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Whatever It Takes 6

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Frank's POV:

There we were, sitting in his car. This was really freaky. I didn't even know him that well, and my heart was pounding so hard I thought it would jump right out of my chest.
He'd insisted on that the dude that he was with him would go back to his place while he drove me home. Who was that anyway? A friend of his? I got so jealous just thinking of it.
Okay, I'm insane! I just met Gerard! I don't know who he is or anything! And I wasn't crushing on him, I'm not fucking gay! He's just so cool and he's older, that's why I'm swooning all over him… and he's fucking gorgeous. NO! NO HE'S NOT! I had to stop thinking about it!
I didn't realize that I was staring at him until he talked.

"What the fuck are you looking at?"

"Um…nothin'. I'm just real tired. I guess I spaced out or something." Both true and false.

"Suure…so where's your place?" He asked, like he wanted me to go out of his car as soon as possible.

"Um…it's just about ten minutes from here, so don't worry, I'll be out of your sight in a couple of minutes. It's just left here and then to the right 2 times and then you're there."

"Okay good." Oh so charming. As always. I really should be hating this guy, but I just couldn't.

When we were there he actually walked me to my door, it was really awkward. He didn't say a word and I was real tense. I just hoped that my mom wouldn't see this, she would freak out. I had to come up with why I was about 2 hours early, fuck.
I really wanted to walk around for about 2 hours just to that I didn't have to lie.

"I think I'm gonna go for a long walk, I don't want to lie to mom why I'm early as shit."

"No you're not. You're gonna go in there and say that you didn't want to stay at your friends any longer."

"But I don't want to lie! And if I do that, she'll just ask a hundred questions about why I didn't want to stay!" That was his best plan? He really didn't care.

"Don't be such a baby."

"You're always treating me like one."

"That's because you're always acting like one. Now get in." Okay…now I was frustrated.

"Yeah, you're right. I won't bother you anymore. Night."

"Good. Night."

Oh my fucking GOD! He was so arrogant! I just want to kick him in the nuts! Goddammit!
I can't believe that I still want to talk to him, to see him…but I'd told him that I wouldn't.
When I came in, of course my mom asked me why I was so early. I just said that Oliver felt sick so I had to go earlier, and she totally bought it. My excuse was so much better than Gerard's.
I made my way to my bedroom, and I grabbed some clean clothes and then I ran to the bathroom to take a shower. I loved to shower, it helped me think, and I really needed one since I forgot to bring a towel to Oliver's.
When I came out from the bathroom I looked outside. Gerard's car was still there. Huh, weird. Is he stalking me? I decided to ignore it, I was to mad with Gerard to really care. I jumped in bed and decided to watch some TV before I went to sleep.

Gerard's POV:

I watched Frank slam the door shut. Was he pissed or something?
I walked towards my car, determined to go home as soon as possible.
I opened the door and sat down, and I started the motor. Why wouldn't it work?
Oh my god! Why didn't I check the gas meter before I drove Frank?! Fuck!
I had no money to take the subway, or to go and buy some more gas. Mikey didn't have a car. My parents were probably sound asleep. What the fuck was I going to do?!
I saw that Frank had looked down from his window, and that he'd seen me. I wondered what he was thinking, he'd looked weirded out. Oh great, he thinks I'm a stalker.
I knew what I had to do. Fuck.
I started to walk towards Frank's door, and then I pressed the doorbell. Oh sit.
A woman opened the door, and I assumed it was Frank's mom.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Frank's Mom, but I need to talk to Frank for a minute."

Why did she look so frightened and shocked?
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