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Rachel gets sent to lockout. ( I am so bad at summaries)

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A/N: So thank you guys so much for the 5 rating on my first chapter! As soon as I saw it a giant smile infested my face! It was just the perfect add in to my already perfect day, because I bouth my Honda Civic Tour tickets this morning. Which means I will be seeing MCR in Septemeber((((: If you guys like this story and haven't read my first story check it out! Its still not finished yet, but I had the idea for this story and didn't want forget about it so I went ahead and started it. Oh I am rambling, but anyway here is the second chapter I hope you guys like this one as much as the first one! R&R! I love you all.

Chapter 2: Lockout
Rachel's POV

Well I guess the boys here can smell fresh meat right away, because that boy in the parking lot pounced on me as soon as I got out of my car. I usually would ignore cheesy pick up lines like that, but this boy intrigued me. No doubt he was beautiful, as soon as I looked up out of my car I saw what looked like the face of an angel. He had porcelain ivory skin, a nose that was slightly pointed at the tip, piercing hazel eyes, and lips that looked soft as rose petals. What he wanted to do with me, I had no idea. I mean I wasn't ugly, but he could do much better. He was probably just trying to make his first conquest of the year by fucking the new girl. In all honesty, I wanted nothing to do with boys this year. I wanted to focus on my school work and get a scholarship to NYU so I could pursue my dream of being an actress, its all I have ever wanted. So even if the ivory angel was really interested in me I was not going to let him to distract me from my dream. I had been in such a trance I didn't realize that I was just roaming around the cold condensed corridors of the school. I had lost my schedule in my black hole of a room somewhere and I had forgotten that I needed to stop by the office and get a new one. It took me another ten minutes to find the office and by then the bell had rang and everyone else was in their classes. The office was located in front of the main entrance of the school, and the parking lot was in the back. I walked into the tiny square room and up to the giant desk that created a barrier between the students and staff. I saw a middle aged, unpleasant looking woman. She had black frizzy hair that she had attempted to pull back in a bun. Her face was wrinkly and she had a huge mole that had made its home on her left cheek, and dull blue eyes that were covered in tacky eye make up. She was filling out some paperwork when I walked in; she made no notice of me though.

"Umm excuse me." I said quietly trying to get her attention.

She looked up at me through her thin rectangular glasses that had a palm tree chain attached to them, which matched her tacky pink palm tree blouse.

"Can I help you with something." she said in an impatient raspy voice.

"Well--I'm new here---and I uh lost my schedule and I was wondering if I could get a new one." I said to her anxiously. I was terribly shy around new people, and it didn't help when they weren't very pleasant.

"Name?" she questioned, still impatient.

"Rachel Waters." I said feeling a little calmer.

The lady got up abruptly from her chair and went into the back room, I could barely see her, but she was digging through a huge folder. She came back a couple minutes later with a blue paper in her hand.

"Here. But we have a no tolerance policy for tardiness, so instead of going to your first class you need to go to the lockout room for first period." she said sternly.

"Where's that?" I asked.

"Room A112 down the hall to the left." she sighed and said in her irritated raspy voice. She then quickly drew her eyes back to her paperwork.

I took that as my cue to leave. I walked back into the cold hallway. My footsteps echoed with each step I took because the hallway was completely empty, there were bits of balled up paper thrown on the floor. I walked until I found the A-hall on my left. I walked down the narrow corridor until I found room A112. I grabbed the cold steel handle and tried to open the door, but it was locked. I saw a middle aged man sleeping at his desk, I knocked on the door and he jerked awake. He looked around the room for a couple seconds trying to discover where the noise came from before actually realizing it was me at the door. He mustered up what little strength it took to walk over to the door and open it. He looked my over a couple times, sort of confused as to what I was doing here.
"M'am are you sure you're in the right place?" he asked me confused.

"Uhm..." I looked around the room a couple times, trying to see if there was a room number anywhere. "I mean I am new, and I was late so the lady at the front desk told me to come to A112. So I walked around forever trying to find it and that's what the room number outside said, and ...yeah." Great Rachel you just rambled to this middle aged man who's pride and joy in life is probably being able to eat three whole pizzas.

"Oh...." he looked at me strangely, "take a seat then." he then returned to his desk and reentered his sleep.

I saw a couple kids in the room, most of them were in the back on the computer. So I just took a seat in the corner. I didn't wanna talk to anyone; I just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. I was just about to follow the teacher's lead and drift off into sleep when the screeching sound of a desk connecting with mine awoke me. I looked drowsily to the black haired, angel faced boy from earlier in the parking lot.

"You know usually people just come in and sit down for the 90 minutes. Not tell Mr. Welts about their morning." he said to me chuckling as he scooted his desk closer to mine.

"You know usually when a person gets flicked off in the parking lot they usually take that as a hint to back off." I said back to him in a smart ass tone, shooting him a witty smile.

"Oh sugar, I don't give up that easily." he smirked devilishly, and shot me a wink with his breath taking eyes.

Even though I didn't want to be I was completely drawn to this boy. Part of me wanted to throw him down on the desk and just ravage him. This frightened me a little because I have never seen that side of me before. I quickly pushed the thought of exploring his ivory skin with my hands to the back of my mind, and tried to conjure up something witty, because even thought I wanted nothing to do with him playing the game was still fun.

"Well I don't give in at all. So you seem to be in a predicament." I said slightly smiling as I brushed my hair out of my face. Then I pretended to forget his name. "Mr... What was it again?" I forced my face to look like it was struggling for his name.

"Way...Gerard Way." he quickly stated. "But you already knew that." he said knowingly.

I blushed a little from embarrassment because he knew I was trying to play the game just as well as him, and damn was he good at it. I quickly recovered from my mishap though.

"Oh well, Mr. Way pursuing me is a waste of your time. Which to me isn't very valuable." I said to him reassuringly and placed my head back on my desk.

"Baby, I can assure nothing I do is a waste of time. I will have you eventually, and the sad thing is you'll be the one coming to me." he smiled back deviously.

I lifted my head from my desk and glared at him. It was one thing when someone told me what to do, but it was another when somebody told me what I was going to do, and with such a derogatory meaning. .I could my blood start to thicken.

"Excuse you?" I said as intimidating as I could, as I starred him down. I felt like my eyes were burning holes in his.

"Oh. Did you not understand...basically you are going to come crawling to me begging me to fuck your brains out." he said ominously and smiled again.

I could feel the anger bubbling up inside me, I couldn't control myself anymore. How dare he speak to me in that way.

"Fuck off!" I said angrily.

"Mmm, I like em feisty, those are always the best in bed." he said tauntingly as he winked...again.

"Ohhh, that's it!" I exclaimed.

I raised my hand and swiped it across his face, causing his head to cock in the opposite direction. His long ebony hair flew over his face. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed, but it was like nothing had happened. Gerard sat there frozen for a minute and cocked his head back towards me, also moving the hair out of his soft porcelain face. I could see a small corner of his rosy lip where I had drew blood. He took his index finger and dragged the blood away from his lip to his finger, and then licked it off seductively.

"Oh and don't worry baby.. I like it rough too." He smirked devilishly again, it was starting to make me weak. Then he got up and walked back over to a short black haired boy.

There was no way I was attracted to this pompous asshole, I wouldn't let myself. But in the back of my mind I could feel myself become more and more intrigued by him.

Gerard's POV

"Shot down again huh?" Frank questioned me humorously as I made my way back over to him. "You can't catch a break with this girl can you?" he asked more seriously.

I rubbed my face where she had just slapped me, it still stung a little, and I knew my cheek was slightly red.

"No, I was just laying the groundwork. She'll come around soon enough." I said confidently looking at Frank.

Frank was my best friend I had known him forever. He was short, black hair and hazel eyes like me. Frank was the guy I knew I could trust him with my life. Frank also knew that when I wanted something I was going to get it, even if he didn't say anything about it.

"Oh yeah, cause things just went so well over there." he said sarcastically as he laughed at the handprint on my cheek. "What's a girl like her doing here anyway, she doesn't seem like the kind to break the rules." he seemed confused.

"She was just late or something.. I don't know." I muttered as I fell into my own thoughts.

I couldn't stop looking at this girl. There was just something about her, I really wanted to get to know her. Not just fuck her and leave her like all the other girls I had been with.

"Why don't you try a different approach?" Frank had proposed his eyes were glued to the computer screen as he looked at guitars on the internet.

"What do you mea by that?" I said quizzically.

"Well." he said dislodging his eyes from the screen turning towards me. "What if instead of acting like an arrogant prick, why don't you just talk to her, as the Gerard I know?" he said aloofly.

"Hmm, I highly doubt that'll work on this girl." I said to him knowingly as I looked at her, I just knew this girl wouldn't give up easily.

"I think it would." Frank said.

"Oh really? Then why don't you go and take a shot at her?" I challenged him.

"You know what." he stopped to think for a minute, "I think I will." he said proudly

Frank exited the computer screen the had occupied him for an hour, brushed himself off, and rose up from the swivel chair that had rested beneath him.

"Good luck fucker." I said to him leaning back in my own chair.

"Luck! HA!" he guffawed. "Frank Anthony Iero doesn't need luck!" he exclaimed as he strutted over to the mesmerizing girl with the auburn hair.

"Well you're going to need it." I muttered under my breath as he walked away.

I watch him walk up to her, she was focused on a sheet paper that she had pulled out awhile ago and was doodling on it as she listened to her iPod. I watch her tap her on the shoulder gently, she pulled her ear phones out and looked at him apathetically. I could barely hear him as he spoke so I leaned over in my chair a little more.

"Hey, I noticed that you were new here and I wanted to introduce myself, I'm Frank."

"Go away." I heard her sigh.

"Okay." he swiveled around on his heel and walked back towards me.

"Hahah!" I laughed hysterically, "Frank Anthony Iero doesn't need luck!" I mocked him.

"Man fuck off." he whined, sitting back in his seat opening up the internet again.

"All right, all right." I said calmly. "But there is no use in gazing at guitars again the bell's about to ring." I told him.

"Oh shit you're right." Frank said shocked that the time had gone by so fast.

By the time he gathered he managed stuff all of his shit into his bag the bell had rang. I wanted to try and catch up with the auburn haired girl, but she was already gone. So I settled for walking with Frankie.

"So what do you have next?" he asked pulling out his crumpled up schedule from his back pocket.

"Uhhh Art?" I said questionably, but I was pretty confident I was right. I usually could remember when I had art, considering it was my favorite subject.

"All right, well I'll see you later!" Frank yelled as we parted ways. "Oh and Gerard!" he yelled again.

"Yeah?" I looked back at him

"Happy hunting." he smirked goofily and walked away.

I continued down the hallway and reached the art room, I walked in said hey to Ms. O'shea who was a bit crazy, but she was still pretty cool. Pretty much because she was literally the ONLY teacher that liked me.

"Oh hello Gerard, good to see you back in art again this year! You have an amazing talent!" she smiled gently.

"Thanks O'shea" I thanked her, "Could you tell me where my seat is?" I asked calmly.

"Oh yes sweetie, you sit right over there in the corner next to Ms. Waters." She pointed my seat out and I went to inhabit it.

I looked at the empty seat next me and wondered who would be joining me this semester, because I didn't know a Ms. Waters, but frankly I didn't really care. I came to art to escape the bullshit high school life. I grabbed my sketchbook and a charcoal pencil and started doodling some shapes on the sheet of paper. The minute bell was ringing and I saw a sea of teengaers flood into the room. There were some jocks that were taking the class for an easy A. The kids like me who took art really seriously, and some of bibmo girls that took it just be around the jocks, and sometimes me. I watched them all come in each on not appealing to me. Until the last girl shoved her way through the door, and who else was it but the auburn haired girl. Even though I was mesmerized by her I wouldn't let her distract me from my art, my one true passion. I did watch her walk up to O'shea and chat with her for a little, after a couple minutes I saw O'shea point her in my direction. When the auburn hair girl looked up and saw me her face painted itself with discomfort, but she walked over and set her things down and sank into the navy blue chair. I didn't know what to think of this, but I was glad to know that Ms. Waters was her.

Well I hoped you guys liked it! R&R! I'll get the next chapter up soon!
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