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Fuck This, I'm Goin' Home

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Well.. Yeah...

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I woke up in the morning feeling terrible. Until that is, I realised yesterday happened.
I thought about Frank and smiled. He was so cute. I thought about his amazing hazel-green eyes. I rolled over and there they were staring right at me.
"Morning sunshine." He said, smiling and winking at me.
"You scared the crap outta me!" I yelped, heart thudding in my chest.
"Aww, sorry sweetheart." Frank pouted.
"Not a problem. I like you being here, beside me. Wearing some clothes to a certain extent." I sighed.
Frank leaned over and kissed me soflty on the lips and my hands stretched out to touch his bare chest. He had smooth skin which was warm and silky to the touch. I wrapped my arms around him and realised something- I wanted to stay with him forever and ever.
"I love you." I said.
"I love you too Gee. I love you too..." He said, breaking our kiss.
"GUYS! SCHOOL!" Mikey yelled from the kitchen.
"Uh... Fuck..." I groaned, turning over and getting out of bed.
"Don't worry. I'll stay with you all day." Frankie murmured into my ear.
I got dressed into my usual black Tee shirt and black skinny jeans with Vanns and a stud belt.
Frank dressed in similair clothes and ran downstairs with me.
"MOM, WE'RE GOING TO SCHOOL!" I yelled, wolfing down a piece of toast that was sitting on the counter. Frank picked up an apple and munched on it contentedly until I grabbed him by the arm and yanked him out the door.
We sprinted to the school only to find Mikey standing in the doorway arms crossed, looking impatiently at his watch.
"C'mon.." He sighed exhasperatedly. I felt like flipping him the bird-He had no idea how much we'd just run- but contented myself with a sly kick to his shins.
The three of us ran to Paige's art room. And hour and a half of art. Hell yes...
Ray, Amber, Lydia, Bob, Charlie and Alex were all sitting at a table with just room on the bench for Frank,Mikey and me. We sat down, panting. Charlie passed us down her inhaler and we all took three puffs. Well, Frank, Mikey and me did.
Paige handed out the canvas and paints and we got going, sketching out our designs first.
My fingers lead the way and etched out the shape of a teenaged boy, sitting in the corner of a dark room, surrounded by pools of blood, a razor and a pill bottle. The pill bottle lay open on its side so that its content spilled onto the dark floor of the room.
I began to paint the hair, a very dark shade of brown. The room began to take the shape of the attic in our old house and the boy started to look a lot like me, two years ago. I grimaced at the memory.
I turned to look at Frank's canvas. He'd drawn us camping last year. The day before the rain had hit us. I was tumbling down the hill in the picture, Frank on my back, as I trip over Mikey, who'd been sunbathing there originally. I remembered I was racing towards my mom who was dozing at the bottom of the hill with a book lying accross her stomach. I'd wanted to tell her about something exciting but I can't remember exactly what.
Frank had drawn me smiling, looking surprisingly good. He'd drawn himself looking cute as ever. It was an amazing sketch.
I leaned accross the table to what Ray'd drawn. He'd almost finished painting a picture of the girl sitting beside him, Lydia. She looked too and smiled. He'd drawn her beautifully.
Charlie and Alex had drawn eachother, occaissionally giggling and putting splotches of paint on eachother.
I poked Mikey gently in the back, signalling to see his. He'd drawn Amber sitting on the back of what I'd at first mistaken to be a horse but soon realised it was a unicorn. She was wearind a short skirt and a shirt that hand loose on her shoulders. She looked almost pixie like in her outfit, on the unicorn. She had auburn hair in reality and the picture.
"Wow.." I sighed. It truly was amazing.
I asked Amber what she's done and she turned her canvas toward me. She'd painted the entire art room. I don't know how she'd managed to fit it all into the canvas but she did. She's painted Brandon, Jaden, Lauren, The jocks, The cheerleaders, the drama club, everyone. She'd even done our table. Somehow she'd managed to see me and Frank holding hands and had put that in. She's a really observant kid...
Lydia had done the same as me and taken a darker approach. On her canvas was a beautiful yet horrible image of a woman with dark hair wearing a long traveller's cloak. Her face looked young but her eyes were thousands of years old. She had unreally blue eyes and bright red lips from which protruded two blood stained fangs. She was leaning over a man with blood smeared over his neck. She was a great artist.
I looked over to Jayden's table and saw Ray's girlfriend sitting there.
"What's she doing with /him/?" I asked, confused.
"Her dad won't let her go out with me 'cause of where I live..." Ray responded. He didn't looke too sad as he draped his arm around Lydia.
Nolee flipped over her canvas for me to see. It was a perfect self portrait but she'd done it in an Andy Warhol pop-art style. It looked great.
I kept on persistently asking Bob to show me his canvas but he was determined not to let me see until he was totally done. Only Nolee who was sitting right beside him managed to sneak a peak and even then she claimed only to have seen a quick glance. With fifteen minutes to go Bob turned his canvas around at an angle so the whole table could see.
He'd drawn a very... intimate picture of Nolee, her wearing nothing apart form her tattoos and a seductive smile. It was amazing but we all worried when Paige came over to have a look.
When she saw my picture I was surprised to see her eyes welling with tears. I hesitantly put my hand on her shoulder but she just pressed a finger to her lips and shook her head.
"Gerard, that... Is an.. an amazing piece of work. Well done..." She managed, eventually, a lump in her throat. I never knew Miss Tooley to cry!
She smiled and laughed when she saw Charlie and Alex's pictures. They weer of eacother, as I said but they'd added in the paint smudges.
She moved around to Frank's painting and they started talking about it and the camping and holidays and things like that. She was very pleased with Mikey and Ray's pictures and Lydia's too.
"Amber, this piece of work is amazing. You've captured the atmosphere amazing. And... Yes. Well done." She'd added when she saw me and Frank's hands. I blushed violently.
Soon after wards, when Paige had seen everyone's picture apart from Bob's, he was blushing even more. He flicked over qiuckly, not long enough for her to see what it really was.
She yanked it from his grasp and studied it.
"Slightly inappropriate but this truly is an amazing picture Bob." She said, her face going slightly red too. Nobody's bluish could compare to Nolee's though! She was almost sweating with embarrasment.

Our art lesson had been great and had secured us with a good day at school.
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