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It's Gonna Get Worse

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Goodmorning or night or afternoon. Please enjoy this somewhat terrifying and sweetish instalment of my story. P.S.: Guess my ringtone. Tell me in a review

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Mikey's POV
She said it. Amber had said 'love', 'you', and 'Mikey' all in the same sentence. She smiled and waved before spinning around and walking out the door. I managed to get a squeak out and then looked to the guys, who all had huge Frank smirks. "What?" I asked, trying to direct their attention away from the red face.
Frank ran up to me a wrapped his arms around my stomach and squeezed, "My little Mikey's growing up! He made some girlfriends and now he's got one of them, due to his geeky charm which he got from me of course!"
Gerard rolled his eyes, "Frank, you were never a geek. In fact, you were the complete opposite of a geek, you were not smart, wore red and black everyday, and had a lip ring."
Frank gave him a playful glare, "SHHHHH!!! Mikey doesn't know that!"
I gave him a 'what-the-hell-are-you-saying' look, "Yes I do. You may have been in seventh grade when I was in eighth, but I remember!" Ray laughed and pulled Frank off of me, "So tell us about your little infatuation with Amber. C'mon Mikey, you know you wanna."
They all stared at me and my face got red again, "Uhhh.... Ray! What about you and Ciarra? Staring at each other and talking to no one but each other? What's that called again?"
Ray waved off my question, "Mikey, this is not about me. This is about you and making friends with a couple girls and falling for one of them AND letting go of your world. Are you doing that?"
I averted my eyes from theirs. I hadn't thought about it since I first met Amber and our other friends. Trying to let go of it was easy, but its lingering sensation of loneliness still stayed with me, which is why I haven't pushed it completely away. I'm always afraid the girls are gonna leave or I'll leave and I'll need my world again, even though it tore me apart when I was in it.
The guys saw me thinking about it and crowded around me, grouping me in a hug. I felt nice to have my old best friends back and if I tried hard enough, my world would just slowly fade away.
3 AM
Everything around me was black. I could hear the voices, "Mikey, don't you like us anymore?" I saw everyone I loved dying, a fire. And I couldn't move. I couldn't do anything. It usually was Gerard who lied in the coffin, with me speaking about how I loved Gerard. But today, I saw him in the pews, along with Eli, Chanya, Ciarra, Frank, and Ray. The thought hit me and it twisted my stomach and I tried pushing it away, but it stayed. I ran up to the first pew, where they all were, sobbing and grieving. I saw myself, trying to hold back some tears until I left the podium. I turned to the coffin, slowly walking towards it. When I looked over the edge, my thoughts were true. Amber lay in it, looking innocent and fragile. I shook my head, "No. No this can't be happening! Not again!"
Then everything set alight. I stood in the middle of the church while everything around me burned, but no one cared. I knew I couldn't do anything to stop it, so I continued to stand, screaming into the fire until everything around me was all ashes. And I stood, in perfect circle of carpet, totally alone.
I screamed and shot out of the dream. Gerard came running in, "Mikey! Are you okay?!" I turned my head in his direction and he saw all the sweat left from the nightmare I had when I didn't come back to my world, "Oh my god Mikey it happened again?"
I nodded and broke down, covering my face with my hands. He sat on my bed and pulled me onto his lap, like how he did when I was little and had nightmares. He rocked a little, "Mikey it's okay now. It's over and you're awake."
My head was on his shoulder and I thought about the dream, "Yeah. I.. I know."
"Are you okay now? Do you need anything?"
"No. I'm...I'm, I'm fine. Night Gerard."
He left, almost unsure about leaving. I fumbled around for my glasses and slip them on my nose. I grabbed my phone and dialed.
Amber's POV
My phone rang at 3:30 AM. "My shadow's the only one that walks beside me. My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating..." I picked it up and saw Mikey's number. Pressing the send button, I stood and walked to my dresser, "Morning Mikey. And what do I owe the pleasure of speaking to you at," I turned to my alarm clock, "3:30 AM for?"
"I had a dream. A really, really bad dream." I could hear his voice shaking, "What happened?"
"What usually happens if I don't go back to my world. I see myself at Gerard's funeral talking. Then when I see him in his coffin, everything sets on fire. And I can't do anything but see the people that I love dying. And then when everything’s gone, I'm completely alone. Only this time..."
He faded out and I didn't hear what he said, "What happened this time, Mikey?"
I could hear him sob a little, "You wouldn't want to hear it. After you do, I'm sure you won't even want to be around me anymore."
"Mikey, do not even say that. What happened in your dream?"
"You were in the coffin this time. You had died and we were at your funeral."
I sat back down on my bed. Mikey had a recurring dream that changed this time. Instead of targeting Gerard, it was at me, "It's okay Mikey. It's all over now. Do you need me to run over right now?"
Silence for a moment, "Mikey, we been over this. I can't see you shake your head over the phone. Yes or no?"
"Could you please? And Amber, it's gonna get worse. Save yourself, I'll hold them back."
I pulled on my Converse and stood, "I'm not leaving. You can run away with me, anytime you want."
I heard him give a small laugh, "Thanks Amber. For everything you're doing." I shrugged, "No problem. What are best friends for?"
"Love you Amber. I'll be seeing you." "Love you too Mikey." Dial tone....
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