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Chapter 1

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The Killjoys have a new friend, but she seems to know a bit too much aboutthe Industry. (rating is for language)

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'Guys, you have to stay right against this wall, it's the only blind spot of the camera up there,' Violent Melody pointed towards a small white box in the corner of the tunnel they were walking through.

'You know this place too well,' said Kobra Kid suspiciously staring at the back of her black haired head.

'Kobra, we have no choice but to trust her,' replied Party Poison, the one right next to Violent Melody. 'If we get inside and find out she is a traitor, then we can kill her.'

Although she plainly heard, she didn't react in the slightest to what Poison had just said.

'Here's the secret entrance,' she said when they were just outside the tunnel. 'When you get through, stay low, like, right against the floor; I'll let you know when it's safe to stand.'

'Why on earth would Korse put a secret entrance onto his head quarters?' asked the Killjoy at the back of the line, Fun Ghoul.

'If his Dracs bring back bodies of dead civilians, or Killjoys, he is not gonna want everyone to see it is he?' said Violent Melody in a bored voice. 'He's telling everyone that Better Living Industries is going to make everyone's lives better and happier, not murder everyone.'

'Which is what he is doing,' muttered Kobra Kid.

'Exactly. So when we get in, stay low and no noise,' warned Melody.

The five of them crawled through the large hole she had just uncovered in the wall. Although it was high enough for most of them to walk through, they followed the females lead and went through on their hands and knees, not standing when they reached the other side.

It wasn't until Violent Melody reached the corner of the wall opposite that she got up. She waved at the guys signalling them to join her. They crawled over standing next to her against the wall.

'Now, when we round this corner there are likely to be a lot of Dracs, as no one knows we are here yet we should be able to off them without making a fuss.' She pulled out her purple ray gun and the others followed suit. Party Poison and Jet Star weren't dealing well with having to follow someone else; normally they were the ones with a plan, directing the other two.

They rounded the corner taking out the Dracs silently.

'If we head up to Ms Kim's office, we can change Korse's programming. It's the one thing I'm not completely sure how to work as she is the only one who can work it. If she told people and they messed him up, she would be screwed! He's the most powerful person in the industry even though Ms Kim runs it,' explained Violent Melody.

'So is he a robot then?' asked Party Poison, trying to make sense of all the information he had just been given.

'Not exactly,' she replied.

'Well, what then? Are we going to get any answers out of you?' Kobra Kid was advancing on her.

'It's complex,' said Melody calmly, despite the fact that the angry Killjoy was now right in her face.

'Explain it to me,' said Fun Ghoul, pushing Kobra back. 'I'm good with technical stuff.'

'Ok,' sighed Violent Melody evidently annoyed about the time she was about to waste with explanations. 'Just keep an eye out for Dracs. So, Ms Kim knew that people were going to be opposed to the very specific ideals that she has and wants to enforce with this industry.'

'She knew the Killjoys might happen?' asked Jet Star.

Violent Melody rolled her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. 'Yes, in a way. She expected resistance. She knew she would need something stronger to hold everything together. What people don't realise is that Korse is her partner, he volunteered for the experiments and everything went well so know his brain is part computer so she can change his instincts and programme him to do certain jobs for her.'

'I wasn't expecting that, how did they manage that?' asked Jet Star, the rest too stunned to talk.

'More importantly, someone married Korse?' said Fun Ghoul.

'You're meant to be the technical one and all you care about is that Korse is married? And Jet Star, I don't know. I just know it took a long time,' Melody replied.

Kobra Kid started to stare Violent Melody up and down, doubting her even more. She shouldn't know all of that information if she was a killjoy, it was obviously confidential.

'Poison, I need to talk to you,' said Kobra, still watching Melody cautiously.

'If you want to do it in private go round the corner and stay against the wall, us three will move a bit so I can't hear,' said Melody, no emotion was apparent in her voice.

Kobra and Poison headed round the corner following her instructions.

'What is wrong with you?' hissed Kobra.

'What's that supposed to mean?' Poison whispered in reply.

'You have completely let your guard down. Out in the Zones, fair enough; we stood a chance at fighting off Dracs out there, but in here? If she is leading us into a trap how the hell do you propose us getting out? There will be far too many of them.'

'This is our only chance to infiltrate the industry and she has knowledge. And think about it if she was a Drac in disguise she wouldn't tell us all their secrets.'

'You think she's telling the truth?' asked Kobra. 'What if she is making shit up so we trust her?'

'Is it so wrong that I want to give her the benefit of the doubt?'

'Why? Just coz she's hot?'

Party Poison opened his mouth to retort.

'I've seen the way you look at her. Have you kissed yet? Is that why she's so calm? Coz she knows you love her and won't kill her?'

'If you don't trust her you can fuck right off! The entrance is right there, so go! Nothing has happened, she is simply a way to get in here and destroy Korse and BLI for good!' It took all of Poisons restraint not to yell at his brother; he didn't want to blow their cover. 'I'm going back round to join the hunt. You?'

'I'm coming, but only to save your ass when this is all a set up,' said Kobra following his older brother back out to join he others.

'You finished?' asked Violent Melody.

'Yeah,' said Party Poison. 'Lead the way.'

He was genuinely hurt at the stuff his brother had accused him of. Yea, sure, he'd noticed how hot the female Killjoy was and yeah, he was attracted to her but nothing had happened. He was genuinely just using her as a way to get into the industry. If all went well then maybe...

'It gets tricky here because the camera's cover all angles of the corridors. Our only hope is to get to the elevator. I'll run across and open it then the rest of you run in as quick as possible once it's open.'

'How do we know you aren't gonna get in the elevator and leave us here?' asked Kobra Kid.

'You run across and open it then, and I'll wait here with the guys and run in after,' Violent Melody offered.

'Fine, I will,' said Kobra, running across the hallway and pinning himself against the white wall opposite, hitting the button on the elevator door.

'Go,' said Melody to Poison when the door opened.

One by one they all ran for the doors making it through to the elevator. The door closed as they all stood in silence, Violent Melody selecting the floor.

'If you're a real Killjoy how do you know all that stuff about Korse?' asked Kobra a few seconds into the silence.

Melody ignored him.

'Answer me. If you know all this stuff then why didn't you break in on your own and end it ages ago?'

'I couldn't take on the industry on my own with all the knowledge in the world.'

'But aren't we a hindrance. I mean, we know nothing compared to you.'

'You are the fabulous Killjoys, you're famous for fighting the industry, I couldn't trust anyone else as much as I can you; apart from the fact that one of you now wants to kill me, even though I've done nothing wrong.' For the first time her eyes faltered from the floor countdown to look at Kobra Kid. He fell silent at the fire burning in her emerald eyes.

After a moments silence the doors slid open and the Killjoys started to make their way out, Poison put his arm between Melody and the exit and hit the close button, locking himself and Violent Melody inside the lift.

'What are you gonna do if they get ghosted out there?' she asked calmly.

'They're big guys, they can take care of themselves,' replied Poison. 'Are you stitching us up?'


'Is this a trap?'


'I'm trusting you, even though most of the others are against it. Don't you dare show me up.'

'I won't.'

'Fuck's sakes! Can't you engage in proper conversation?'

'What do you want me to say? Hi, give me your life story, lets waste our rime hiding in a fucking elevator while your mates are outside, possibly facing Dracs and there could be Killjoys out in the Zones dying while you're their only hope!,' Melody yelled. 'I want to save lives. Just like you. Can we do that please?'

Party Poison grabbed her wrist and placed it behind his own back so she had to move closer. 'I'm sorry, I just find it hard that you can be so cold all the time.' Then he put his free hand on her neck and kissed her.

It didn't last long, but if something happened and any of them got ghosted or they had to kill her for being a traitor, Poison wanted to have kissed her at least once.

'Ok, we can go now,' he told her, opening the doors.

They stepped out over the body of a Drac. Violent Melody shot Poison a look as if to say 'what did I tell you?'

A/N: Please let me know what you think! There will probably only be one more chapter. Thanks for reading, Jen xx
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