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FRERARD. Nuff said :' D

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I peered at my Geog book after realising I'd been putting it off for three hours. I was more interested in the piping hot cup of Starbucks coffee sitting on the table and the piping hot guy sitting opposite me. He leaned over to look at the textbook, looking bored at the thought of it.
"I don't see why we can't just flunk." Gerard said, for the umpteenth time.
"Trust me, I don't wanna revise either. I just... I just want something to be proud of." And something for my parents to be proud of me for, I finished in my head.
"If you're guitar playing is anything to go by, then I think you have a lot to be proud of. And your art. You're good at song writing and story writing. And making stuff. And acting. Deffinately acting..." Gerard said, making me blush.
I laughed, reaching for my Blueberry muffin. I nibbled at the edge then sipped at my mocha with whipped cream. My favourite.
Gerard reached over and grabbed the textbook out from under my nose. I started to protest but no sooner had my mouth opened, Skye walked in. She wore denim jeans and a Tshirt reading "Can'tTouchThis" and a purple cardigan. In her purple handbag, poking out of the top, was a large bottle of hand sanitiser. She glared at us and swaggered
past, making out we weren't there. I shook my head, ingoring her.
I drank down the rest of the coffee, signalling at Gee to do the same. We took our muffins and left the warm coffee store and walked out into the rain, squinting to see through the violent srops of water, falling from the grey clouds overhead.
Gerard and I looked at eachother and grinned, knowing what was coming next.
"Oh go on then..." He sighed, grinning.
I leapt onto his back and he trotted down the streets toward my house.
"RUN GEE GEE, RUN!" I scream over the wind and rain.
He suddenly stopped.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"GeeGee? What the fuck!?" Gerard asked, startled.
"It's your nickname. Now, Gee up!" I giggle.
He sprinted down the last four streets and we arrived at my house, soaking wet and breathless.
My mom answered the door and waws surprised to see us standing there, soaked to our skins.
I ran upstairs, feet reasonably dry, thanks to Gerard, and grabbed some towels. We dried and got changed. I leant Gee my Smashing Pumpkins tee and a pair of red skinny jeans. The plan was Gerard would stay for dinner and it'd be too rainy for him to walk home so instead, he'd have to stay here. If the weather would just stay as it is, it would all work out.
Apparently tonight we were having pizza. I called down to make sure it was vegetarian then turned back to Gerard to kiss and finish watching Die Hard.
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