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Chapter 15 part 2

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He really is related to Gerard

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Bob's POV

Mikey had thus far been entertaining us all by being very invasive about our personal lives and making things very confusing. I had been considering letting Ray have his way with that whole murdering me thing just because being asked about everything from my vampire kill count to my sex life as a hunter, was becoming a little more than overbearing.

"Look, I just think it must be difficult for you. Unless you’re a one night stand type of dude?" Mikey hinted curiously. I banged the back of my head against the cold rock wall. What I wouldn't give to have let Spencer kill me two nights ago.

"Mikey! For the last time, my life is none of your business!" I groaned while continuing the head banging. He is one seriously nosy dude.

"Fine, fine. I was just wondering about the interesting life of a hunter. How everything goes on. I mean I thought that after helping calm Ray down, you'd at least let me ask a few questions." Mikey chuckled lightly and gave me a silly grin. This guy is one annoying mofo.

"He's always been ungrateful, Mikey. Don't be surprised that he acts that way now. Bob is just that, an unreliable and ungrateful person." Ray commented quietly from between Alisha and Kat. Kat glanced at him with a worried expression. I furrowed my eyebrows, I have fucking had it with him.

"What the hell?!" I suddenly stood up and shouted. Mikey raised an eyebrow and Ray looked up.
"What is it now Bob? Can't stand to be around all of us vampires? Unfortunately, this time there is nowhere for you to escape to. You're stuck with us." Ray sneered at me.

"I don't care that I'm stuck in a cell with vampires, in fact two of them are my friends. However, I DO care that you won't quit ridiculing me for even a second! You're so impossible! THE HELL DO YOU WANT FROM ME RAY?! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. I noticed Alisha wince and Kat look to Spencer. He was on his feet and his fangs were glistening. Subconsciously, I felt myself reach for a stake within my jacket. I could just barely notice Mikey watching us both with a curious and cautious expression.

"What I want is for you to die. I'll also accept you being stuck as a cursed creature not unlike myself. Either will do, as long as you're tormented or dead." Ray answered darkly. I narrowed my eyes at him. We both stared one another down for a moment. Then, the last person we expected to, spoke.

"I think, Ray, that your desires are wrong." Kat said out of the blue. "However, Bob, your actions were wrong."

Everyone's heads snapped in Kat's direction. She gave us all a look suggesting she might punch us all in the balls if we didn't quit with the harsh stare. Everyone relaxed a little and Ray spoke up.

"How is it that my wants are wrong? You agree that his reaction was incredibly stupid and that everything he did was bad." I glared at Kat. Kat rolled her eyes.

"Look, you both are too mixed up in being angry to even think clearly for a second. Ray, though Bob's reaction was exaggerated and wrong, you did kind of throw the most life changing thing in the entire world at him and expected him to accept it almost immediately.

Not everybody can do that. Also, before you start telling me that you accepted it that quickly, everybody is different you crude punk, and Bob wasn't somebody who got turned so the entire idea seemed even more insane to him." Ray looked sideways at me with a thoughtful expression. I sighed and prayed that he had finally understood it all.

"However, Bob, the way you acted didn't help either. I get where you were coming from but fleeing the city and going to god knows where to become a hunter? C'mon, that's kind of dumb." Kat scolded. My eyes drifted down to the floor. Nobody spoke, there it was, everything between Ray and I was right there before our eyes. All the anger, the frustration, and the tension was viewable in HD clarity. Mikey broke the silence.

"Why?" He whispered. Everyone knew what he meant in that single why. Why did Ray choose to tell me like he did? Why did I freak? Why had we let this destroy us for the last five years? These questions would remain unanswered though because the man that decided to answer them was not Ray or I, it was William Beckett.

"Because you are all children." He stepped out from the shadows by the cell door. Oh happy days.

"I beg to differ Beckett, I am 21. Not only am I not a kid, but I can have ALOT more fun than a child can." I retorted while keeping my eyes focused on Beckett's hat. Never look pure evil in the eyes.

"But still a child in your mind. I'll bargain you and Ray here, have never really grown up since that day. Both of you are still stuck there as far as psychology goes." Beckett remarked. I fingered the stake again. I am an alright dart thrower, time to put drinking games to use.

"I wouldn't throw that at me Bryar , unless you'd like for something terrible to happen to Lily." Beckett threatened and raised an eyebrow at me. I dropped the stake, as it clattered loudly on the floor Alisha stood up.

"You wouldn't dare-" She began but Ray cut her off.
"He would." Beckett grinned her defeated face. Then, gingerly, he placed a silver key into Mikey and I's cell door. He opened it and within the flash of a second, I was outside the cell and had my arms painfully behind my back. I craned my neck to look at Beckett, he had a grin on his face and was looking the cell. Mikey's hand was crushed between the shut door and bleeding all over. He hissed at Beckett and bared his fangs.

"I'll get you." He roared. Beckett smiled back and turned us towards the door. We made our exit while Mikey cursed Beckett with words I'd never even heard before. He really is related to Gerard.

We were in a hall outside the dungeons. Beckett walked me over to the wall next to our dungeon and slammed me against it, face first. I stifled a yelp. He threw me against it again with more force. I gave in and let out a cry in pain.

"So Bob, you've traveled this entire country for the last five years. You've probably seen hundreds of vampires and their covens. You have probably learned so much about our entire society and all of the prominent figures within it." Beckett whispered and I could feel the excitement pretty much radiating off of him. I struggled to get out his grasp. This lead to him grabbing me by my hair and slamming my head into the wall. I bit my tongue and held back a loud scream. I felt something warm trickle down my forehead.

"What do you want for me?" I asked while squeezing my eyes shut due to a massive headache that was setting in.

"I want your knowledge, Bob. I want your talent as a hunter. I want you to work for me." He chuckled as though this were some silly little joke. I shook my head no against the wall. Beckett stopped laughing. Then, he released the hand on my arms and flipped me around to face him.

"What was that?" He hissed, inches from me. I grinned back for a moment and spat in his face.
"You heard me, the day I work for you is the day Pete stops wearing girl jeans. Otherwise known as, never." I grunted and Beckett grabbed my shirt. His face became an expression of fury and he chucked me back in to the wall with more force than all the times before. Then, he punched me square in the stomach. With the wind knocked out of me, I started to sink to the floor. However, instead Beckett picked me back up and slammed my head into wall again. Once more for good measure I thought with amusement. Finally, he let me fall to the floor in a crumpled heap. It took all my strength to open my eyes and look as he crouched down next to me put his hand on my head.

"Poor Bob Bryar, just a boy with his whole life ahead of him when it gets all turned upside down. Poor, poor Bob. I bet what I've heard and what everyone else has heard isn't that whole story between you and Ray, is it?" He whispered getting close to my ear. I involuntarily convulsed. 'I'm suffering from too much head trauma,' I assessed in my own mind.

"That's not what I'm here to discuss though, I'm here to get you to change your mind Bob. I think it's time you understood your place in the world. You knew you wouldn't survive as well known and feared hunter for long, no one does. You knew that as soon as you got big. You either die or get turned into an even more fearsome vampire. I'm offering you the ladder, which means your chance to survive. Come with me willingly, or I'll force this upon you, like your friends." He warned and I looked up at him. My expression was dull and my breathing had become labored. If I don't get myself some medical attention, don't think like that. Beckett took my silence as a sign to continue.

"I mean it Bob, you've got brains worth more than you know. I don't want you to go down with them bashed in like this. There is still time to save you the right way." Beckett offered, I turned my neck painfully to his face. I brought my hand up from my side to between our faces. Then with one last effort, I flipped, William Beckett, the bird. His face paled for a moment and then became red with anger. He stood up and kicked me hard in the stomach. I let my hand drop.

"Fine then, I should have figured you'd take the painful path. You're so full of pent up anger that all you do is subject yourself and others to pain. You'll make a fine Dandy, Bob." Beckett smirked above me and then turned to the dungeon door just beside us. He opened it and I strained to make sense of everyday words that should come easily.

"...friend....chosen....with me...foolish Ray...of course he is...Lily will....I wouldn't try that if..." Then, sadly the world tunneled around my eyes and the last thing I managed to see before the blackness closing in was three silly looking guys smiling down at me. They were all completely happy and dreams of tomorrow danced in their eyes, some part of me knew this was a hallucination, some part of me wanted to believe it wasn't.


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