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Grendel & Beowulf

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Dumbledore pays a visit to harry and we learn about Harry's new abilities. Plus Harry will have his first fight with a true demon.

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Chapter 2

Grendel and Beowulf

Harry walked back to Privet Drive In a dazed and confused state. 'Just what happened back there.' He wondered. He remembered stopping in the alley to gather his thoughts when he was attacked and fatally injured by a group of demons. Though Harry wasn't sure how he knew they were demons. There just seemed to be this massive amount knowledge dumped into his head all of it pertaining to demonic subjects. Harry remembered falling to the ground in a pool of his own blood, and as he felt his life slip away he wondered how his friends would manage without him. The last thought he could grasp was that he would not be there to protect Hermione anymore. At that thought he promised to himself that he would not die, that he would protect her no matter what. Then the power erupted from him. He felt himself growing stronger and faster, his pulse quickened and he knew that the demons who had attacked him were no match for him.

Harry shook his mind of the thoughts he had during the battle. It was like he had no care as to what happened to him so long as he destroyed his enemies. Since he had reawaken he had grown a foot taller putting him at equal to Ron's height, plus he was far more muscular than he had been before it was as if his badly had changed to become accustomed to his new power. Plus, a strange black tribal tattoo that resembled a dragon had appeared on Harry's shoulder. In addition to his physical changes he was now far more confidant about his abilities. He feared nothing and would allow nothing to stop him. It wasn't as if the grief over the loss of his godfather had disappeared. It was still there, but Harry was determined to do whatever was needed to prevent it from happening again.

Harry stepped into the Dursley's home hoping to make it to his room unnoticed. However, today was not his day.

"BOY!!! What do you think you are doing walking into my home half dressed having not completed any of your chores." Roared Vernon as he came into the living room getting in Harry's face.

"Shut up Vernon." Harry said calmly as he moved to walk past Vernon. Vernon however, blocked Harry's way once more. Harry now noticed he was a bit taller than his Uncle now.

"What did you say to me you little ungrateful freak." Vernon whispered icily.

"I said: Shut up. I've already done my chores. So I'll be going to my room." Harry replied calmly.

This time Vernon had heard enough he moved to punch Harry in the face. Harry however merely caught his fist and gave a firm squeeze causing Vernon to hiss in pain.

"You don't want to try me Vernon. Your playing with fire." Harry whispered menacingly. With that Harry pushed Vernon to the floor and went up to his room.


Harry continued running through his routine exercises in his room. It now appeared as if every limit he had before his "incident" had been shattered. He was beginning to wonder just what he was capable of now.

"Hello Professor. May I point out that it's very impolite to sneak up on people." Said harry politely as he continued doing push-ups.

Dumbledore for his part was shocked. It was the first time in fifty years that he had been caught off guard. "How did you know I was here Harry?" He asked curiously as he appeared in view.

"You smell like Lemon Drops." Harry stated.

"I see. So your demon senses are in full effect."

"I see your still keeping secrets from me. Wait a minute, did you say demon? I didn't sell my soul or anything like that did I?" Harry asked unsure.

"No far from it. Harry, and I have decided that I will hold no secrets from you any more." Dumbledore said gravely.

"Good. If we're going to win this war I'll be needing your help. So. What's this about me being a demon?"

"Harry, have you ever heard of the legend of Sparda?" Dumbledore questioned.

"Nope." Harry said simply.

"Well Harry, several centuries ago a dark lord used the forces of the demon realm to aid in his campaign to conquer the planet. A demon by the name of Sparda decided to fight against him and joined the light side. Eventually he sealed away the portal to the demon world allowing the founders the opening to defeat the dark lord. Since Sparda was a demon his powers were sealed away with the portal. He lived out the rest of his days as a mortal."

"Okay. I follow you so far, but what does that have to do with me?" Harry asked.

"You Harry are the what legend refers to as "The Son of Sparda" a decedent who has awakened the powers of your ancestor." Dumbledore said wisely.

"But how did this happen why am I the one who awakened and not someone before me? Harry asked.

"Because, Voldemort has broken the seal on the demon realm. Releasing an army of demons at his disposal. In addition it released the powers of Sparda which sought you out once released." Dumbledore said wisely.

"Well that explains alot." Muttered Harry. "How did he break the seal?"

Dumbledore sighed "He used the Amulet of Sparda his own blood and the blood of an innocent."

"It's someone I know isn't it." Harry said quietly.

"It's Ginny Weasley Harry." When Harry heard this his eyes glowed bright neon green. He would not allow Voldemort to take anyone from his family again. Harry used his demon sense, a sort of radar that allowed demons to track their pray, to find Ginny.

"Harry? What are you doing?" Dumbledore asked curious as to why Harry's eyes were suddenly glowing.

"Found her." Harry muttered. He then pulled on a sleeveless shirt and put a pair of hiking boots on and grabbed his wand.

"Harry you can't just rush to wear ever Ms. Weasley is it's obviously a trap." Dumbledore tried to reason.

"No sweat, I'll be back before you know it. Order me a pizza, I'll probably be hungry when I get back." With that Harry made a slashing motion with is wand and created a red rippling portal that he stepped into leaving Dumbledore staring numbly at the spot where he once was.


Harry almost immediately reappeared in a dark dungeon with high ceilings and a strange smell of Maybury that Harry could trace to the sell where Ginny was being held at the other end of the dungeon. Harry had made it halfway when a large demon appeared in front of him.

"Cool camouflage trick you had there. I almost didn't see you." Harry said to the demon as he took in his appearance. It was about as tall as a elephant and twice as long, with four large wings on it's back, clawed hands, and a face that reminded Harry of a Bulldog. One of it's eyes was scarred over.

"Who dares trespass in the domain of Grendel." Questioned the demon.

"I do. Now move over and let me rescue my adopted sister." Harry said as he attempted to walk past Grendel.

"You have the stench of the traitor Sparda on you." Grendel hissed angrily.

"Really? Tell you what, next time I'll wear some cologne okay?" Harry said as if he were talking to a child and not one of the fiercest demons in existence.

"I will destroy all traces of Sparda." Grendel stated.

"Fine then. Have it your way." Harry said as he drew his wand.

"I will crush you like the miserable half-breed you are."

"Let's dance Ugly."

With a roar Grendel charged Harry who leaped into the air and fired a Incendio curse at Grendels head. The spell struck but Grendel just shrugged it off and batted Harry out of the air. Harry flipped in mid air and landed on his feet with a grin. Grendel charged again, this time Harry fired a cushioning charm at the ground near Grendels feet causing him to stumble. Harry seized the opportunity and sprinted forward and delivered a punch to Grendel's face that caused the demon to stagger. Grendel roared creating a burst of energy that knocked harry off his feet sending him crashing into a nearby wall leaving a small crater.

"Okay enough playing around." Harry muttered.

Harry charged Grendel as Grendel did likewise. Just as the two reached each other Harry fired a Bombardment curse at Grendel's eye. It struck and destroyed Grendel's eye, yet Grendel's fist was already coming at Harry and it still managed to drive Harry into the ground.

"Ouch. I'll be feeling that one in the morning." Harry muttered as he pulled himself out of the hole in the ground. Grendel was roaring in pain unable to see. Harry dashed toward him and muttered a spell as he jumped past Grendel making two slashing motions with his wand. He landed on the demons back just as Grendel's head split into four pieces and fell to the ground.

As the demons body began to decompose it's wings burst into light and reached out and flowed through Harry. With a bright flash a pair of silver gauntlets which pulsed with enormous untold power appeared on Harry's arms. Each had intricate runic symbols and a carving of a wolf and lion. Underlined by an inscription reading "Beowulf".

"Cool. New toys to play with." Harry mused. Just then a large number of demons just like the ones who attacked Harry before appeared in the dungeon. "Alright boys, it's playtime." Harry said as he slammed his fists together causing a spark of energy to burst forth.

The demons shrieked a battle cry that harry just grinned at. His gauntlets flashed brilliantly as he moved twice as fast as normal. Harry dashed forward striking the demons with swift brutal blows that crushed anything unfortunate enough to be caught in their path. Two more demons attacked harry as he blocked one blow and dodged the other. He countered by grabbing both demons by the head and bashing the skulls into one another. Half the demons who appeared had been defeated when with the sound of crashing glass a larger group of demons appeared.

"Okay. I can see you guys really wanna play. How bout horse? I'll go first. Over my shoulder, across the room, behind my back, off the wall, through that guys head, off the ceiling, nothing but sand." Harry said calling his shot as he pulled out his wand. Harry fired a bombardment curse that followed the exact shot Harry called striking down twenty demons before it hit the ground killing ten more in the explosion.

Harry turned to walk to the cell where Ginny was when a dozen demons appeared around Harry as they had done before. This time harry was ready. "Go to hell!!!" Harry shouted as he slammed his fist into the ground causing an energy shockwave that blasted all the demons away without a trace.


Ginny sat shivering in her cell when she heard the shrieks and cries of the demons outside. She clutched her legs to her chest in fear when the door to her cell was knocked off it's hinges.

"Somebody call for a knight in shining armor?" Harry asked when he saw Ginny.
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