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Chapter 08

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Chapter 08: Accidental Wish

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Perhaps, Maybe, Possibly...

Chapter 08: Accidental Wish

My name is Bani Bunny, cousin of Buster Bunny and my life has taken all sorts of twists and turn in the course of three days. It all began on Sunday evening when I met a young man who seemed too good to be true, he took me out to dinner after I accidentally hit him with an anvil and we parted ways with his identity unknown to me, save for one clue, Acme.

My research led me to my cousin's alma mater, Acme Looneyversity, where I was enrolled by the next day. That Monday proved to be difficult as I, for reasons that are still a mystery to me, became public enemy number one. Things became even more complex on Tuesday when the ordeal continued and I finally ran into that boy again.

I discovered that his name is Max Montana and he's actually pretty mean. To top it all up, I stumbled into his 'turf' when he was in a particularly bad mood. Another anvil to the head and he was Mr. Nice Guy again. One thing let to another and the realization hit me, or at least that's what I thought, that Max had a split personality.

Later, Tuesday after school I became determined to use my discovery to my advantage and anvil Max on the head as many times as necessary to force the version of him I liked to surface. However, the image of a distressed Elmyra filled me with guilt and following her led to another discovery. Max apparently doesn't have a split personality; the other personality is actually someone else entirely, who is somehow inhabiting Max's body alongside the original soul.

So here I am in a nearly deserted hallway after school, waiting to listen to the explanation of the Max who isn't Max. Whoever he is, takes a deep breath and begins his explanation. "The truth is that I live far from here, I've never even been to Acme for real. Back home, my grandfather owns an antique shop. There was this lamp that he kept in storage and refused to put out for sale. I asked him about it and he explained that it had a mischievous genie that would misinterpret people's wishes and cause trouble. Even with that warning I was still curious and when grandpa was busy, I snuck into the storage and rubbed the lamp. A genie did come out and offered to grant me only one wish, claiming that he wasn't as powerful as other genies who granted three, but that I should make the best out of that one wish. I tried to keep it simple and asked for what any teenage boy would ask for." He paused and quoted himself, "I wish I was rich, handsome, noticed by other people and that I could meet and nice and cute girl." He blushed at the last part, which made me blush as well. "I don't know what happened, it felt as if I fell asleep and was dreaming. Then a sharp pain to the head made me wake up and I was different. I was a human boy in a limousine and soon after I met Bani."

The boy continued speaking through Max, "I thought the changes and my meeting her were all part of my granted wish so I tried to play along, not realizing what was going on. I tried to tell you my name," he looked at me, "my real name, but I couldn't. It's as if this body recognizes only Max as its true identity. After we parted ways I felt as if I was again falling asleep and had dreams about being a rich boy named Max Montana. Then I came to a realization, the wish didn't change me, I had somehow possessed Max. My consciousness is only in control, when Max is forcibly knocked out and these pains in my, his, head are his attempts to regain consciousness, even if he can't remember anything that happened while I was in control. I think he somehow senses my presence, but doesn't know what it is. I know it'll only cause trouble if I continue like this, but I'm stuck and don't know how to return to my own body."

While Elmyra and I remain in shocked silence, a small voice suddenly remarks, "so that's what happened." I didn't even notice the small pink canary flying near by and eavesdropping on the conversation. "If it's a problem with possession, maybe Shirley can help, she is a psychic."

"Good idea, Sweetie!" Elmyra agrees immediately and drags the possessed Max and me away.

We arrive at what appears to be a tennis club meeting, but the girls aren't really practicing right now. They almost look as if they're plotting and there's a foreboding atmosphere all around. The pink rabbit, the blond duck and purple skunk are all here.

Before the glares of the girls disintegrate me, Elmyra speaks up, "Max is possessed, he needs to be exercised!"

"You mean like exorcised?" The blond duck, who I assume is Shirley, steps forward, still giving me a distrustful sideway glance. She places her white feathered hand on Max's forehead and concentrates. "Interesting, I do feel two spirits within this body, one is the original and the other is quite different."

The assessment is followed by a repeat of the genie story, which clarifies the situation for the other girls.

Surrounded by psychic energy, Shirley begins to glow until she pulls out the semi-transparent ghost of a raccoon. Visibly exhausted, she takes a deep breath, "there, you're free to return to your own body."

"Thanks! Sorry I caused so much trouble," the ghost looks at me, "Bani..." he begins to fade away and stops what he was saying before, instead voicing "I have to go back, goodbye."

"Goodbye..." there is nothing more I can think of saying as the raccoon ghost fades away entirely, hopefully safely returning to his original body.

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Tiny Toons. Things are being resolved and the story is close to ending!
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