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Intoduction/Chapter 1: The Girl With The Cherry Pink Hair.

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"Hey. Mind if I join you?" I heard from above. I looked up and saw a boy with skin the colour of snow standing over me.

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"Are you trying to hurt us, Tess?!" My Mum screamed from behind me as I headed for the door. "DO YOU WANT TO END UP ON THE STREETS?"
I pushed pass my Dad and grabbed my bag and keys by the door. My heart was pounding so loud I couldn't hear anything else. I pulled the front door open with all my strengh, leaving it to crash against the newly painted walls and stormed out onto the dark road. I didn't stop, I just kept going untill I was out of sight. I turned the corner onto the alleyway and stopped, leaning against the wall, taking in deep breaths. It was taking all my strengh to hold in all the anger I was feeling right now. It took me a while to realise that I'd been standing completely stiff, with hands balled up into fists looking out of the opening of the allyway. People were passing and giving me stange looks. I took on last breath and tryed to relax, slowly loosening up every muscle in my body. Soon I was able to move again.
I looked up to see my friend Briony staring at me. I reached up to my cheeks to feel that I had been crying. Great.
"What're you doing?" Briony said, looking me up and down. I shrugged and took a few ridged steps forward. I felt like a robot.
"I-I thought I saw something down here" I ignore the fact that this sounds completely crazy. "What're you doing out so late?"
"Oh I just bought a shit load of booze. I'm on my way home to get ready for that party. Y'know the one.. You said you was going"
I rolled my eyes and looked down at the clothes I was wearing- black leather skinnys, cowboy boots and a off the shoulder plain white shirt. Thank fuck it's summer. "Yeah, that's what I'm doing tonight" I told Briony, trying to make it sound like that's what I was doing out alone in a alleyway at 10 in the evening.
"Oh. Oh right, wanna come and fix yourself up at mine?" She smiled and held her hand out to me. Normally we wouldn't have been acting so awkward, but I seemed unable to loosen up. I took her hand and walked with her home.

Chapter One

"What made you want to dye your hair pink?" Briony asked, as she pulled at my hair whilst straightening it.
"It's not pink.. Well it is. It's a cherry pink, kind of more purple."
I could tell Briony rolled her eyes. "You didn't answer my question."
"Oh sorry. I guess I just wanted to piss my parents off. Of course they just ignore me, they didn't even get mad." I laughed to myself.
"Well I think we're ready now. Shall we be off?" Briony said standing up off of the bed and walking towards the mirror to fluff up her short blonde hair and wipe excess eye shadow from under her brown eyes.
"Not yet." I said, getting up too and grabbing the bag of booze. "Shots first."
Briony grinned at me, obviously happier now that I had slowly turned back to my normal self-abusing self. I grabbed the bottom of Vodka and unscrewed the lid, pouring the clear liquid into it and then handing it to Briony. Her face was commical.
"I don't want to go first." She said, pushing the cap back into my hands. I smiled and quickly knocked it back. I shook my head and felt the fire trickle down my throat.
"I fucking hate this stuff" I laughed after I recovered from the gut wrenching after-taste had gone. I knocked back several more, untill I was nice and wobbley on my feet and then Briony and I decided it was time to go.
The party was only down the street and we could hear the music from Brionys house. As soon as we entered the house Briony and I split up. I walked the best I could around the bottom floor, looking for some willing, good looking boy to have some fun with for the night, but shorty gave up. I just couldn't be bothered. I sat down on the floor by the table of booze, with a bottle of Jack Daniels in my lap and started drinking.
"Hey. Mind if I join you?" I heard from above. I looked up and saw a boy with skin the colour of snow standing over me. I nodded my heavy head and tapped the space next to me messily. His eyes were hazel and his hair was black, just hanging above his shoulders.
"Here" I said, handing him the bottle of Jack. He took it, smiling at me and started to unscrew the cap.
"I'm Gerard" He said, grinning at me.
"I'm Tess" I replied, I couldn't help but grin back. He was so cute. Before I could even register what he was doing, Gerard reached up and pressed something from under my cheek bone. My skin tingled under his touch and I leaned in automatically. He took his hand away and I looked at him confused.
"Smudged eyeliner I think." He said laughing. He knocked back some Jack and then handed it back. "Wanna meet some super cool people?" He asked, smiling at me. "You've been on your own since you got here and it's time you have some fun!" He said taking my hand and helping me up. I almost fell over, bt he caught me by the waist. The same tingling feeling shot through me. I laughed at myself.
"No more drinking.. I.. Think." I said slowly while I was practically carried towards what looked like the kitchen. There were a bunch of boys sitting around another boy with a black mohawk ontop of the kitchen counter. A boy with crazy curly hair was spinning the mohawk dude around while the others laughed. I must me really drunk.
"What the hell are you doing?" Gerard shouted at them from beside me and sat me down next to a boy with glasses.
"WE'RE PLAYING SPIN THE FRANKIE" The mohawk dude said, grinning the cheekiest grin I had ever seen. I rested my head on my hand and looked around at all of them- too drunk to feel out of place.
"Guys this is Tess." Gerard said. "Tess, this is Frankie" He said pointing at the mohawk guy. "Bob" pointing at a blonde heavy set guy. "Mikey, my brother" nudging the guy next to me with the glasses "And Ray" He said nodding towards the curly haired guy, still spinning Frank.
"Oh hi!" I said, perking up.
"YO!" Frank squealed diving towards me.

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