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As long as you don't snore

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I suck at summaries.

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So my dad fixed my laptop but I'm not allowed on it unless he is in the room, which sucks.
I will be writing the next chapter shortly and update by the end of this week, hopefully :P

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EDIT: I have never actually seen the film I mentioned in this. My dad picked it and I read a review :P

Gerard's POV stil....

Frank laughed as he walked past. "Typical Way brothers." He said.

It was nearing 9pm and we were all settled on the floor in the main living room of Amii & Emii's house. When I say 'main' I mean it. There was about 3 living rooms, as well as 2 kitchens, 4 bathrooms and about 6 bedrooms. Amii & Emii have different rooms but they are next to each other and they are joined. There was about 2 dining rooms and space for about 10 cars in their garage. I don't even know how many acres of land they own but they have an olympic size swimming pool, Jacuzzi and a massive BBQ! They have everything.

We were all sitting down; Amii & Emii were sitting next to each other with Mikey sitting next to Amii and me sitting next to Emii with Frank on my other side. Frank was already under a cover and the film hadn't even started yet. I laughed and Amii looked at me.
She nodded at Frank and mouthed to me. "Your chance to score." She said.
"Shhh." I mouthed back and Amii got up and put the film in the DVD player and pressed play. As she sat back down she winked at me. I rolled my eyes and glanced over to Frank. He had the blanket over his eyes slightly. The title screen for 'The Evil Dead' appeared.
"This should be good." Said Emii, rubbing her hands together. "I read a review about this; It's supposed to be really good." Emii clapped her hands twice and the room got plunged into darkness.
"That was so cool." I heard Mikey say under his breath and we all chuckled.

Frank's POV
This film was creepy. Fucking terrifying! I liked it. I spent most of the film under the covers but I still watched it. Occasionally, I would feel Gerard jump beside me. I jumped several times, as did Mikey and surprisingly Amii & Emii. It was a scary film.

I jumped again and pressed myself close to Gerard instinctively. I felt him go stiff but then he relaxed and put his arm around me.
"You alright Frankie?" He whispered to me.
"Uh...huh." I said and nodded, not taking my eyes of the screen. I may not have show that I cared about Gerard's arm around me but my heart was thumping and I was aware of how close Gerard was to me. He smelt sweet.

Gerard's POV
The film had almost finished and Frank was still huddled against me. I took in a deep breath and breathed in his scent. He smelt delicious. Frank buried his face into my side and I held him tighter. I looked aver at Amii & Emii and they smiled at me. Mikey was too engrossed with the film to notice anything else.
"Ohh... cool!" I heard Mikey say as another person got ripped apart. I am seriously worried about that boy. I think he is gonna turn out to be a serial killer or something when he is older.

Before I knew it, the film had ended and Mikey clapped the lights back on. He beamed like a five year old when they lit up the room. Frank was still against me and I didn't care. I wanted him to stay there but Emii coughed really loudly at us and it made Frank jumped up, looking startled. I glared at Emii and she grinned at me. Amii walked past me. "Trust us." She muttered.
I looked up at the clock on the wall above the fireplace. "Midnight!" I said surprised.
"Yup," Emii said. I stood up, yawned and stretched. Mikey yawned too and so did Frank.
Amii & Emii laughed.
"Right," Amii said. "Sleeping arrangements."
I froze. What did Amii have planned?
"Okay, so me and Emii are sleeping in our own rooms. You are welcome to join us but we set up the 2 other rooms as well. My parents said they didn't want anyone in their room so that is outta bounds, but one of the rooms has a single bed and the other has a double. So, Mikey, Gerard & Frank, you need to decide who is gonna share a bed and who is sleeping alone." Amii looked at me and winked. I knew Mikey would want to sleep alone. I felt Frank's gaze on me and I looked at the floor.
"I don't mind who I sleep with but I would prefer it if I slept alone," said Mikey.
I looked at Frank and he looked at me.
"So I guess that means Frank & Gerard are sharing the double bed," said Emii and I blushed at the thought.
"Okay," Frank shrugged and smiled. "As long as you don't snore, we're cool."

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