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Quick Though from Amber (the author)

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I need to explain some stuff before you guys start going "WHAT?!?!?!"

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Okay, so to start off, hey guys! Sorry this isn't a story, in a few minutes I gotta shove off to school. But have no fear. It ends next week Wednesday and then I will be able to update (hopefully) everyday. SO every morning, hopefully by noon Pacific time, you'll have a brand new addition to my little story! Isn't that amazing?! I can hear you say "Not really" but I find it amazing.
So current scheduel (you'd think that it being one of the words I had to memorize, I'd remember it) is
Today- update
Tommorow- story
Wednesday- maybe story, I'll try
Thursday- story
Friday- sorry, no story. I'm going on the 8th grade field trip to Disneyland
Saturday and Sunday- deffinatly (also with this word) a story
Monday- maybe story or update
Teusday- story
Wednesday- SCHOOL'S OVER! THANK THE LORD! and maybe story
Then the rest of the summer, you'll get a story/ update/ or something I'd like to put for you guys for being my readers.
Thanks for reading my little story, I love you all! Thank you for reviewing, it helps out in multiple ways, so if you haven't reviewed, please do! THANK YOU READERS!
Amber (the author)*
*I've decided to put (the author) next to my name in case you get confused becuase I plan on writing the character's own section, especially Mikey and Amber (the character). Okay, now I'm really leaving. You're probably like "FINALLY!"

7 hours later:
HEY GUYS!!!!!! I forgot to tell you something, the Disneyland field trip is only for people who passed the Constitution test, which we have need studying for a long time. If I didn't pass, there would be a story up on Friday and I was gonna ask you to give me luck. And even though no one read it before this, I PASSED!!! With flying colors, I might add! And now I have come to comfirm that sorry but there will be no story on Friday. I leave at 6 am and get back at 12 am, so on Saturday I will update you on what happened if you care, you probably won't and then tell the story. But yeah, that's about it.
Amber (the author)
And there might even be a new story up today :D
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