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Iron Maiden Baby

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Blahhhhh is the summary.

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Gerard's POV

"Okay" Frank shrugged and smiled. "As long as you don't snore, we're cool."

It took us awhile to get settled. We all kinda just hung in the kitchen for awhile. We raided the fridge and found nothing of interest, even though there were tonnes of stuff in there. We then raided the cupboards and found some mini marshmallows and hot chocolate. So we each had a hot chocolate. Frank, being Frank decided to give himself a milk moustache. When Frank popped up in front of Mikey, Mikey spat his drink everywhere, including all over Frank.
After Mikey's 'incident', Amii suggested we all hit the hay. Frank, still covered in hot chocolate, ran up the stairs 'bugsying' the bathroom so he could get cleaned up and changed. Since Frank was in the bathroom, I said goodnight to Amii, Emii & Mikey and head to the room I would be sleeping in tonight... with Frank.
The room was a dark shade of red and the carpet was a lilacy colour. The bed was in the middle of the room and a black duvet and pillows lay on top of it. I decided to get changed in the bedroom instead of waiting for Frank to finish in the bathroom. I figured Frank would be quite along time... It is Frank we are talking about. I took off my black skinny jeans, with a lot of difficult and replaced them with black joggers. As I took off my top and folded it up, Frank walked in, carrying his folded up clothes in his hands.
He was wearing an AC/DC t-shirt about 10 sizes to big and quite worn out with a pair of black joggers like me.
I suddenly became aware that I was topless in front of the one I secretly crushed on and loved. His name... Frank Anthony Iero. He was looking up and down my body, taking in the sight of my stomach. I swear I saw him lick his lips and bit his lip ring but I may have just been imagining it. I grabbed my Misfit's t-shirt from off the bed and shoved it over the top of my head.
"Sorry." I heard Frank say, not even sounding a little apologetic. "I should have knocked."

"It's okay." I said and I turned back around with my top on. I climbed into the bed and Frank did the same.

We talked for a while about the film and Frank described to me his favourite parts. We talked about other films, about school, about Amii, Emii & Mikey and just generally about life. One topic we did talk about was music. We had a huge debate over who was better. Iron Maiden or AC/DC. I am a huge AC/CD fan, don't get me wrong but Iron Maiden is better... but not by much. But Frank disagreed with me. In his opinion, AC/DC are better than Iron Maiden. We argued over it for some time.
"Iron Maiden." I said for the 100th time.

"AC/DC." Frank said.

"Oh come on, Bruce Dickinson." I said.

"A.C.D.C." Frank said once again.

"IRON MAIDEN!" I cried.

We continued like this for a long time, Frank getting tired and yawning. He fell asleep muttering "AC/DC."
And as he fell asleep I whispered "Iron Maiden baby."

I'm not sure if he heard me but from then on he was silent, apart from the occasional snuffle. I watched him sleep; he looked peaceful, like an angel... beautiful. I lay back and put my hands behind my head, staring at the ceiling, thinking about Frankie. I heard him mutter something in his sleep. I sounded like... "I love you"...

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