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Meet Frank and Ray

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Mikey's POV
When Gerard yelled out that Frank and Ray were there, I shot up and ran to the door, "FRANK!!!!! RAY!!!!" I jumped onto Ray's back and put my face in his fro, "What are you guys doing here?!"
"Mikey! Get off of me! And we're here because we wanted to be here! We missed you guys!" Ray laughed as Mikey hopped down. He thought of the girls and ran back tot he living room, "GIRLS!! You gotta meet our best friends!!!"
They looked at each other and shrugged, standing and walking to the door. Amber extended her hand to Frank, "Hi, I'm Amber and this," nodding towards Ciarra, "is Ciarra."
Ciarra didn't notice her acknowledgment, because she was to busy staring at Ray. I saw this and stifled a laugh, even more when I was Ray staring back. Frank let go of Amber's hand, "Hey, I'm Frank and odd-ball here is Ray."
We all went into the living room, Ray and Ciarra engrossed in their own conversation, the rest of us sitting on the couch. Amber's head was in my lap again and she tried looking at Frank, "So Frankie, where ya from? And why'd ya come to Calipat?"
He looked at me, his smirk giant on his face, "Me and Ray were these guys best friends in middle school, but we both moved from Jersey. And when we came back, they had apparently left for this place. So, here we are!"
Amber laughed and kicked up her feet onto Gerard's lap, "Well, I'm sure you'll fit right in here with my weirdoes and me!"
Ciarra's POV
He was... amazing. He could play guitar, sing, had an awesome afro. Ray was perfect! If there was such a thing as love at first sight, this is what it must feel like.
Ray's POV
Adorable was the word I had to describe her with. She was just like this little perfect angel. I already loved Ciarra after knowing her for about 2 minutes.
Mikey's POV
After we had talked about everything there was to talk about, Amber flipped off our laps onto the floor, "We should probably go, my mom's gonna get off work in a little while. C'mon lover girl, we gotta go," she pulled Ciarra was from Ray and their conversation. They grabbed their backpacks and we all stood. Ciarra went over to Ray and gave him a hug, "Bye Ray!" We all laughed and Amber joined in, "Bye Ray from Amber!"
They pulled away and went opposite down the line, Amber hugging Frank, "Bye Frank. It was awesome meeting you!" and Ciarra hugging me, "See ya later Mikey!" They both reached Gerard and grouped hugged, "Goodnight Gerard!!" Then Amber got to me. I didn't here what Ciarra said to Frank, I just say Amber put her arms around me, "So long and goodnight, Mikey. Call me sometime when you even feel like going back to your world. I'll help you out of it," she pulled back a little and kissed my cheek, "I'll always be here."
I felt my ears burning, "Thanks Amber. I will."
She smiled and looked at Gerard. I took a chance and quickly kissed her cheek. She snapped her head in my direction and grinned. Now I was sure my entire face was red. She giggled and turned to Ciarra, "Ready?"
She nodded and they walked to the door, both screaming, "Bye guys! See you later!" Amber turned to me, "Love you Mikey. Call me when you need to."
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