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Chapter 2

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Will Violent Melody get them out alive or does she really know too much to be on their side?

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'This is the office, I'll run over and see if there is anyone inside...' started Violent Melody.
'So you can sound an alarm and all the Dracs will come and kill us,' Kobra Kid cut in.
'Kobra,' snapped Jet Star. 'Poison has told you nothing is gonna happen.'
'Ignore him, Jet, I do,' Violent Melody shot Kobra Kid her fiery look again, and then continued. 'I'm going ahead, when I give you the all clear, you can join me.'
'Why can't one of us go?' asked Fun Ghoul, noticing how little Kobra Kid liked that idea.
'Because if you open that door and Korse or Ms. Kim is behind it, you are dead,' Melody explained.
'And you won't be?' asked Kobra, gradually starting to edge his way across the corridor.
Violent Melody followed Kobra slowly in the hope that he wouldn't rush forward.
'Please trust me Kobra,' for the first time since they had met, Melody showed emotion. 'As I explained to your brother and he then explained to you, I am here to save lives; that includes yours. No matter how much you hate me I want you to be safe. Please don't do this.'
But Kobra didn't listen. Still facing Melody he pulled open the door and turned round. As Melody had warned, Korse was in there.
At what seemed like the speed of light, Korse's laser gun was off the desk, in his hand and pointed at Kobra.
'Goodbye Killjoy.'
No sooner had the words left his mouth, Violent Melody jumped in front of Kobra Kid.
'Don't,' she said.
'Mel?' asked Korse, his voice betraying emotion.
Kobra whipped his gun out of its holster and held the tip against the back of Melody's head.
'You know him?' asked Kobra.
'Yes, I do,' said Melody.
'I could pull this trigger.'
'Pull yours and Korse will pull his. I'm the only thing between you and death.'
At that moment Poison ran over and took Kobra's gun. All Killjoys stood and watched Violent Melody and Korse.
'So, the industry was a success?' said Melody.
'You knew it would be,' Korse replied with a soft voice. Then he remembered himself. 'Did you lead them in here?'
'Yes, I did,' she replied.
Korse stepped back and pressed a button on his desk.
'Ms. Kim on her way then?'
'Yes, she'll be here any minute. Prepare for death.'
'Why don't you do it?' asked Fun Ghoul.
'I can't,' said Korse not taking his eyes off of Violent Melody.
'Korse!' shouted a woman's voice from the end of the hallway. 'What are you doing? Kill them.'
'I can't,' he said again.
'What do you mean you can't? I programmed you to.'
Then she got closer and saw the girl at the front of the group.
'Hi Mum,' said Violent Melody, smiling in a sickly sweet way.
'That's it!' shouted Kobra Kid. 'Give me my gun back! I'm killing her!'
But Poison ignored him, he was too interested in the scene unravelling in front of him.
'Melanie! Darling, what are you doing here? With them? In those clothes? Your father and I thought you were kidnapped.'
'No, I ran.'
'Ran where? Why?'
'Ran to become a Killjoy. What you are doing is wrong,' there was no emotion in Melody's voice again. 'I didn't want to hang around and become part of a brainwashing, life stealing industry.'
'But this will all be yours sweetie. One day you will inherit this and be rich.'
'The day I inherit this it will be destroyed. If I have my way it will be destroyed today.' The anger began to show in her voice now. 'The industry and everyone involved.' She pulled out her purple ray gun again.
'You wouldn't. I'm your mother. I raised you.'
'You ruined the world I live in. And I will get you for that. I'm not your daughter, I'm a Killjoy.'
At that Ms. Kim pulled out a knife. In a flash of light, she hit the floor. Violent Melody released the trigger of her gun.
'You just killed your own mother?' asked Jet Star.
'Can you blame me?' she asked.
Korse ran over to where his wife lay on the floor.
'I ought to kill you,' he said to Melody.
'You ought to, yes. But you can't.'
'What? Why not?' asked Fun Ghoul.
'He is programmed never to hurt those he loves. I'm his child, he loves me.'
'But I'm programmed to kill Killjoys and you're a Killjoy.'
'Good luck with that,' Melody smiled back. 'Fabulous Killjoys, run. The Dracs will have been signalled by the alarm that brought Ms Kim here.'
'They'll never make it out alive. That button has also put the place on lock down. All exits will be closed and blocked by Dracs.'
'Are you forgetting something?' asked Violent Melody. 'I wasn't stupid, I hung round to find out everything about the company I was to inherit before I left. I know how to get out past the lock down.'
'They don't,' Korse retorted.
'Wanna bet?'
'I could kill them.'
'No you couldn't. Killing them would hurt me. They're my friends. Well...' Melody looked at Kobra Kid, for a moment she thought she saw an apologetic look on his face but it didn't last long.
'Can't we kill Korse?' asked Poison.
'You can shoot him, he won't die but he will need... Ahhhh,' Melody suddenly realised something.
'What?' asked Poison urgently.
'The computer can bring him back. But Mum was the only one that could work it. If we shoot him, it'll take a long time for him to come back.'
'Now can I have my gun, Poison?' asked Kobra.
This time Party Poison complied.
'You're not gonna let them, are you Mel?'
All Killjoys pulled out their guns.
'Well, I just killed my mother...'
'Goodbye Korse,' said Poison, echoing the tone Korse had taken with Kobra earlier.
All five pulled their triggers in unison. Korse fell over his wife's body.
'The Dracs will be on their way, run,' said Melody.
'What are you doing?' asked Poison.
'I'm covering your backs I'll meet you out there.'
'No, come with us now,' said Poison defiantly.
By this time there were Dracs approaching fast from each end of the corridor.
'Run!' she shouted at them.
Party Poison, Jet Star and Fun Ghoul ran for the elevator getting in and hitting the 'G' button.
'Kobra!' yelled Poison as the doors shut.
'What the fuck are you doing?' asked Melody as she stood back to back with Kobra Kid shooting at the Dracs coming down the corridor towards them.
'My brother likes you, so I like you. I'm sorry I was such a prick.'
'You were just protecting your friends, I understand.'
Then the elevator beeped. It had reached the bottom. Kobra hit the button. As it opened he grabbed Melody's arm pulling her into the lift, she narrowly missed being hit by a laser.
The doors slid shut locking the chaos in the corridor.
'You just saved my life,' Melody panted in the lift, not quite believing how close the flash of light had been to her face. 'Thanks.'
'Don't mention it.'
When they got out the other side there were Dracs bodies littering the floor.
'Screw the cameras, just run for the exit,' said Melody. Kobra Kid followed her suit and ran to the tunnel.
They got through to find the other three waiting for them.
Party Poison ran over and hugged Kobra Kid. He then exchanged an awkward look with Violent Melody. No-one else knew what had happened between the two of them in the elevator. Melody simply smiled at him.
Then cam the out burst: 'You two could have got yourselves killed what the fuck? Why didn't you just run with us?'
'Shut up!' she laughed. 'We here now aren't we? And besides, it gave Kobra a chance to apologise, by saving my life,' she smiled at Kobra Kid.
'You what? You nearly died? Jesus Christ, I told you, you should have run with us in the first place,' Poison babbled on.
'Poison?' said Jet. 'Let's head back to the Zones and celebrate shooting the two most powerful people in BL/ind.'
'Seriously, you need to calm down,' Melody was still giggling at Poison's rant.
'Yeah, ok, but still...' Poison started.
'None of us are listening,' Kobra told him as they all started walking away.
Violent Melody smiled at Party Poison, rolling her eyes slightly and took his hand as they headed back to the Trans AM.
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