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Story Time with Mikey

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Hey guys, it's me. I am really glad some people reviewed it TheForgottenMCRmy and xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx thanks for being my first reader! It's makes me happy.

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Amber's POV
It was odd, having Mikey around when it used to be just us four girls. Not that I didn't love Mikey being there, he was so nice and sweet for putting up with our weirdness.
"Um... Amber. Where am I going? he asked, looking lost when I left him alone to get dressed for P.E.
I laughed and took his hand, pulling him towards the gym. Eli and Ciarra were already there, doing their usually nonsense.
"Do you have to flap around like a bird?" Ciarra asked Eli, who ran with her arms behind her like she wanted to fly. Eli stuck her bottom lip out, "Yes. Yes I do!" and continued running and flapping.
Mikey and I tried to contain our laughter when Ciarra ran over to her a smacked her on the head. "OWWWWW!!! You freaking person!!! What the hell was that for?!?!" Eli screamed, rubbing the spot that had been hit.
"Because you were being annoying!"
Eli lowered her head and began to whimper. Ciarra went over to her and gave her a giant hug, seeing as Ciarra was 7 inches taller than Eli, "I'm sorry love."
Chanya walked in behind us just as the continued their banter, "What'd I miss?"
Mikey turned his head slightly, still trying to see the two odd girls, "Cirra told Eli to stop flapping like a bird. She didn't so Ciarra hit her. Then Eli got sad and they made up."
"Oh, so I didn't miss anything. Good."
Mikey's POV
The day dragged on slowly, the only highlights being no one beat me up and I had four new friends, one of which had all my classes. Amber was cool, in that "Take no shit" attitude whenever someone yelled at her. She simply turned to me and we would continue whatever we were doing. I liked that.
When the bell rang, signaling the end of the long day, Amber and I walked out the gate to where the other girls stood. Ciarra smiled at us and said to Amber, "So are you coming to my house?"
"Yeah, my mom's working today. Mikey, which way do you live? You could walk with us if you wanted to."
I nodded and pointed in the direction of my house. Ciarra smiled, "Oh cool! That's on the way to my house. I live on the East side, past the tracks. C'mon, let's go."
The five of us walked down the street to Eli's house with her white picket fence She gave us all a hug, "Nice meeting you Mikey. I can already tell you're gonna fit right in with us. Bye guys love you."
Next was Chanya, who lived down the street from the large park, "Kay guys, my little brother and sister are here which means I have to actually go inside. I'll see you later, Ciarra and Amber. Bye Mikey." We waved and continued down the street to my house. They walked on both sides of me and Ciarra asked questions, "So Mikey, when did ya move here? Better question, WHY did you move HERE?"
Amber covered her mouth with her hand, trying to hide the small giggle that escaped from her lips. I sighed and almost didn't tell them the story, but gave up, "When I lived in Jersey, I didn't really have any friends and people beat me up for being like this. So I made this messed up little world in my head to escape from everything. I told my brother about it and we just hid in my room, living in my head. When my parents found out, you can probably tell they weren't happy with their boys being crazy.
"So they sent us here, to get better and when we did, we could go home. Ever since they found out, I've tried to shut my world away."
When I finished, there a few tears around the corners of my eyes. I looked away from the girls, "If you guys don't wanna hang out or anything ever again, it's fine." I tried walking away but they pulled me into a hug.
"Wow Mikey. I'm so sorry that happened. But it's okay now because you're with us and we've gotten through tough things in the past. I'm here and Ciarra's here. Chanya and Eli, too. We'll stick with you Mikey," Amber said, not letting go of me. Ciarra nodded and we all stood in the road, hugging and crying.
When we pulled apart, I wiped my eyes, "Thanks guys. You're the first people who ever said that, much less do it."
Ciarra waved her hand, "It's our job. We help out whoever needs it. You need a friend, we'll be there." I smiled and led them to my house, "Welcome to my humble abode. Gerard! Where the hell are you?"
I heard him from up the stair, "Up here! Hey hi! I'll be right down." We dropped our backpacks on my couch and I ran to the kitchen, eager for coffee.
"Hey Mikes, how was.... whoa. Two girls already? Man Mikey you are the ladies man," Gerard laughed as he pulled out two more cups, "Coffee, girls? Oh and I'm Gerard, Mikey's much better looking older brother." They nodded and introduced themselves, giggling.
I rolled my eyes as I poured for them and we all sat in the living room. Amber sat next to me and looked around, "I'm quiet jealous of your house. I wish it was mine."
I stared up at the ceiling with her, "Well once you live here, you wish you didn't." We laughed and heard Gerard start yelling, "Oh no! Come back here with my coffee! Ciarra!!"
She ran into the living room from upstairs where she and Gerard where looking at the house, "NO! I like your coffee! I'm gonna drink it!"
She did and Gerard's face filled with sorrow and he sank to his knees, "You evil person. See if I ever make coffee for you again." Amber sighed and stood, walking to Gerard and handing him her coffee, "Here have it. Just don't be sad." His face lit up, "THANK YOU AMBER!" and he cradled it in his hands. We all laughed and spent the rest of the girls time there trying to attack each other.
Amber's POV
I really like Mikey. I hope it doesn't sound to cliché (or however you spell it) but I do.
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