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Monsters Under The Bed

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Frank thinks that there are monsters under Gerard's bed. Mini-frerard.

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“Geraaaard, it’s dark,” Five-year old Frank whimpered from the spare bed on the opposite side of the room. Gerard heard the rustling of sheets as Frank tossed and turned.

“Frankie, relax, nothing’s gonna happen,” six-year old Gerard whispered back, opening his eyes and seeing a lump of what he assumed to be his Frankie buried under the covers.

“Can I come sleep with you?” Frank asked, and Gerard thought he heard a sniffle.

“Mom said we can’t do that anymore because my bed is too small and last time you fell out when we were sleeping and got that bruise on your arm,” Gerard explained to Frank, using the same tone his mom would when explaining to her children why they couldn’t get an ice-cream that day.

“But, it’s scary over here, and I’m all by myself, and I keep on hearing strange noises,” Frank whined, and Gerard totally knew that tone of voice. It was the tone Frankie used when he was trying not to cry.

“Okay, Frankie, you can come sleep with me,” Gerard relented, sighing and moving over so Frank had room.

“Um, Gerard?” Frank whispered, his head poking out from under the covers.

“Yes, Frankie?”

“I, um, I don’t wanna walk on the floor,” Frank admitted, staring suspiciously under Gerard’s bed.

“Why? Frankie, there’s nothing there,” Gerard soothed from his bed.

“How do you know? What if there’s a monster under your bed and he grabs me and kills me and eats me?” Frank asked, panicking more and more as he spoke.

“It’s okay, Frank. Why don’t you try to jump or something?” Gerard proposed, not liking the idea of having to get out of his warm bed.

Frank nodded at him and stood up, watching the floor for any sign of movement. When there seemed to be nothing, Frank attempted to jump onto Gerard’s bed, but landed in the middle of the floor, between the two beds. He squealed and ran back to his own bed, breathing heavily. Gerard sighed.

“Geraaard, it didn’t work,” Frank stated the obvious, looking hopeless.

“I know, Frankie. I’m thinkin’,” Gerard told him.

“I have an idea! Why don’t you come over here and carry me? I’m not heavy or anything,” Frank asked, pleading with Gerard with his big hazel eyes.

“Okay, Frank. I’m comin’,” Gerard said. Gerard could never resist those eyes, and Frank knew it.

Gerard got out of his comfy bed and shuffled over to Frank, putting his arms out and picking Frank up bridal-style, before carrying him back to his bed and setting him down. Frank grinned at Gerard, showing off his missing front tooth in the process, and got under the covers. Gerard smiled back at him and joined him under the blankets, snuggling up to him because it was freezing and Gerard had become cold again after getting out of bed. Frank snuggled back against Gerard’s chest and sighed happily.

“Is that better?” Gerard asked, moving Frank’s hair out of his eyes.

“Much,” Frank said, smiling and wrapping his cold hands around Gerard’s.

“I love you, Frankie.”

“I love you too, Gee. And you know what?”


“You’re much comfier than my pillow is anyways.”

That morning, Gerard’s mother peeked into the room and shook her head. Gerard and Frank were curled up together in Gerard’s tiny bed. Frank’s back was pressed against Gerard’s torso and he was clutching Gerard’s hands like it was the last cookie in the jar, and their hair was sticking up in all directions. How did they not fall out? She guessed the two boys would always be inseparable.

A/N: Woo; more mini-frerard fluff. I write too much of this. o.e
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