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Chapter 15 part 1

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She chose to go with...

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"Give it back!" I shouted. Frank raised my stake even further. I jumped to reach it.

"C'mon Brandy, I thought you wanted your stake back. You have thousands of evil vampires to kill." Frank laughed as I continued my attempts at taking my stake back. You See I’m smaller than our Mr. Iero here (A.N. The real life Brandy is a bit taller) and of course my lovely girlfriend was just sitting there laughing her ass off. My arms were in vain as he held the stake above my head, mocking me as he did so.

"WHY CAN'T I BE 5'5!!" I screamed to no one. Then suddenly my legs went out under me and my height doubled. Frank was carrying me by the legs so that if I bent them, I would be sitting on his shoulder, and so that I am facing the direction of his back.

"There, now you're taller than Shaq. You're really light too, though that may be the vampire strength talking. We should remember this if we ever get in a situation where we need to play basketball." He said thoughtfully. I placed my hands on his head, using it to steady myself.

"Yes, because we are definitely going to get into a situation where we absolutely HAVE to play basketball." I rolled my eyes. Suddenly, I flew forwards and almost fell off of Frank. He managed to hold onto me but I went down onto him and his shoulder dug into my stomach, which cost Brenda to laugh even harder (if possible).

"Ugh...put me down por favor." I mumbled into his spine. Frank laughed and lifted me off of him and back onto the ground. I allowed myself some time to gasp for air. Frank giggled.
"You are so silly, you're always getting yourself into interesting situations." He laughed. I glared at him from the spot I was standing at, five feet away from him.

"Odd how those situations always seem to come up when you are around, I wonder if there is a connection." I faked a thoughtful face.

"I haven't the foggiest of what you mean," he grinned. I rolled my eyes, turned, and walked over to the bars. I rested my head against one of them. We'd been here for wayyy too long now.

"How long do you think he's going to keep us here? Until you need blood or until we need to use the bathroom?" I asked. I could feel Frank walk up right behind me, his shadow looming over my own.

"Well, I think that Beckett is hoping that we'll just give in and kill you all. It's not going to happen of course but that's what he's putting his hopes on." Frank said while putting a hand on my shoulder.

"In any case, I already told you not to worry about it. We're prepared if things get that bad before we bust out." Frank then grabbed one of my hands from behind me and placed a solid wooden object in it. My stake.

"I heard somewhere that every hunter has their big kill, the one that gets them on hit lists and such. Well I think killing one of My Chemical Romance's own members would get you quite the name." I could hear Frank trying to force a smile into his words but they came out sounding pained. I stared at the stake. “Hey don’t get to toucjy touchy with my girlfriend there Frankie boy.” Brenda said.

"I'm not going to kill you Frank. A month ago, I would have before you could even get the whole offer out, but things have changed for me." I said ignoring her and threw the stake out of the cell from between the bars. I turned around and Frank was looking at me with a concerned expression.

"And that's okay?" He asked. I started to smile and nod, but I stopped short and changed my mind. Instead, I walked right up to him and decided to poke his stomach repeatedly (A.N. Real life Brandy really likes poking people for some reason). "Just don't think that his means you can bully me. I could have kicked you in the balls about ten minutes ago. Then I don't think I'd ever have to worry about you stealing my stake again." I winked. Frank raised his eyebrows.

"But how could you even think of hurting this!" He gestured to his..cough...area.
"Yeah let's not point to there, I might lose my lunch." I made a disgusted face. Brenda just giggled from her spot. I totally forgot that she was there.

"What lunch? Beckett hasn't bothered to feed you guys anything." Frank laughed. I attempted to push him but as we all know, since he is a vampire, it was similar to pushing a brick wall.

"What exactly are you trying to do?" He chuckled while I continued to try and push against his chest. Suddenly, as I was pushing Frank got an evil glint in his eye. Wary, I stopped and caught my breath. I had no chance at knocking him down. Frank looked down at my tired form and grinned.

"You know Brandy, if you wanted to touch my chest all you had to do was ask." He said playfully and turned away from me on his heel. I gave him a confused look.

"What the fuck you talkin’ bout Iero?" I said, even from behind Frank looked arrogant and obviously getting ridiculous entertainment out of this. He turned back to face me.

"Aww, c'mon Brandy. I know I'm gorgeous but that doesn't mean you have to pretend you're trying to knock me down. A simple- FRANK I LOVE YOU!! SEX ME NOW YOU HOT MUFFIN!- would suffice." At this point folks, I was red in the face but not because of being embarrassed, because I can't believe he just referred to himself as 'hot muffin'.

"Did you seriously just-" I stopped mid sentence and Brenda and I broke into hysterics. I fell to the floor and began laughing my ass off. Frank just crossed his arms and waited for me to finish. I finally stopped tears of laughter were still rolling down my face and I was breathing like I'd just run a marathon but I'd managed to stop.

"S'not funny." Frank pouted. I stood up and put an arm around him.

"I'm sorry Frankie, but it is hilarious. I love you but 'hot muffin'?" I said doing air quotes. Frank made a face at me.

"You're the one who said it." He murmured quietly. My eyes nearly popped out of my head and Brenda just went into more hysterics.

"What choo talkin' bout Willis?" I demanded. Frank's face shifted and he looked at me coyly.
"Mikey stole your diary." He whispered in triumphant tone. I gaped at him.

"How the hell did Mikey get ahold of my diary?! How the hell did Mikey even know I have a diary?!" I proclaimed in agony. I'd been keeping diaries since I was seven years old (sounds a little girly I know). It was a family tradition and I'd followed it religiously since I got my very first one.

"Mikey Way is a sneaky man, he can do anything. He's like Chuck Norris but better looking and more vampire." Frank chuckled. I started to glare at him.

"Aww s'okay Brandy, if it makes you feel any better, Mikey didn't read it." He consoled. Oh dear lord someone shoot me. “Dude Brandy didn’t write that. Lily’s sister Maggie did. She doesn’t like the fact that her sister lives with two lesbians. And Brandy would never write that anyways, you don’t have the right plumbing.” Brenda said recovering from her laughing fit. Then out of nowhere, somebody kicked the dungeon door opened. It was none other than Mikey Way , Alisha, Kat, Ray ,Gerard , and two girls I'd never seen before. Frank ran at the bars in excitement.

"Getard!" He shrieked. I looked over my group of friend in happiness, Frank was right, everything was fine. We'd busted out. Then suddenly, I noticed something. We were lacking two people.

"Where are Brent and Lily?" Brenda questioned, her voice rising an octave in panic. Gerard Way unlocked the cell doors looking crushed.
"They've chosen to go with Beckett."

Lily's POV

"Well lookie here, still haven't given in yet Gerard?" William Beckett sneered. I turned my attention to the asswipe and the two girls he'd dragged in. One looked horrible and she was bleeding profusely. The other one had a few scratches and small bruises on her face and arms. And she held a scared expression. Gerard tensed. Beckett noticed.

"Personally Gerard, I've already had my share. Want a bite?" Beckett tempted. Gerard's gaze fixated on the beaten up girl just beyond those bars. She was unconscious and he'd kill her if she got in here. Hell, if I wasn't being so quiet myself, he'd probably go for me. Gerard froze up completely. He was trying to hold himself, keep himself from hurting anyone.

"Really Gerard, if you want some blood, I'll only ask for you to do one thing in exchange." Beckett grinned. I watched him warily. Then, he pointed directly at me.

"Bite her." Gerard's head snapped in my direction. My jaw dropped. That bastard!
"It doesn't have to be long, or threatening. Just a quick little bite is all I ask. Then, I'll let you have these two worthless things. I mean, if you don't have something soon, we both know you are going to give into that nagging desire to bite her anyway." Beckett shrugged. I locked eyes with Gerard, then his tore away. They started looking at something a little lower, my neck. The previous bite marks.

"Gerard." I whispered, truly terrified for my life now. Gerard continued to let his gaze stay at my neck. Then, he shifted it to Beckett and let out the most fearsome noise I could ever hear. It was a threatening hiss but was mixed with so much more, a roar of anger and a strangled cry of aguish. I covered my ears in pain. Beckett glared at Gerard.

"I dare you to ever try and tempt me like that again!" Gerard snarled and was up right at the bars fast than my eyes could register.

"I so fucking dare you to tempt with hurting her. I'd sooner blow away in the fucking wind. You greedy bastard." Gerard seethed, note to self: do not tick Gerard off.

"Well, since you are obviously being uncooperative, I guess this only leaves me one other option." Beckett suddenly ripped the cell door open, threw the girls inside, and bolted it shut.

"Let’s see how long you last with a free flowing source lying right in front of you. Let’s see how long you can contain your own blood lust before you snap. Then we'll see how long you last in an epic battle against Lillian here." Beckett let a grin dance across his face.

I grimaced at the sight of the poor girls. The beaten up one had messy hair dyed black, platinum blonde, and chocolate brown laying on her head, and the bruises that covered her from head to toe were extremely purple. The worst though, was the large gash in her shoulder, blood was coming out of that at an alarming rate. I fought back the urge to throw up. The other girl also had messy black hair on her head and a large gash on her cheek that blood was seeping out of. Gerard glanced at me worried.

"Well, since it's only a matter of time before he loses it, I believe it's time I had a nice chat with you, Lillian." Before I could even understand his words, Beckett had come in and pulled me out of the cell. Now he had me with my arms crossed painfully behind me. I immediately looked to Gerard and saw that he was viciously attempting to destroy the cell bars.

"LET HER GO YOU GREEDY ASSHOLE!" He screeched. I wanted to cover my ears again but the lack of available hands hindered me. Beckett however, ignored Gerard's screams and simply marched me out of the dungeon and into a dim hallway. The walls were adorned with paintings and there was a red carpet leading the path down the hall. In short it reminded one, of those cheesy castles you see in movies.

"Who's your designer, I simply must get their number," I said sarcastically. Beckett pulled my arms tighter in a painful response.

"What are you playing at Beckett? Why the hell do you want to talk to me? I thought you just wanted to see who would survive in a battle between Gerard and I?" I questioned as we started down the hall. I noted glanced at the little windows that let you see into dungeons. Frank appeared to be holding something above Brandy's head and she was trying in vain to reach for it and Brenda seemed to be laughing her ass off. Mikey was speaking to what appeared to be the rest of the group while Alisha and Kat held onto an likely unstable Spencer. I couldn't find Bob as we passed. Beckett finally decided to answer me.

"I am willing to make you an offer, but I did not want to make it to you in front of your friend back there." He explained and stopped our walk outside of the majority of the group's dungeon.

"What kind of offer? If you're going to try and do that whole 'I am offering you immortality' skit, I've heard that monologue more than any one person should be forced to in a lifetime." I shot back. I could almost feel Beckett analyzing my words.

"You become a vampire with me, and I will never bother your friends again. Your friend, Brandy is it? She and that Brenda girl, they are in love if I'm not mistaken. It would be a shame for it to see no chance of growing because of something terrible happening to one of them." Beckett whispered, his mouth right next to my ear. I shifted uncomfortably. I hadn't expected this. What if he is serious?

"You'll let them go free? You'll never bother them again?" I asked feeling hesitant. This could save them all.

"I'll never bother New Jersey again, if you'd prefer." He offered and placed a hand on my chin. He tilted my head to face him.

"And don't forget about Gerard, he won't have to be forced to realize that you just don't love him. He won't torment himself anymore with the idea of you." Beckett reasoned. I sighed, feeling terrible. I would be miserable for eternity but this would be good for them. They are my friends, worth every bit of misery and more. This was the only way out for us and Gerard could be happy this way too. I am sure of this. My eyes met Beckett's.
"Yes? No? Maybe so?" Beckett questioned. I nodded my head.

"Yes, I'll do it." I murmured. A razor sharp grin made its way onto Beckett's face.
"Wonderful, now you go tell Way. You have to tell him that you've chosen to come be with me. Do not tell him why or else. I'll be waiting outside the dungeon when you are finished.

However, if you choose to go back on your word and let him out the cell in an attempt for escape, I will kill Brenda, Brandy, and Bob." He warned in a low threatening tone. I nodded weakly in return before setting off back down the hall and into the dungeon.

Gerard was still attacking the bars, the beaten up girl still lying on the floor and the other girl looked like she was shaking. He stopped when he saw me.

"Hey," I began, but found myself unable to say the words. Gerard scrutinized me, he obviously knew something was wrong.

"What is it? What did he do?" He asked hastily. I shook my head.
"He didn't do anything." I mumbled back. Gerard stared me in the eyes.
"Liar. Tell me what he did, Lily." Gerard demanded.

"He-" I started but then stopped again, Beckett's warning rang in my mind. I turned away from Ryan so that my back could only face him.

"I've chosen to go with Beckett. We're going to leave soon. He's going to let all of you go and I'm going to go live with him. I'm going to become a vampire." I whispered. I heard Gerard shake the cell bars violently, it surprises me that they manage to keep him in there.
"WHY?! Why the hell would you do that?! He put you up to this, didn't he?! He threatened us, didn't he?! Lily don't do this. You don't have to do what he says! Don't let him trick you into this!" Gerard screamed out in desperation. I started to walk to the door.

"He's waiting for me outside now Gerard, I have to go. I'm sorry." I mumbled.
"WAIT! Hold on Lily!" He begged. I hesitated and realized that I wanted to cry.

"Turn around," he whispered. I remained where I was. "Please."

Slowly, I turned back to face Gerard Way. There were tears streaming down his face and he looked like he was watching a loved one die. The irony of the statement struck me and I felt terrible for doing this. Another feeling also surfaced as I looked at his hazel eyes, I wanted to run over to him, tell him it was going to be alright. To just stay with him. I didn't want to leave, I wanted us to be with each other until this nightmare could end. However, instead, I started to turn back around.

"Lily, wait." He said, his voice cracking as he did so.

"If you love me, let me know now, please. I need to know, if you are going to leave me....Please, just tell me." He whispered. I stared back at him, trying to look apathetic.
"Love is for psychological masochists." I responded in a monotone. Gerard locked his eyes with mine and before the situation could turn on me, I pivoted on my heel back towards the door.

"And I just so happen to be exactly that masochist." I said barely audible as I exited the dungeon. Half-hoping he heard me and half-praying he didn't


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