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Mikey's here

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The Ways come to California to get away from Mikey's dreaded past. What happens when he meets the girls that will change his life? First story. Please R&R to tell me if it's good/okay/bad/terrible....

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Mikey's POV
Nothing really ever made sense in my world. I never had an actual friend, so I made I made it. Gerard was the only person who I ever told about it. My parents never would have seen what Gerard and I did in my world, no matter how much they tried. And when I started acting like I was there all the time, they started to worry. So they sent me here. To this hole in the ground called Calipatria, California.
It's not a pretty sight. A small town filled with about three thousand people. Bland and boring, nothing ever goes on.
I was sent here with Gerard, who as an 18 year old, could take me. And on the first day of school, well let's just say it went not as expected.
"MIKEY WAY!! Get your lazy ass up!" Gerard said as he jumped onto my small bed, almost making me fall of the bed.
I chortled and pulled the cover up over my head, "Until you make me coffee, I'm not moving!"
Gerard grabbed the end of the blanket and tugged until it came off, exposing my paleness to him, "Make your own damn coffee. Now get up, it's time for your first day at CHS!"
Ugh, I had been dreading it since I got here. I didn't have any friends in New Jersey, now I'll have even less friends as the new kid! I went downstairs and pulled the coffeemaker out of the cuboard. While it brewed, I ran back upstairs into my room and pulled in my skinny jeans and a Misfits shirt. I slipped on my arm band, my cap, and my black and white Converse while running down the stair to grab to coffee cup Gerard held out for me. He gave me a one armed hugged and smirked, "Have a good day!"
I grimaced and picked up my backpack, "Sure, like that'll happen." I opened the door and shut it, running down the driveway, past the row of small houses, down the street towards the new school I was sure to hate.
There was a large arch covering the gate. 'Calipatria High School' was branded into the arch. "Figures," I said and sighed and walked into the office. The secretary looked up from her files and smiled, "Well hi there! You must be the new student. Here's you schedule and your locker number and combination."
Suddenly, a girl, about 15 same as me, ran into the office, huffing and puffing, "HOLD ON!!!" She pulled out an inhaler and hit the button. She sighed and smiled at the secretary, "Sorry Miss Morrissey. I just ran from my house and I almost forgot that I was supposed to show um...."
Odd inhaler girl looked at me, "Oh! I'm Mikey Way." She smiled and laughed, "Mikey. I was supposed to show Mikey around."
Miss Morrissey gave her a reassuring look, "Well go ahead and take him to his classes. I'll see you some other time Mr. Way." I waved and followed odd inhaler girl out the door towards the lockers. I grabbed her shoulder and faced her, "So um.... hi. I'm Mikey Way. I just moved here and I really want some friends. Do you mind being my friend?"
She gave me a "Wow you're weird" look and I turned away, "Sorry, you don't have to talk to me ever again." I tried turning, but she grabbed my arm and giggled, "Of course I don't mind being your friend. You just seem so... courageous for openly asking. I find that really awesome. My name's Amber Mara. I guess... welcome to CHS, a not very happy place to be. But you'll fit in with me and my friends by your taste of music and your oddness."
We walked to my locker when the bell rang. She opened the one next to mine (guessing that was hers) and pulled out her math book. Algebra 2, which was the first class I had. I slammed my locker, trying to get it to close completely when three other girls ran up to Amber and covered her, "Amber hello!!!!"
I stared at the four hugging girls when Amber noticed me, "Guys, this is Mikey Way. He's the newest student here and he's got all my classes. I'm gonna show him around." They shook my hand and started introducing.
"I'm Ciarra. Loud and proud!" "Eli like E-l-l-i-e but spelled E-l-i." "Chanya."
We started talking about our interests when the bell rang. Amber grabbed my hand and pulled me to the class, and for the first time since I arrived, I was actually happy.
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