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Changing The Rules

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Harry makes an early departure from the Dursleys. And Everyone gets introduced to the new Harry.

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Chapter 3

Changing the Rules

Harry sat in his room contently eating a slice of pizza. His gauntlets had changed shape to appear as a pair of sliver chains on Harry's wrists. He had just returned with Ginny, and as soon as the Headmaster got over his shock he promptly took Ginny to St' Mungu's. Harry was certain that Dumbledore would be back shortly. At that moment Dumbledore apparated into the room.

"Speak of the devil." Muttered Harry.

"You'll be happy to note Harry the Ms. Weasley is doing just fine. She has no serious injuries though she appears to be in shock at the moment; the healers expect her to make a full recovery." Dumbledore said as he took a slice of pizza out of the box.

"That's good to know. So, what do you want to talk about?" Harry questioned.

"A couple of things Harry. First of all do you have any questions for me?"

"I'd like to now why you won't let my friends write me." Harry asked struggling to keep his voice even.

Dumbledore sighed. "Harry I have not allowed your friends to write you because I fear that Voldemort is searching for you even more thoroughly then before. Any communication has the threat of being traced."

"You could have brought the letters over here personally." Harry countered.

"Yes, but if I had told your friends that I was coming to visit you they would have insisted on coming along and it would have been a security risk." Said Dumbledore.

"That's a pretty weak argument." Harry said narrowing his eyes.

"Yes, well it is but it's all I have at the moment." Dumbledore said weakly.

"Whatever." Muttered Harry. "So how much longer do I have to stay here?"

"Two more weeks Harry. That is the shortest time necessary for the protection to hold. Right now this is the safest place for you to be." Answered Dumbledore.

"Great two more weeks here. What else did you want with me?" Harry asked while leaning back in his chair.

"First of all Harry I would like for you to continue your DA this year." Harry paused a moment and considered Dumbledore's request.

"Okay, but it's done on my terms. I run the show, no professors, no house points. Agreed?"

"Agreed Harry, though I do wish you would reconsider the no professor rule." Replied Dumbledore.

"Tell you what, a professor is only allowed in a DA meeting if invited by a member." Harry offered.

"That will do Harry. Before I go there is also a few items I must give you." Dumbledore said as he pulled out a small bag. "I was instructed by your father not to give these to you until you were sixteen."

Harry took the bag and opened it. Inside he found a pair of dog tags with the name 'James Potter' on them. Also in the bag was a solid black wand with a ash grey handle.

"Those are your father's dog tags from when he was an auror Harry. The wand was Gryffindor's. It has been passed down from generation to generation of Potter's for centuries. Though no one has been able to use it." Said Dumbledore.

Harry glanced at Dumbldore and twirled the wand in his hand. He pointed it at his other wand effortlessly summoned it to his hand.

"Guess you just need the right touch Professor." Harry said with a grin.

"I guess so Harry. Well I must be off now I shall check up on you shortly." Dumbldore said as he stood up.

"See you around Professor." Harry said as Dumbledore apparated away.


Harry was sleeping peacefully for the first time in ages when a curious sensation swept across him. weakly he opened his eyes to find his Uncle standing over him with a pillow in his hands.

"Shit." Swore Harry as he rolled out of bed avoiding his Uncle's attempt at smothering him. Harry grabbed his wand from under his bed and petrified Vernon.

"Don't worry Dad I got him." Shouted Dudley who Harry saw was standing in the doorway with Vernon's shotgun. Harry was hit in the torso by Dudley's shot. He grunted and staggered a bit as he was shot.

"Do you have any idea how much that stings Dudley." Harry muttered as he stood up straight and pointed his wand at Dudley. "Stupefy." He muttered knocking Dudley out cold.

"Safest place for me my ass." Muttered Harry as he stretched his back trying to wake up fully.

"Your finished now freak. You used magic, and now you'll be kicked out of the bloody school of yours." Shouted Vernon from his place on the carpet.

"You have a point Uncle." Harry said walking over to Vernon. "But the thing is. The Ministry doesn't track demons." Harry whispered standing over Vernon with his eyes glowing neon green. Vernon paled and began stuttering uncontrollably. "You know what Uncle? I think it's time I left. If I stay here any longer I might misbehave, and then someone might get hurt."

With that Harry grabbed a few clothes and dragged his Uncle out of his room and sealed his door with a locking charm.

"I'll send someone by to get my things tomorrow." Harry called out as he walked out the front door. Taking one last glance at the place he had been forced to call home Harry waved his wand and created a portal to take him to his family.


Hermione Granger was sitting in the kitchen reading a book as she ate some toast.

"Morning Hermione. Did I miss breakfast?" Harry asked.

"Morning Harry, no you didn't miss breakfast no one's up yet." Hermione answered absent minded. 'Harry sure is up early today.' Thought Hermione. 'Wait a sec Harry?' Hermione's eyes snapped up from her book and gazed at Harry who was smiling as he looked at her. He was wearing jeans, a white shirt and a pair of sunglasses on his head, but there was no mistake it was Harry.

"Harry!" Hermione screamed as she jumped from her seat and hugged Harry fiercely.

"It's nice to see you to Mione." Harry laughed as he hugged her back. He looked over to her breakfast and frowned.

"Mione your not just eating toast for breakfast are you?" Harry questioned.

"Well no one else is up and I have enough trouble making toast as it is." She answered shyly.

"Okay then, I'll cook breakfast for us." Harry said as he turned and began getting out ingredients.

A few moments later Harry was diligently cooking away. Flipping eggs as if he were a master chef.

"So Harry what are you doing here? Dumbledore said you wouldn't be able to come for another two weeks?" Hermione asked from her seat as she watched Harry cook.

"Let myself out early." Harry answered. "Here breakfast is served." Harry handed Hermione a plate of bacon and eggs.

They had just begun to eat when Dumbledore entered the kitchen sleepily wearing flannel pajamas, and a matching night cap. He looked to Harry then Hermione and paused only for a moment.

"Hmmm ... I expected you here last night." He said looking at Harry.

"I would've been but there was a John Wayne marathon on last night." Harry answered shrugging. "Help yourself to some breakfast."


To say Ron and the others were shocked to see Harry would be an understatement. He walked down and similar to Hermione took a few moments to register that Harry was sitting at the table next to Hermione. Harry thought that whole thing was pretty entertaining though Mrs. Weasley was a little concerned as to how Harry had got there. Harry just replied that he used a portkey. He wasn't yet ready to tell Ron and Hermione about him being half demon. He was truly scared that they would be afraid of him if they knew. Harry spent the rest of the day visiting with his friends and playing chess with Ron though Ron still beat Harry with ease. After a couple games Harry decided to take a nap in the afternoon.


Harry awoke that night at about eight o'clock and saw Hermione and Ron talking with Fred and George. Hermione was the first to notice he was awake.

"Sorry Harry. We didn't wake you did we?" Hermione asked.

"Don't worry about it Hermione. It was time I got up anyway. What's up?"

"There's a Order meeting tonight, but we can't listen because Mum put up a barrier at the top of the stairs." Said Ron.

"Really." Said Harry narrowing his eyes. He stood up and walked out of the room.

"Harry where are you going?" Hermione asked chasing after him.

"To the meeting." Harry answered passing through the barrier as if it were water.

Harry walked to the meeting room and politely knocked on the door. To Harry's dismay Snape answered.

"What do you want Potter." Asked Snape.

"I coming in to the meeting." Harry said simply.

Snape glanced at harry then slammed the door in his face. 'So much for the polite way.' Thought Harry. With one sharp knock with his fist the door fell to the ground, and Harry saw no less then seven wands pointing in his direction. Calmly Harry strolled up to the meeting table and kicked up a chair that had been knocked over. The second it hit the floor Harry sat in it and kicked his feet up on the table.

"Sorry I'm late, but I overslept. Hope I didn't miss anything." Harry said to the Order members.

"Harry your supposed to be upstairs you can't be here for this." Said Mrs. Weasley.

"Why not?" Harry asked quietly.

"Because your too young. your not of age yet." She replied.

"Too young huh? Eleven wasn't too young to stop Voldemort from reaching the Sorcerers stone. Twelve wasn't too young to save your daughter from a Basilisk. Thirteen wasn't too young to save Sirius from a hundred Dememntors, and don't even get me started on the crap I went through fourth and fifth year. So basically, if I can do all that up to now, then what can't I do at sixteen?" Replied Harry.

"Very well Harry you may sit in on this meeting." Said Dumbledore much to the displeasure of many Order members.

"Yes well, as I was saying there appears to be demon attacking people in a park inside of London. We've already lost two aurors to it and it's still proving difficult to even find in the park." Said Moody pulling up a illusion of the demon. It was seven feet tall with a large scythe and black robes much like the Pride demons Harry had fought only larger.

"It's called a Reaper." Harry said calmly. "The reason you can't track it is because it can teleport around at will without leaving a trace. Also, you should know that it is usually accompanied by smaller demons."

"Be quiet Potter." Interrupted Snape. "You're are not even a member here so until you do something useful for the Order keep your mouth shut."

"Fine then." Harry hissed. He got up and stormed out of the room.

For then next fifteen minutes the Order members continued to argue about ways to deal with the demon. None of their ideas could be agreed upon so the arguing continued until Harry walked back into the room carrying a large scythe over his shoulder. He walked up to the table and threw it down in front of Snape.

"There you go. Problem, problem solved. When you figure out a way to kill it let me know. I'll tell you if it would've worked." Harry said to Snape.


A few days later Harry and Lupin were in the basement talking. Harry was telling Lupin about his new abilities.

"Harry I'm still a little concerned about your recent change in demeanor." Lupins said referring to the last Order meeting.

"That's the funny thing about dieing Remus. It tends to change your attitude about things." Harry replied.

"I'm still amazed at you Harry, you died yet you managed to find a way to come back."

"Yeah well, I couldn't just leave things unfinished like that." Harry said. Then quietly to himself he said,"Besides, if I died, she'd be sad."


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