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Frank's POV:

Gerard asked me to call Oliver as soon as possible; he clearly wanted to be alone. I knew I had to stop being so obsessed with him, but I just couldn't.
He was mostly a total dick, with no care about how others felt, but he still cared. I wanted to know more about him, he didn't seem happy.
Oliver freaked over the fact that I'd gone to Gerard's place instead of staying at the mall, I wanted to tell him about the incident, but it didn't feel right.
The only thing that felt okay was being with Gerard, he made me feel safe. Cheesy, right?
Oliver had asked me if I wanted to go out and to something later, but I didn't feel like it at all, and he was fine with that. We were watching some crappy TV show that Oliver loved when my phone beeped. I was mom. Texting me, amazing!

'Hey hun. How's it going?' I texted her and told her that everything was okay. It totally wasn't though. I was super freaked out about the whole "someone's stalking you" thing.

Just a couple of minutes later I got another text, and I assumed it was from mom, so I flipped the phone up and started to read.

'You okay?' It read. I thought I'd just told her that everything was okay?
Then I saw that it wasn't from mom, it was from Gerard. Oh my God. I started to smile like a total fool, and I just stared at the phone. And apparently, while I was having my little "OMG moment" Oliver had talked to me and I hadn't noticed. A second later my phone was in his hands.

"What the hell are you smiling about? Some girl?" He winked to me and read the text. His face went from teasing to shocked.

"Why are you smiling like that over a text from a guy?" He asked me, and he looked at me weirdly.

"I WASN'T!" I said, and I felt how my cheeks got hotter by the second.
"You totally WERE! OH MY GOD FRANKIE!" He hadn't called me 'Frankie' for ages. Fuck.
"Who's Gerard anyway? Some guy from your school?"

"No it's not."

"FUCK FRANKIE! IT'S THAT GUY THAT CARRIED YOU OUT!!" Now he wasn't the slightest amused anymore.
"Frank, he's an adult, y'know. AND he's a dude. AAND he's totally weird."

"I don't like him that way!! He's just a…friend! I'm gonna go to sleep now, good night!"

I ran into Oliver's bedroom and crawled under the sheets, blushing as all hell. I liked Gerard. I just didn't like him that way. Did I?
My thoughts were drowning me, so I made myself answer Gerard's text at once, and then I'd go to sleep.

'I'm okay, good night.'

He answered it at once. My cheeks got all hot again.
'Night crazy ass.'

Gerard's POV:

That stalker thing really freaked me out; it reminded me of awful things. I didn't want anything bad happen to Frank, he was a good kid. An annoying, clumsy, good kid. I think I just made a new friend, even though he was mostly annoying. It'd been a long time since I ever had someone I could call friend, except Mikey, but he was my brother so that didn't count.
I liked being alone, it was my thing. I'd always liked being alone, according to my mom, and I loved to be with Mikey even when we both were really small, so I didn't need another friend.
I knew I wasn't going to be able to sleep, so I lit a cigarette and started to draw a comic for work, the comic wasn't really that appealing to me, but my boss had wanted me to do it , so I did. The ones that I'd done were much better, but my boss didn't give a shit.
After a couple of hours and countless cigarettes, I decided to call it a night and try to sleep. I wanted to text Frank but he was probably sleeping, so I didn't.

I woke up at 1 pm the next morning. Sunday, fuck. I hated Sundays; it was too close to Mondays.
I checked my phone, and I saw that I had 5 texts. Fuck this shit; they were probably all from Frank.
But they weren't, okay, one of the messages were from Mikey.

'Wanna hang out today? I'm bored.' Mikeys text said.

'Sure thing!' I always got happy when Mikey contacted me, it was usually the opposite.

I decided to ignore Frank's messages, I didn't want to think about yesterday, and he reminded me of it.
Mikey came over about 2 hours later, he still lived with mom and dad in NJ, he liked it there and he didn't want to move in with me even though I'd asked him hundredth of times. He was just like Frank, loved NJ. I mean so did I, but I still didn't want to live there for the rest of my life.

"What's up with you?" Mikey suddenly asked me.

"What? Why are you asking?" I looked straight down into my cup of coffee; Mikey had always been too good at reading my mood.

"'Cause you're…how do I put this…grumpier than usual." He said, giving me a smirk.

"I'm alright, there's nothing wrong with me." I didn't lie, I was just fine, and there was nothing wrong with me.

"Yeah…riiight." Mikey said, but he dropped the subject.

"I feel like going somewhere, I hate it when you just sit here and rot."

"Yeah, let's go somewhere."

~ ~ ~ ~

After just walking around blocks for 40 minutes, Mikey dragged me into the mall. I didn't want to go there, what if Frank was there? I didn't have the energy to stand him today.
Once we were in the mall, Mikey insisted that we'd go and buy some of that disgusting coffee that he loved, and I just couldn't say no. Once Mikey had decided to do something, he did it.
He was sipping up his coffee and I was just sitting there staring aimlessly when I saw Frank, he hadn't seen me yet though, he was too busy looking through comics, thank God.
Mikey noticed that I started to duck and pull my hair in front of my face, and he just looked the way he saw that I was trying to avoid.

"What the fuck are you so weirded out about?" He said, looking at me and at Frank's direction.

"Nothin', just some kid that's been stalking me since last weekend when I helped him out of a club that he was too young for when he fainted. That's all." I said, looking down.

"WHAT?!" He screamed. OOH FUCK.

Everyone that was around us just stared at me and Mikey, he was staring at me like I was a ghost.
Dammit, he was going to see me.

"Mikes, shut the fuck up, people are staring." And I saw that Frank stared with sparkly eyes. Fuck.

He was walking towards me, and I knew that I couldn't bail now; he'd seen that I saw him.

"The dude looks like he's having a crush in you." Mikey said, and he winked at me. I was going to kill him.

"Don't be ridiculous, he's just a kid. And I'm no pedophile." I got annoyed by Mikey, he loved to tease me.

"I didn't mean it like that, I'm sorry. I forgot for a second." He said, and he looked real sorry.

"S'okay." I smiled at him.

Frank got to us just a couple of seconds after our conversation, he looked like he was going to explode of happiness.

"H-hey Gerard. Did you get my messages?"

"Yeah, but I didn't read 'em. Watcha doing here?"

"Um, okay…I'm here with Oliver, before I'll go home. I'm leaving in about 8 hours.

"You're going by train at midnight? Fuck no, I'm driving you home." I wasn't going to let him do that! Did he go home that late every time he was here?

"What? No! It's okay. I do that all the time." He said, looking shocked.

"Not this time."
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