Gerard went back to his seat and glared back and forth from his orange juice to me. I smiled innocently. Mikey grabbed the pancakes and set them in front of us.

"You," I told him as he gave me a plate, "are now my hero."

"Those are for me," Gerard said taking my love right out from me.

"You suck." I said making a face.

"Thank you Captain Obvious, generally that's what we vampires do." He said while stuffing his face with the golden pancakes that I had grown to love more than my ability to kick Frank's ass at video games. Then, however, Brandy did something wonderful. She pulled the plate right out of Gerard's hands and set it between us.

"Silly Gerard, pancakes are for kids." Brandy then proceeded to shove one in her mouth. I held in a laugh and did the same as did Frank. Gerard glared but it was hard to take it seriously because his cheeks were full of pancakes and he reminded one too much of a skinny squirrel. However, just as I swallowed and was about to comment on this, Ray walked in. He looked like hell to say the least.

"It's time to go, they should be arriving there soon." He mumbled out and then turned back down the hall. Gerard stood up and swallowed.

"Well let's go then." He went out the way Ray had and Mikey followed right behind. Frank swallowed his own pancake.

"Where is everyone going?" Brandy asked, no one said anything about going anywhere to us.
"To have the final showdown. We're going to see Lily." Frank explained and grabbed our arms, leading us down the hall and out the door.


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